Saturday, April 12, 2014

Returning to the States (1972)

Our account of Mistress Barbars training program has been interupted. We want to get back to our development in hopes that it might help others. Mistress Barbara's health events continue and have contributed to our delays. However, Her training has prepared me to care for Her, and She continues to have a very positive attitude. We thank everyone for your very kind words and support. Thank you very much. 

Returning to the States

Just after Thanksgiving 1972 we received orders to return to the States. Based on some work our unit did, I received orders to return to Maryland. We had about three weeks to move. It is amazing how efficiently the Army can move a family.

As it turned out, we would be travelling in time to arrive home on Christmas Day. Mistress Mom would pick us up at the airport. We shipped our rapidly purchased Christmas presents and mailed the home. Fortunately, Mistress Mom held our present at home and did not send them to Germany. Our friends drove us to the airport in Frankfurt.

Since we would be travelling at the busiest time of the year, Mistress Barbara decided we should wear matching stockings, garters, and panties for the trip home. Although I would be travelling in uniform, Mistress Barbara felt it would be a low risk and a lot of fun. So offer we went with me wearing my femme underwear looking like a big soldier. We had not trouble on the flight. My uniform was a big help when we arrived in Philadelphia and need to get a flight to Boston.

We arrived early afternoon. Mistress Mom and sissy dad met us at the airport. We received a very warm welcome at the airport with big hugs and kisses. Being home for Christmas with family was going to be great. We gathered our bags and went to car in the parking lot. When all the bags were in the trunk, Mistress Barbara said; “sissy dad, are you wearing your stocking and panties like ms k?” Wow, I am tired from travelling, and both dad and i are turning red (not from the cold air), and for the first time my position was made know to another male. dad quickly replied; “yes Mistress”. Mistress Mom produced a bag for each of us and said; “Ok gurls, strip out of those stupid clothes and put on these clothes”. She handed each of us a bag. As trained, we each took off our male clothes and put on our new clothes. For me there was a bra, sweater, skirt, and a new pair of low heels, in my size! I had never worn heels of any kind. My sweater matched sissy dad’s, and her skirt and shoes matched mine. I now understood why I was wearing stocking and panties on the flight. Of course in 1972 there were no camera in the parking lot, and at Christmas, no was paying any attention to us. We sat in the back set. Mistress Mom drove. In less than an hour we would be home. sissy dad and i did not look at each other, nor did we speak other than to answer Mistress Mom and Mistress Barbara’s questions. Mistress Mom wanted to know about the flight home and how well i was enjoying wearing my panties and other famine clothes. Mistress Barbara asked sissy dad how he was enjoying his new life and serving all the Superior Women in his new life. When we were close to home Mistress Barbara looked at me and said, “we are not in the Army for the next month, so ms k, you will learn as much as you can from sissy dad. you will do everything We Women tell you to do, you will dress as directed, and if you do not know how to do something, you will ask sissy dad how she does it. While we are home, you are going to learn all kinds of wonderful sissy things. Do you understand? i quickly replied yes Mistress; thank you for this opportunity.

Christmas 1972 was another big step forward for sissy maid k. We have wonderful memories of our first Christmas at home.