Saturday, January 24, 2015

December 26 – Christmas Day for US (Part 2)

I put on a very sheer night-gown and slippers and went downstairs. Mistress Mom had on a very nice full black skirt, black stockings, a sheer blouse, and mules. Mistress Kate worn black tights, a leotard, and a white, very short, jumper, and high heel boots. They both looked absolutely awesome and very powerful. Lady Mary wore stockings, garter, dog collar, leash, wrist cuffs, with a chain between the cuffs. sissy dad had a baby doll top, no panties, which would match the top I left out for sissy k. Neither sissy had any idea what would happen to them today.

When sissy k joined us in the kitchen I could see she was awe struck. I was exposed as I could be while still wearing something. Mistress Mom and Mistress Kate looked more powerful than sissy k could imagine. Lady Mary was a nearly naked slave girl open for the world to see and use. sissy dad was kneeling next to Mistress Mom trying to hide her erection. Clearly she was reacting to seeing her oldest Daughter as an adult and knowing she was going to be a new toy for Mistress Barbara. I took hold of sissy k’s “funny little thing” and pull her over to Mistress Mom for a good morning kiss. While sissy k bent down to kiss her Mistress Mom, Mom reached around her ass and squeezed her balls. Mistress Mom said, if you make a sound before you kiss me I’ll have Lady Mary spank your ass. With a gasp of air, sissy k kissed Mistress Mom. Thank you my little sissy boi, I am sure I’ll get to do more to you before the day is out. Now, kiss your Mistress Kate good morning. I pulled sissy k over to Mistress Kate. Mistress Kate did not touch sissy k until I pulled her over to Lady Mary. At that time, Mistress Kate give sissy k a rather powerful swat to her ass. sissy k jumped and quickly looked at Mistress Kate smiling back at her. Mistress Kate also said, “Lady Mary after sissy k gives you a big French kiss and says Merry Christmas to you, I want you to give her “funny little thing” a big deep kiss.” While that surprised Me, I did not object. I did hear sissy dad squeal, which was followed by a quick slap in the face by Mistress Mom. As quickly as that happened, I realized that was not the first time sissy dad had been slapped. Lady Mary did as directed. While she had sucked sissy k in Germany, she did seem to enjoy doing the deed this morning with sissy dad watching. Gee – I wonder if she has been sucking sissy dad, Mistress Mom had not made mention of such acts.

I announced it was time to open our Christmas stockings, so off to the living room we went. As Head Mistress, I sat in what was always Mom’s chair. sissy k sat down at my knees. Mistress Mom sat in what had been dad’s chair with sissy dad at Her feet. Mistress Kate sat on the couch, with Lady Mary at Her feet. It was now time for Me to set the new tone for our immediate family.

I started; Family, please give Me your attention. Our sissy first lieutenant and I are home. Mom, Kate and Mary were introduced to our new lifestyle while they were in Germany. By the time they each left, They had become sissy k’s Mistresses and Lady. sissy dad learned about our Female Led Marriage when Mistress Mom and Mistress Kate came home and quickly changed her little world. I must say, it looks to Me like sissy dad is very happy now. So there is no mistake, I am the Head Mistress. Both our little sissy bois will do as I or any other Mistress tells them to do. you will do it immediately and without question. Failure to follow directions will result in punishment. This is a new way forward for our family, therefore, everyone must know; you are loved, you are respected, you and your welfare is important to each of your Mistresses, but you are to be total subservient to each Mistress and any other women you meet. Even if a women is not your Mistress, She is superior to you and you will honor Her with your obedience. Lady Mary, the same goes for you. Lady Mary will not be in-charge of you sissies, but, if a Mistress is not around, you better do what she tells you to do. If you do not, I will allow her to punish you in any way she see fit. Because Lady Mary is a women, I know she will not take advantage of any situation. Is that right Lady Mary. “Yes Mistress” was quick Her response. While sissy k and I are here, sissies will not wear male clothes of any kind in the house for longer than it takes to dress and leave the house. Following our dish signal, when you enter the house you will immediately remove all male clothes. Since from now on you will only wear panties or pantyhose, you can leave those on until you are told otherwise. sissy dad, and sissy k, do you understand. Each said, yes Mistress. If you are sent to the corner for punishment, you will remain there with your panties at your ankles, your hands on your head, and your face touching the corner. You will not move. You will not speak unless asked a question by a Mistress. Any Mistress can send you to the corner and any Mistress can spank you. Lady Mary, you will do as Mistress Kate directs you from day to day.

“Lady Mary, you will give each Mistress Her Christmas stocking, while sissy dad gets a bag for the all the paper”. Mistress Mom had really out done Herself. She had new Christmas stockings made; Head Mistress, Mistress Mom, and Mistress Kate were on the top of each stocking. I thought this was so clever since Mistress Barbara was far too many letters for most Christmas stockings. Stockings have always been fun in our family because they contain simple, useful, and relatively inexpensive items. Lipstick, make-up, make-up tools, hair clips, pantyhose or stocking, and socks. However, the key items in My and Mistress Mom’s stocking were at the very bottom of the stockings. When I pulled mine out, sissy k quickly said, gosh are we getting a dog? I noted sissy dad just lowered her head. Mistress Mom and I held up the two red dog collars and leeches for everyone to see.

I now opened a new door for both sissy dad and sissy k. “Lady Mary, please take sissy dad’s and sissy k baby doll tops off, then bring them their stockings. sissies, please close your eyes and get up on your knees. sissies, when you open your eyes you will see your new stocking with your new names. Yes, since you will be our special sissies for the remainder of your lives, it is only fair that you have a proper sissy name.” Mistress Mom said, “dad, I love how you accepted becoming “sissy dad”, however, from now on We will call you “sissy pearl; it is close to your own name and should be easy to remember”. Then I said, sissy k, you know how I love and want you to be our special sissy kay. Mom and I buckled sissy pearl’s and sissy kay’s red collar around their respective necks and attached a leech to each collar. Now open your eyes. These collars are a symbol of your commitments to your Mistresses and your family. While Lady Mary’s collar reflects Her commitment to Mistress Kate, your collars reflect to your commitment to Me, Mistress Mom, and Mistress Kate. Between now and when sissy kay and I go to Maryland, we are going provide the both of you with some intense sissy training. As you can see, your new names are on your stockings. Now it is time for you to open your stockings. After that, both of you will prepare breakfast for us, and clean up. We will start dinner. Then we will open the other presents. sissy pearl, is your new name and future sissy life acceptable to you? Yes Mistress Barbara. sissy kay, is your new name and future sissy life acceptable to you?  Yes Mistress Barbara. Good, now sissies you and Lady Mary can open your stockings.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

December 26 – Christmas Day for US (Part 1)

I am sorry for the long delays in continuing our story. My crazy illness comes more than it goes now. I am lucky, proud, and thankful to have sissy maid k still loving and caring for me. When I started to turn My soldier boi into a sissy I really did not if or how it would go or work, how long it would last, and who would join our journey. Little did I know My Mom, Sister and dad would become the first to our lifestyle, and become a life-long part of our Female Lead Family. I certainly did not know sissy maid k’s training would be so meaningful in My old age healthcare. Our love for each other has certainly worked well for Me (particularly), our family, and sissy maid k. Thank you sissy.

When I pulled sissy k to bed by her “funny little thing”, I could feed her starting to tremble. When I closed the door to our bedroom she fell on the bed, in a fetal position and began to cry. You never know how or when an emotional break might occur, but this level of crying I have never seen from sissy kay. Clearly traveling from Germany in her panties, pantyhose, and camie; they having to put on her skirt, heels, and sweater in the airport parking lot, next to sissy dad doing the same thing; driving home next to sissy dad; wearing a night-gown or being naked most of the day in front of Mistress Mom, Mistress Kate, Lady Mary, and sissy dad, and being told that most of the next few weeks would be spent under the control of any and all Mistresses, was clearly emotional overload for My sissy k.

While I quickly gathered sissy k in my arms and held him close, I also let her cry and cry. As a Domme, You have to know when to let the emotions flow. It was during this emotional break I decided tomorrow would become even more intense and our time on leave would become My “yet to be created sissy boot camp for her”. While I hugged and comforted her, I reassured her I loved her; everyone loved her; she was My special “soldier boi”; she would always be loved by Mistress Mom, Mistress Kate, and sissy dad. She would soon fully realize her special place in our family and continued trust, love, respect, and communications would keep Her safe in My arms. As her crying become more controlled I moved to fix her need to be loved. “Settle down My pretty sissy boi, suck on my lovely tits and make Me feel good, while you settle down. Yes, that’s my little sissy, oh yes, I love you sucking my tits. Yes, settle down and enjoy. See my little sissy, your little clitty is telling me you love being my sissy kay, isn’t that right? sissy k nodded her head yes, but never took her mouth away from My breast. I continued to stroke her and teased her “little funny thing”, which I frequently started call her “clitty”. I had her take my night-gown off (leaving her’s on) and pushed her down between my legs telling her – “your Mistress needs you be eat Her juicy pussy and bring Her to an orgasm”. With My toes I kept touching sissy k and encouraging her to eat me. Once I climaxed, I pulled her up on top of Me, kissed her deeply, and then rolled on top of Her. I pulled her night-gown up, but not off, mounted her and rode her as hard as I could. I knew she would climax quickly, so I spun Myself round and fondled her as she exploded deep inside Me. When I felt her shrinking inside me, I quickly placed My full pussy over her mouth and told her to clean me out. I also took her small clitty in My mouth as her reward for being a wonderful, obedient sissy. When I was cleaned out I held her in My arms, kissed her, and thanked her for being a great lover, exciting pussy eater, a pretty cum sucker, and My very special sissy boi. I then told her – “don’t clean up, just go to sleep in my arms, I want to remember the rewards that are available to a loving and obedient sissy who takes care of her Mistress. I love you sissy k and I want to be My special sissy.”  It was not much longer before sissy was sound asleep in My arms.

In the morning, I woke-up before sissy. I thought about the day ahead and decided I had sissy exactly where I needed her. I slipped out of bed and went downstairs to speak to Mom and Kate. We quickly made plans to take every opportunity to humiliate sissy and then give her warm and loving support and encouragement to be the best sissy possible. We would tease her, play with her, spank her, and make her suck our tits, pussy, and asses. We would undress her, dress her, undress her, tie her up, release her and make Lady Mary suck her and finger her without letting her cum. sissy dad would be required to support everything we did or get spanked as well. sissy k would have to model everything piece of clothing she received and Lady Mary would apply her new make-up in a very classy and feminine look. With our plans made, I went back to wake little sissy k up.

When I entered our bedroom again, sissy k was again curled up have asleep with very damp eyes. I held her in My arms and hugged her, saying – “wake-up my pretty little sissy k; its Christmas for us, and Mrs. Santa I am sure brought My good little girl lots of pretty things.” sissy k hugged me tight, looked up at Me and asked – “Mistress Barbara are You sure You want me to by Your sissy? Do You really want me to do this?” I immediately gave sissy a big kiss, and while stroking her entire body said – Oh my sissy soldier boi, you are the special boi of My life. You are and are going to become everything I want and need; your “funny little thing” is truly small, but I know you are going to do everything I ask to make up for it.” I pulled her night-gown up just enough to start playing with her. I also kissed her again. “See, your little clitty is telling Me you want Me to take care of you, lead you, teach you to be a good little sissy for Me, Mistress Mom, and Mistress Kate. Your little clitty is telling Me you want to go downstairs and embrace Christmas day, and serve your lovely Mistresses by doing everything you are told to do. you are going to make Me proud of you today aren’t you?” I did start stroking her a little faster. sissy started trying to wrap her legs around Me, and slip her silly clitty between My legs, but I held her clitty tight and did not allow her access to me. However, she was rock hard and getting very ready to explode. While kissing her, I firmly squeezed the base of her clitty. After breaking away from her kiss, I said – “sissy k, now everyone is up and waiting for us. Go clean up, and shave. I’ll leave a night-gown out for you to wear. Come down and join us. We will open our Christmas stockings, then have some breakfast, then open our presents. you need to be fresh and ready for an exciting day. By tonight, I am sure you will be ready for some serious loving. Right? Now give Me a big kiss, a big smile, and take off your love messy gown and go clean up.” While still holding her little clitty, sissy k kissed me, took off her nightgown, and went into the bathroom.

Based sissy k’s reaction, which I think was prompted by seeing and being with sissy dad, I took advantage of the situation and made a big modification to my long range plans. sissy k had no idea, but loved and trusted Me. her life was about to become very intense. 

Mistress Barbara 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Happy New Year's

Good morning,

Mistress Barbara and i wish everyone a happy and exciting 2015.

While Mistress Barbara was in bed all day yesterday, it was Her own bed (not in hospital). She had me in my best maid's uniform all day, caged, and plugged. It was a good day for me. i also spent the New Year's New York ball drop period deep between Mistress Barbara's legs bringing in Her New Year in Her favorite state of joy and happiness. It was the best New Year's we have had in years.

We hope everyone had the opportunity to start 2015 in similar joy and happiness. For those in long-term FLR/FLM, we trust you re-committed yourselves to each other and our chosen lifestyle for the next year. sub's and sissy's, we trust you pledged your continued commitment to and support of your Mistress. Likewise, we trust each Mistress showed Your sub/sissy a preview of their life in 2015.

If You had Your first experience as Mistress, we hope Your sub/sissy met or exceeded Your expectations, and You will continue and expand Your FLR/FLM throughout 2015. Even if Your holiday experience was not perfect, we hope both of you found fun, love, respect, good communications, and value in the experience. Remember, there is no required process or event that You have to replicate. It is just what works for You and Your sub/sissy. So, please extend Your leadership role throughout today. Have another exceptional love making session this morning, this afternoon, and tonight. If You can continue Your Superior role through next Sunday, do it. Four or five days taking control of Your sub/sissy will go a long way to confirming the value and importance of a FLR/FLM. Going out visiting friends or shopping with sub/sissy wearing panties under her jeans is a part of control. You and Your sub/sissy are the only ones who know, which is the early point. We wish You a wonderful year, and a warm, loved-fill 2015 as the Superior leader of Your family.

If You tried and it just did not work for you, Thank You for trying. Thank You for taking a moment to exert Your Superiority. Please consider another try, perhaps 4th of July weekend, or the period between next Christmas and New Years. Talk with Your sub/sissy. Please be sure to discuss the experience completely. If possible, please consider how You might improve the experience for You and Your sub/sissy. The reality is most likely that You are in charge of Your relationship anyway. In most cases, it is only a matter of Your desire to expand Your control.

Again, we wish everyone a great 2015. We hope Your Superiority will shine throughout the year. We hope the skills of Your sub/sissy will continue to improve. Love, respect, and good communications will always keep Your FLR/FLM on track. Love and hugs to everyone...

Mistress Barbara, and
sissy maid kay