Saturday, June 1, 2013

Christmas 1971 unexpected start

Christmas 1971 is forty-two years ago. It is both strange and exciting to look back at the start of my subservience and training. What Mistress Barbara and i consider a wonderful lifestyle for us, started out of Her imagination, the knowledge i would do anything She asked, and the opportunities presented to us. Me standing in from of Her and Her Sister, with me in pantyhose, and a stranger sucking my “funny little thing” was spontaneous. i am standing there because i was told to stand there. It is true Mistress Kate and i had hugged and kissed, but that was while i was dating Her sister, and we were on our way to becoming in-laws. Figuratively, in the last couple of hours She was elevated from sister-in-law to Mistress and another person to whom i was subservient.

While Lady Mary was sucking me, Mistress Barbara laid out the guidelines for the Christmas visit. Lady Mary was directed to acknowledge understanding of each guideline without stopping her current task. Lady Mary was told she would only wear pantyhose and a sweater around the house, unless we had guests. If we had guests, she would wear a short skirt or jeans. The bathroom door would always remain open. “Lady Mary, you shall not touch k unless Kate or I direct you. You will help k clean the house for our guests. When the guys are here for Christmas dinner, you will wear your shortest skirt and no bra under your sweater. You may tease the guys, but no touching”. “Mistress Kate, are these guidelines acceptable to you? They are sis, but You also agree that I can direct k to do anything, right? Yes, when it is just us, but we do have to be careful around his co-workers and on the base”. Excellent, we are all agreed concluded Mistress Kate.

With the agreement and understanding reached, Mistress Barbara said, I’m horny from watching Mary suck my k; I need to take k to bed. With that said Mistress Barbara took hold of my “funny little thing”, said good night to everyone, and pulled me off to bed. Mistress Barbara pushed me onto the bed, climbed on top of me and gave me a big kiss. “Oh k, thank you for putting up with My directives; I am really excited right now. I do not fully understand why I make you do everything I do, but I do love your willingness to cooperate and comply. Now, you need to put your tongue to work”. Mistress Barbara moved up over my face and i began to lick Her to an orgasm. We played with each other for at least an hour before we fell asleep.

In the morning, i woke up first and had the bathroom to my naked self. I set the breakfast table for everyone. However, no-one else woke up before i had to leave for the office. While i was schedule off, i did want my team to know i was there for them on Christmas Eve. i also wanted to be sure the team members would come by the house on Christmas for some home cooking. Christmas is a tough holiday for soldiers away from home. Every gesture of trust and support is appreciated, and a home cooked Christmas dinner is always appreciated. I was only in the office for about four hours, but i did get to greet everyone, confirm who would come over for dinner, and wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

When i returned home, i immediately removed my uniform. In the bedroom, my scrub top and a pair of pantyhose were on the bed. i put my home uniform of the day on and went to find Mistress Barbara, Mistress Kate, and Lady Mary. The three Ladies were in the living room. They we finishing their coffee and making a task lists. Lady Mary was kneeling on the carpet next to Mistress Kate. she was wearing pantyhose and a long-sleeve tee-shirt. Mistress Barbara said, “welcome home k, we are glad your home. We have lots to do, so get the coffee to refresh our cups, make a cup of tea for yourself, and then we will go over your task list. In a crazy way, i felt like a family Christmas was about to begin.