Sunday, January 4, 2015

December 26 – Christmas Day for US (Part 1)

I am sorry for the long delays in continuing our story. My crazy illness comes more than it goes now. I am lucky, proud, and thankful to have sissy maid k still loving and caring for me. When I started to turn My soldier boi into a sissy I really did not if or how it would go or work, how long it would last, and who would join our journey. Little did I know My Mom, Sister and dad would become the first to our lifestyle, and become a life-long part of our Female Lead Family. I certainly did not know sissy maid k’s training would be so meaningful in My old age healthcare. Our love for each other has certainly worked well for Me (particularly), our family, and sissy maid k. Thank you sissy.

When I pulled sissy k to bed by her “funny little thing”, I could feed her starting to tremble. When I closed the door to our bedroom she fell on the bed, in a fetal position and began to cry. You never know how or when an emotional break might occur, but this level of crying I have never seen from sissy kay. Clearly traveling from Germany in her panties, pantyhose, and camie; they having to put on her skirt, heels, and sweater in the airport parking lot, next to sissy dad doing the same thing; driving home next to sissy dad; wearing a night-gown or being naked most of the day in front of Mistress Mom, Mistress Kate, Lady Mary, and sissy dad, and being told that most of the next few weeks would be spent under the control of any and all Mistresses, was clearly emotional overload for My sissy k.

While I quickly gathered sissy k in my arms and held him close, I also let her cry and cry. As a Domme, You have to know when to let the emotions flow. It was during this emotional break I decided tomorrow would become even more intense and our time on leave would become My “yet to be created sissy boot camp for her”. While I hugged and comforted her, I reassured her I loved her; everyone loved her; she was My special “soldier boi”; she would always be loved by Mistress Mom, Mistress Kate, and sissy dad. She would soon fully realize her special place in our family and continued trust, love, respect, and communications would keep Her safe in My arms. As her crying become more controlled I moved to fix her need to be loved. “Settle down My pretty sissy boi, suck on my lovely tits and make Me feel good, while you settle down. Yes, that’s my little sissy, oh yes, I love you sucking my tits. Yes, settle down and enjoy. See my little sissy, your little clitty is telling me you love being my sissy kay, isn’t that right? sissy k nodded her head yes, but never took her mouth away from My breast. I continued to stroke her and teased her “little funny thing”, which I frequently started call her “clitty”. I had her take my night-gown off (leaving her’s on) and pushed her down between my legs telling her – “your Mistress needs you be eat Her juicy pussy and bring Her to an orgasm”. With My toes I kept touching sissy k and encouraging her to eat me. Once I climaxed, I pulled her up on top of Me, kissed her deeply, and then rolled on top of Her. I pulled her night-gown up, but not off, mounted her and rode her as hard as I could. I knew she would climax quickly, so I spun Myself round and fondled her as she exploded deep inside Me. When I felt her shrinking inside me, I quickly placed My full pussy over her mouth and told her to clean me out. I also took her small clitty in My mouth as her reward for being a wonderful, obedient sissy. When I was cleaned out I held her in My arms, kissed her, and thanked her for being a great lover, exciting pussy eater, a pretty cum sucker, and My very special sissy boi. I then told her – “don’t clean up, just go to sleep in my arms, I want to remember the rewards that are available to a loving and obedient sissy who takes care of her Mistress. I love you sissy k and I want to be My special sissy.”  It was not much longer before sissy was sound asleep in My arms.

In the morning, I woke-up before sissy. I thought about the day ahead and decided I had sissy exactly where I needed her. I slipped out of bed and went downstairs to speak to Mom and Kate. We quickly made plans to take every opportunity to humiliate sissy and then give her warm and loving support and encouragement to be the best sissy possible. We would tease her, play with her, spank her, and make her suck our tits, pussy, and asses. We would undress her, dress her, undress her, tie her up, release her and make Lady Mary suck her and finger her without letting her cum. sissy dad would be required to support everything we did or get spanked as well. sissy k would have to model everything piece of clothing she received and Lady Mary would apply her new make-up in a very classy and feminine look. With our plans made, I went back to wake little sissy k up.

When I entered our bedroom again, sissy k was again curled up have asleep with very damp eyes. I held her in My arms and hugged her, saying – “wake-up my pretty little sissy k; its Christmas for us, and Mrs. Santa I am sure brought My good little girl lots of pretty things.” sissy k hugged me tight, looked up at Me and asked – “Mistress Barbara are You sure You want me to by Your sissy? Do You really want me to do this?” I immediately gave sissy a big kiss, and while stroking her entire body said – Oh my sissy soldier boi, you are the special boi of My life. You are and are going to become everything I want and need; your “funny little thing” is truly small, but I know you are going to do everything I ask to make up for it.” I pulled her night-gown up just enough to start playing with her. I also kissed her again. “See, your little clitty is telling Me you want Me to take care of you, lead you, teach you to be a good little sissy for Me, Mistress Mom, and Mistress Kate. Your little clitty is telling Me you want to go downstairs and embrace Christmas day, and serve your lovely Mistresses by doing everything you are told to do. you are going to make Me proud of you today aren’t you?” I did start stroking her a little faster. sissy started trying to wrap her legs around Me, and slip her silly clitty between My legs, but I held her clitty tight and did not allow her access to me. However, she was rock hard and getting very ready to explode. While kissing her, I firmly squeezed the base of her clitty. After breaking away from her kiss, I said – “sissy k, now everyone is up and waiting for us. Go clean up, and shave. I’ll leave a night-gown out for you to wear. Come down and join us. We will open our Christmas stockings, then have some breakfast, then open our presents. you need to be fresh and ready for an exciting day. By tonight, I am sure you will be ready for some serious loving. Right? Now give Me a big kiss, a big smile, and take off your love messy gown and go clean up.” While still holding her little clitty, sissy k kissed me, took off her nightgown, and went into the bathroom.

Based sissy k’s reaction, which I think was prompted by seeing and being with sissy dad, I took advantage of the situation and made a big modification to my long range plans. sissy k had no idea, but loved and trusted Me. her life was about to become very intense. 

Mistress Barbara 


  1. it sounds like sissy k is in for a fantastic training session. I'm sure Mistress Mom and Mistress Sister will enjoy training and playing with sissy k. Please tell us how his training went.

    1. Mistress Barbara had to go back in the hospital. i hope to have the remainder of our Christmas Day shortly.


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