Saturday, January 19, 2013

Thanksgiving Day 1971

Holidays for military service members all over the world is a time for community and support. Everyone is away from home and family. Everyone wants to be back with loved ones and touching base with traditions and customs that are familiar to themselves. In non-combat zones, where families have the opportunity to join their spouses, those families will often create a holiday meal and celebration for their co-workers.

At Thanksgiving (a US holiday) and at Christmas, we always invited members of our work teams to the house for a home made meal, and some sense of a normal family day. Since almost all of our team members were bilingual, we would also invite our German co-workers, neighbors, and friends. It was always a fun day. The first time Thanksgiving, our German friends were quite surprised at the size of the turkey we cook. Yes, we cooked. With twenty-five people for a big meal, it did take both of us to get everything done. Working together to get big projects completed is part of a real Female Led Marriage.

These holiday events were a long day full of fun and excitement. Yes, Mistress Barbara and i worked together preparing the meal. i wore my pantyhose, scrub top, and frilly apron. i did all the prep and cleaning work. i set up the buffet and served all the guests. Just before the guests arrived, i did change into my pants, shirt, socks, and shoes, but i have a fresh pair of pantyhose under my pants. From my perspective, this was a very high risk move. i was sure everyone would discover me. After really enjoying being partially dressed for my Mistress all morning, i was very nervous wearing pantyhose around my co-workers and guests. i was certain my wet pantyhose would leak through my pants and everyone would know. Fortunately, my wet pantyhose and I were not discovered. However, by the time everyone left, i was quite wet. Of course, i returned to just my wet pantyhose, scrub top, and frilly apron to clean up. The cleaning always took a couple of hours, even though we did use paper and plastic plates and utensils. Once the serving dishes, pots, and pans were washed and dried, the rooms cleaned up, and the kitchen cleaned, it was always quite late. It was also time to take out the trash. Mistress Barbara directed i remove my apron and take out the trash. Another first – going to the trash area in my pantyhose.

While the yard and area were dark, the first time you walk a long distance in just pantyhose and scrub top, you cannot help feeling nervous and embarrassed. Despite my reluctance, i simply said, “yes Mistress Barbara. i gathered the trash and out i went. Honestly, it was cold, yet i was significantly more excited than i expect. i felt rather brave in a very strange sense. i forgot about being caught, and enjoyed every step going to the trash can. i was doing exactly as directed by my Mistress; knowing She was knew me better than myself and support what was becoming Her desire for both of us. Without much of a care in the world, i placed the trash in the cans. Just as i was reconciled to my task and my excitement, and turned to return to the house, Mistress Barbara turned on the outside lights. Like a frightened kid, i quickly looked around, and then i ran for the door. Mistress Barbara was standing in the doorway; naked as the day She was born, with open arms to greet me. “Oh k, I love you and thank you for doing exactly as I tell you. you earned some good loving tonight”. We turned off the light, closed the door, Miss Barbara grabbed my “funny little thing” through my pantyhose and pulled me to bed.

i have been giving thanks for that first holiday all my sissy life. Alas, a month later, Christmas was filled with the start of new traditions.  

Friday, January 4, 2013

Staying Warm

Recently Mathew, who is curious about a Female Led Marriage and panties, asked how i felt the first time Ms. Barbara (months before She became Mistress Barbara) put me in panties. In our hotel room, putting on my panties was simply a fun sexy game with my wonderful wife. Within a few minutes, the feel of the material, the comfort around my hips, ass, and funny little thing was quite extraordinary. i was amazed at how immediately comfortable they were. Then rather than a quick round of love making, Ms. Barbara told me to get dressed to go out of the hotel, i was in shock. However, walking around knowing i was different from all the other guys, i was with the Woman i loved, and the Woman who loved me, i felt rather proud. my enjoyment of panties has not diminished in over forty years. Mathew, and all other men, you need to try panties. you’ll be glad you did.

Through the fall and winter of 1971 we continued to enjoy our “Volklaufe” weekend walks. As with my panties, i also enjoyed wearing pantyhose. It did take me a few weeks and several spankings to keep Ms. Barbara and Mistress Barbara straight in the proper settings. We did agree it would be Mistress at home, with family, or when we were alone.

After about three weeks of pantyhose, Mistress Barbara had me purchase opaque tights for myself at the PX. While i did have some butterflies, the purchase went unnoticed and without incident. Little did i realize this would be only the first of many purchases of female clothing i would purchase for myself.

The real event occurred when we got to the car to go home. Mistress Barbara directed me to remove my pantyhose and put on my new tights right there in the PX parking lot. Fortunately, no one walked by our car, and it was to early for parking lot cameras. i instantly like the feel of the material.

When we arrive home, Mistress Barbara had me put on a sweatshirt with my new tights. We both liked the look of the opaque black tights. my hairy legs were not as apparent in the tights. The overall look was much better, and i felt warmer in the generally cool house. It did not take me long to like the tights. For Mistress Barbara, they may have been opaque, but She had no trouble seeing how much i was enjoying my tights.

i now had panties, pantyhose, tights, and skirts. My Wife, now Mistress, Mother-In-Law, and Sister-In-Law were now referring to me as girl or girlfriend. The pace was not overwhelming, giving me time to be an officer in the Army by day, and a girl in training at night. This duality supported by a loving Mistress/Wife, and Her family. Considering my enjoyment of the process, it was working for me. Mistress Barbara had a sense for this training and through active communication; She kept ahead of my brief moments of doubt.