Saturday, March 30, 2019

Mistress Barbara has been and remains quite sick. my services have become more medical. Since we were both employed in the healthcare field, this is not overly difficult. Mistress Barbara has directed me to continue writing our story and history. i will endeavor to return to writing. Be aware i do not publish anything that has not been reviewed and approved by Mistress Barbara. We will continue that process. However, if there are possible delays for medical reasons, Mistress Kate will proof my work. She will also punish me for any mistakes when She visits us again. Thank you for your continue support and interest in our FLM. Thank You Everyone.


  1. So great to see another post from you both and i look forward to reading more of your inspirational journey.


  2. Longtime great blog. Your love for each other shows through on everything you post. Keep the faith.

  3. Looking forward to the continuation of your story!

  4. Very happy to hear you are going to resume writing your blog.


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