Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mistress Barbara Moving Forward With My Change

As previously disclosed the entire Christmas period was a big change for me. My easy willingness to comply with every directive from Mistress Barbara did seem natural and consistent with our relationship. However, my willingness to obey Mistress Kate without question also seemed natural but every unexpected. Everything with Lady Mary was to honor and obey Mistress Barbara, but my rather easy acceptance of everything truly surprised me. While Mistress Barbara did recognize my confusion, She provided support, encouragement, and a fair amount of humor about my reactions.

Her clothes buying spree was very unusual, but brought Her great joy. She was very supportive as i tried on each new item. Since it was cold during these months, the leotards, slacks, and long skirts were warm. i did find myself beginning to truly enjoy dressing as directed and encouraged. i was certainly looking forward to entering the house and finding the position of our signal dish. i found myself looking forward to the surprise of what clothes, or lack of clothes, i would be wearing each night. It is amazing the impact of taking trash out to the street wearing only a scrub suit top and shoes/slipper one week, adding stockings or panty hose on another night, and slacks or long skirt on yet another night. Mistress Barbara’s training process – action request, encouragement, reward, reinforcement, punishment (as necessary), communication, and love.

In addition to me taking the trash out to the street dressed as directed, Mistress Barbara and i also started walking around the village late at night. Now there were not a lot of street lights in the village, and most windows had shutters that prevented residents from seeing out, so walking was relatively low risk. i began to enjoy the walks when i was wearing stockings/pantyhose and matching jeans and/or slacks. i began to like the feel and interaction of my jeans and slacks against my garters, stocking, panties, or pantyhose. The mix of cold weather, feminine clothes, my pretty Mistress Barbara on my arm, and the risk of discovery all fused together. i really enjoyed the feel of my new slacks, and long skirts. By the end of February i was hooked on my feminine clothes. i was not looking forward to the warming weather in March. i certainly did not want April to come when i would only be able to wear my bra and panties when not at work.

Panties did become the major symbol of my feminine love and commitment to Mistress Barbara. All of my other feminine things Mistress Barbara and i enjoyed sharing with each other in the confines of our home. i could not wear skirts or blouses, or leotards, or slacks in public. With long pants, or our matching jeans and sweaters, and some matching tunic tops, i could wear some combination of bra, garter, stocking, panties, or pantyhose. As spring and summer approached i had to settle for wearing panties under my shorts.

It took only a few months for Mistress Barbara and i to become more comfortable with our evolving relationship. my training was moving to the point where i could often select the correct combination of underwear to match Mistress Barbara’s underwear and the particular occasion. my growing enjoyment of feminine clothing extended to nightgowns and baby dolls. Without a lot deep thought, i was becoming a cross dresser, and Mistress Barbara and i we both enjoying the change.