Thursday, October 17, 2013

Watershed and New Thoughts

Until I saw My Sister at the airport with Her girl friend, I did not realize how much I missed Her. When we all kissed good-by in Innsbruck, I started to feel our separation and wondered when We would be together again. My conversation with k on the trip home help me realized that k, I, and the entire family would likely see some major changes over the next few years. I did not know what those changes would be, nor the direction we would go at any level of detail. I only knew life would be different.

The first week of January I was a bit distracted. Sharing k, Lady Mary, and My Sister had a bigger impact on me than I realized. k’s willingness to strip before all of us, dress in his pretty girly things before us, and thinking about Lady Mary’s willingness to do the same kept running around in my head.

I had never thought about having a woman as a lover. Watching Kate and mary loving each other was exciting. I knew k loved to fondle my breasts; fuck me as well as he could with his funny little thing, and lick my pussy when ordered. I also loved being the recipient of such loving attention. However, getting the chance to touch, hug, and share mary played on My mind deeper and longer than I expected. I started to appreciate My Sister and Her choices.

I also began thinking differently about k willingness to dress for Me. The more feminine items I added the closer and more loving of each other we became. More importantly, the more I wanted to see k dress and subservient to me. This was also reinforce by the knowledge the Mom was doing the same thing to dad. She was not expressing the same feeling I was having, but She was clearly enjoying dad dress as a girl.

When I recognized many of the stores had post New Year’s sales, I reacted rather spontaneously. As if on a mission, we purchased body suits, leotards, matching pants suites, blouses, flared slacks and long skirts. While fashionable at the time, can you imagine matching pant suits!  Throughout the day of shopping k was as supportive as could be. Knowing he was wearing pantyhose and bra under his clothes just kept Me more excited. At home, I had k try on every purchase. Holding k in my arms on the couch with him wearing his bra, blouse, long skirt, and pantyhose, it finally occurred to Me; I loved k very deeply, but I also enjoyed have a girl friend around the house we Me. Other than giving k a big hug, I said, “I love you k”. I did not say any more. We went to bed and had a great night of love making. Before I fell asleep, I decided I would keep buying feminine items for k. k was my husband, but would also be my girl friend. Whether he knew it or not, he was going to become my special friend. I just had to figure out how to accomplish that while we were in the Army. When I awoke in the morning, I had a new mission. Poor k, and I for that matter, had no idea what was ahead for us. I was just relieved I would always have a special girl friend to be with, talk to, and love.

Now that I am sick, I cannot express how wonderful these memories are and how lucky I am to have the love, support and assistance of my now sissy maid k.

I want to thank everyone for following our history. I hope we might help some of you that might be uncertain of your futures. A female led life was wonderful. It is even better now that I need so much help.


Mistress Barbara

Monday, October 14, 2013

What Happens In January

Christmas is always exciting. This past Christmas with Mistress Barbara, Her Sister, Mistress Kate, and Lady Mary, Mistress Kate’s girl friend, was beyond belief. Mistress Barbara shared me with both Ladies. i was various states of dress and undress. i had to put my skirts on in public places. Fortunately, no one saw me. At least i don’t think anyone saw me.

Our trip to St. Anton’s was the first time i spent a lot of time wear fem underwear under my ski pants and sweater for four days. i did gain confidence that my winter clothes made it hare for people to tell. i am certain Mistress Barbara knew i would not be detected. Therefore She knew it would be good training. Mistress Kate and Lady Mary just added more adventure, exposure, sharing, and support for me. On our drive home, Mistress Barbara and i agreed the weekend was a success, i would continue to wear feminine underwear, or no underwear, when not at work, and Mistress Barbara would continue to lead our family.

Once home and back to work we returned to our routine. The candy dish position signal what i would wear each evening. i continued to clean a room each night, so we would have the weekend to go places and learn more about Germany. However, the Saturday following New Years, is a big sale weekend. Even in Germany, the local stores and the PX have sales. Just when i thought my clothing draw had everything i needed, Mistress Barbara took me shopping. It was a little cold, so i was wearing pantyhose, a bra, a sweater, jeans, and a jacket.

You may recall the early seventies fashions included body suits, leotards, pant suits, flared pants, mini-skirts, and hot pants. There was a lot of individualism, but there was also matching sets for men and women. Unbeknown to me, our St. Anton trip was so successful Mistress Barbara decided we need some matching clothes. Saturday was a long day of shopping. We went to the PX, Nuremberg, and Erlangen. By the end of the day we had matching body suits (snap crotch and all), matching black leotards, matching brown pant suits (flare pants, long no selves vest, and cream under blouse; yes blouse for me). Mistress Barbara was certain no one would see my blouse buttons under the long vest. We also had a matching pair of black flare bottom pants. i was glad everything was on sale.

The pant suits became a regular outfit when we traveled on weekends. Stockings or pantyhose and bra worked quite well under the suits, for both of us. The black pants, same underwear, worked well when we went to night time movies on the base. We wore our body suits with any outfit when we went out. The snap crotch worked well when wearing pantyhose and it was time for me to pee. The leotard became a house uniform when it was cold. It also became part of my ski trip outfit. Around the house, the leotard was manageable. However, on the ski trips, peeing became a really big effort. Being young was a big help. At my current age, frequent trips to the bathroom would be a real problem.

If you have lived in Germany more than thirty years ago, you may remember the houses did not have central heating. Each room had an oil fired heater. When i arrived home from work, changed into my designated outfit, i would start the fire in one or more of the heaters. While waiting for a room to heat up, it could be cold. A scrub top and panties were not very warm. Pantyhose, stocking, and the leotard were all improvements. Mistress Barbara did not like pants, or sweat pants and rarely allowed me to wear them in the house. When we entered a very cold period, Mistress Barbara bought us matching long shirts. i actually enjoyed the warmth and feel of the long skirt. i felt rather sexy in the long shirt. Often i felt sexier than i did in my short shirts.

By the end of January i did have all the basic fem clothes i would need until spring and summer. i was beginning to get very comfortable dressing for Mistress Barbara. She had a lot of options for me. On cold evenings, when all i could wear was a night gown, between cleaning, spanking, cuddling, and love making, Mistress Barbara found a way to keep me warm.

When we went out at night, other than the base, Mistress Barbara continued to have me change in a skirt for the ride home. Sometimes it was a short skirt; some times it was my long skirt. A few times, She made me stand by the car in my stockings or pantyhose, while She selected a skirt for me to put on. Over time, Mistress Barbara became a little more daring. i do not know how we did not get caught, but fortunately we did not.

Our bedroom did not have a heater. Our warmth depended on our night gowns, comforter, and love making. With Mistress Barbara in total control, we did stay warm.  

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Current Moment

On the last day of October, in the United States, we have Halloween. The kids get to wear costumes and go door to door collecting candy. It really is a fun night for the kids. However, it is also a night for special adults to go out dressed. While we still cannot go everywhere with full acceptance, we can go to special parties or clubs where we can show off how pretty we are.

Below are a couple of dresses we think almost anyone could wear. While i like the “illusion-mesh-maxi-dress”, a young or old gurl would look good in either. The knee-high boots with the open toe are just a wonderful idea. Gurls or girls would look great in these boots with pretty toes nail polish. However, the boots are not cheap.


We like this site. i like the name. However, their prices are reasonable, and they normally have great items on sale.

We hope everyone gets to dress and go out on the one night there is more universal acceptance of those of us who are different. you may not be accepted everywhere you go, but dress, go out, keep your chin up, your chest out, and be happy.