Thursday, March 21, 2013

Christmas 1971 Begins

i do not know if generally perceived normal men are as naive as i was during my transition or early training, but it is amazing how much of my life i did not see coming.

The day after Thanksgiving, as Mistress Barbara and i were lying in bed, we talked about how much fun everyone had at our Thanksgiving dinner. The food was great. Everyone had fun and enjoyed good conversations. Our German friends felt comfortable and part of the fun, since language was not a barrier. i suggested we should consider doing the same thing for Christmas. Mistress Barbara agreed it would be fun. She directed me to advance the suggestion to everyone when i returned to work on Monday. Without missing a beat, She rolled over me, shimmied up over my face, and said, “time to make me cum k”.

December was quite similar to life back in the states. Days and nights got colder. Cold weather was not a concern for me in my pantyhose. Germans decorated their stores and homes as we did do at home. We did go Christmas shopping buying, wrapping, and sending packages home. Some of the evenings early in December, Mistress Barbara and i did our Christmas cards. Mistress Barbara did have me wearing my pantyhose, skirt, and scrub top at home. i was getting comfortable and considering it normal. Practicing tasks, wearing panties, skirts, and spankings were increasing my confidence and comfort. We enjoyed seeing the decorations in the cities and homes as we drove around. For me, we were simply getting ready for a normal Christmas.

About two weeks before Christmas, we started receiving packages marked Christmas, and Christmas cards from home. When you are so far away from home you always get excited about mail and “care” packages from home. Receiving packages at Christmas is just more exciting. With Christmas packages we opened the shipping boxes and place the decorated packages under the small table top Christmas tree we set up. When i finished my shopping and wrapping for Mistress Barbara and went to put Her presents under the tree, i realized we had received a lot of presents from home. Noting we would have a fun Christmas opening presents, i did not think about anything odd or different about the quantity of presents.

At the same time, Mistress Barbara indicated Her Sister Kate and Her friend from college would come to visit for Christmas. Wow, we will have family for Christmas. i thought that would be wonderful and great for Mistress Barbara. Given the large quantity of packages, Mistress Mom must have sent presents for Kate. We could still have the guys from work over for dinner, and now there would be a couple of girls, from home, for them in the mix. A couple of pretty faces and conversations are always good for a single male soldier away from home.

As i learned, Kate and Her friend would stay with us for at least five days, then, go by train to Rome. They would use a Euro-Rail pass and visit different cities along the way. They would then fly home from Rome. Since Christmas was on a Saturday, they planned to fly into Frankfurt on Thursday. We would take them to the train station in Nuremburg a few days after Christmas. It certainly sounded like a simple plan to me. I liked Kate. Kate was a couple of years younger than and at least as pretty as Mistress Barbara. Traveling with a college friend was good for sharing expenses and safety.

Since my normal day off was both Friday and Christmas Eve, it was important that i be on base with the guys i worked with sometime on Friday. As a leader it was important for me to be in the office long enough to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I did manage to arrange to take Thursday off so Mistress Barbara and i could pick Kate and Her friend in Frankfurt.

Their flight arrived around noon, but it took an hour to clear customs. Both Mistress Barbara and i were a little shocked when they came through customs. Both of them wore the same color very short skirts, tights, and high heeled boots. They did wear different jackets. Mistress Barbara and Kate ran to each other for a big hug and kiss. When i reached them, Kate had introduced Mary to Mistress Barbara. Kate gave me a big hug, a really deep and wet kiss, then whispered, “oh k you are taking such good care of your Mistress; I cannot wait to see your panties”. i am glad she was holding me tight, because i might have fallen. We separated, and She completed the introductions. k this is my very good friend and lover Mary. Mary this is k my Sisters’ wonderful little girl. Now, you two hug and kiss. You need to get to know each other quickly. Mistress Barbara immediately followed suite and said, “you love birds bring all the bags”. Mistress Barbara and Kate locked arm in arm and headed off to the parking lot, just as happy and close as could be. Mary looked at me and said, “k, I always do as I’m told, regardless who tells me”. With that, i said, welcome to Germany, you take those and i’ll take the rest. Mary was a pretty woman. When we hugged, i realized Mary’s tits were larger than Mistress Barbara’s’. Her waist was also smaller. 

We stopped in Wurzburg on the way home. We did a tour of the city and then went to our favorite place overlooking the city for dinner. The bulk of our conversations centered on facts about Wurzburg during our little tour of the city. At dinner Mistress Barbara and Kate talked about college and Mary. i did not talk much at all. Kate did tell Mary to rub my leg continuously under the table. Honestly, i did enjoy the attention, although the directive seemed quite odd. It was dark when we finished diner. Kate and Mary were holding hands on the way to the car, just as Mistress Barbara and i were. When we reached the car, Mistress Barbara said, “k its time for you for put on your skirt and you and Mary sit in the back. Mary you need to help take k’s pants off, then help him put on this skirt”. By now i was use to putting a skirt on beside the car, in the dark. However, to my surprise, the skirt Mistress Barbara gave Mary was identical to Hers, Mary’s, and Kate’s. Given the temperature, it was a good thing Mistress Barbara had me wear pantyhose to the airport. Damn, another plan i had no idea was coming.

Mistress Barbara and Kate talked all the way home. The bulk of the conversation was about how successful Mistress Mom has been putting dad in very feminine clothes. The only comment directed toward me was Mistress Barbara saying, “k, from now on you will refer to Kate as Mistress Kate, and Mary as Lady Mary. Do you understand”? “Yes Mistress Barbara, was my only response.  Lady Mary might have had to much wine, because She had fallen asleep with Her head on my lap.

As we pulled into the driveway Lady Mary woke up. Mistress Barbara said, “girls, bring in all the bags, k when the car is empty, you need to meet us in the living room in your pantyhose and scrub top”. “Yes, Mistress”, was all I said.

Lady Mary and i gathered some bags and brought them into the house. “Lady Mary, i’ll get the remaining bags and meet you in the living room”. i returned to the car and brought in the remaining bags. By the time i brought the rest of the bags in the house, Mistress Barbara and Mistress Kate were already in the living room. Lady Mary was kneeing on the floor next to Mistress Kate.

As directed i removed my shirt and skirt, i returned to the living room in my pantyhose and scrub top. Mistress Barbara spoke as i entered the room. “k come over hear and stand in front of us. Mary, stand beside k. you girls need to work together over the next couple of days. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve; k has to go into the office for part of the day. Guys from her shop will have Christmas dinner with us. Therefore, tomorrow you both need to work together to clean the house before k goes into work. While k is gone, we real girls will do other stuff, and start cooking. Tomorrow evening, we’ll have some cocktails, eats, and eventually open some presents. Mary, you need to understand some house rules. Bathroom door is never closed when only the family is here. you close the door; you are punished.  k dresses as she is now, unless Mistress Kate or I tell her differently. Since Mistress Kate tells Me you occasionally enjoy a cock, you cannot touch k “funny little thing” unless one of us tells you to. Do you understand? Mary replied, yes Mistress. Mistress Barbara continued; please understand, Our Mom played with k, without permission, and I punished Her harder than She had ever been punished in Her life. Now, when k’s friends come for Christmas dinner, you must be on you best behavior, help with everything, and make absolutely no mention of k’s panties, or skirts, absolutely no mention. Yes, Mistress Barbara, was Mary’s reply. Just to be sure you have a clear reference point to remember these instruction, knee in front of k, pull her pantyhose down and suck her “funny little thing”. Mistress Kate will tell you when to stop.

What the hell is going on with me? i’m standing in front of my Wife and Sister-In-Law, and a college girl i met a few hours ago, is sucking my “funny little thing”. To top it all off, i'm getting hard and liking the attention. Where is my life going?