Monday, December 30, 2013

Hard Christmas 2013

We hope everyone had a great Christimas and will have a safe New Year.

Mistress Barbara in hospital was a big disruption to our family Christmas. She has been in the Intensive Care Unit for two days now. However, things are looking up, and we now feel we will get through this with positive results. Mistress Barbara will not be at full speed, but i will be able to bring Her home to care for Her.

Two other extended family relatives have been put in the hospital over the holiday period. Thus, our normal Christmas family activities have been reduced to hospital visits, meals out, and home for sleep. Next year will be better. We may use a January holiday as the day all our Superior Women use all our family sissy maids for respectice special services for which each of us has been trained. i trust Mistress Barbara will call everyone to Her home in Florida rather than in this very very cold and snowy Chicago.

On a lighter and perhaps an old sissy's observation. my two Mistress Daughers sent me out of the hospital on an errand to the Whitfield Mall. i think They wanted to give me a stress break. Mistress Barbara and i are no longer "mall people". So it has been a while since i was in a "mall". Well, the new skinny fashions that were in the stores and on all the pretty Women, honestly, had me crazy. i was wishing i was young again. i no longer have the body to wear the wonderful clothes i saw all around me. For you younger sissies, i hope your Mistress's dress you in today's fashions - skinny jeans, leggings, shorts and pantyhose, and a great mix of boots. i had to hug and thank my thoughtful Mistress Daughters for sending Their old sissy maid to a wonderful entertainment center. we old sissy maids can still dream and remember our better days....

We want everyone to have a safe, happy, and exciting New Year with your Mistress or Master. Please provide your best service. Shave close and carefully. Where your stockings, garters, panties, skirts, dresses, bras, chastity cages, and collars with pride. Accept your public or private punishment knowing the respect and love it represents. Wear your cages and plugs for as long as your are directed. Be submissive to all Women you encounter. Be ready and happy to suck the night away if that is what you are told to do. At mid-night on New Year's eve, remember to thank your Mistress for being the great leader of your FLR or FLM. Clean up when and where your are told. As appropriate, prepare a New Year's breakfast or brunch for your Mistress and Her house guest/lover as necessary.

Thank you and hugs to all,

sissy maid k for Mistress Barbara

Friday, December 27, 2013

A Late Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

We are very sorry for so few posts. As noted earlier, this has been a bad health year for Mistress Barbara. After a mid-year 30 day stay in the hospital, Her health improved a little bit. At the beginning of December we had another 3 week stay in the hospital, for the same problem. Christmas night we admitted Her to hospital again, for the same problem.

All my years of sissy maid training are certainly paying off. While i do not have a Nurses uniform, my standard scrub top, cage, stockings, pantyhose, and heels along with my serving and caring skills have been keeping Her as happy as can be expected. Taking care of the medical problem is not easy. Keeping Her spirits up, at our respective ages, is a challenge. However, we remain optimistic. i remain committed to serving my Mistress, lover, and very dear friend.

i was hoping to use my vacation time to catch-up with posts about our early development years. i do not think i will get our updates posted until Mistress Barbara's health improves. However, i have promised Mistress that i will get our experiences posted. Please be patient with us.

We want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope Mistress Santa brought everyone a great gift that will help them elect to start a FLR or FLM, continue an existing FLR or FLM, and encourage friends, relatives, and age appropriate children to seriously consider the lifestyle choice. We hope the sissies and sissy maids provide proper service and attention to their Mistresses/Masters. We hope your Mistresses/Master will continue to train and support you next year. We pray your mutual love, respect, and communication grow in the new year.

New Year's Eve is a great time to renew your commitment, privately or publicly with support friends to your Mistress/Master. Be safe, have fun, and thank your Mistresses/Master for their leadership and guidence.

With warm hugs, we thank you for your attention to our little blog.


Mistress Barbara, and
sissy maid k