Monday, December 30, 2013

Hard Christmas 2013

We hope everyone had a great Christimas and will have a safe New Year.

Mistress Barbara in hospital was a big disruption to our family Christmas. She has been in the Intensive Care Unit for two days now. However, things are looking up, and we now feel we will get through this with positive results. Mistress Barbara will not be at full speed, but i will be able to bring Her home to care for Her.

Two other extended family relatives have been put in the hospital over the holiday period. Thus, our normal Christmas family activities have been reduced to hospital visits, meals out, and home for sleep. Next year will be better. We may use a January holiday as the day all our Superior Women use all our family sissy maids for respectice special services for which each of us has been trained. i trust Mistress Barbara will call everyone to Her home in Florida rather than in this very very cold and snowy Chicago.

On a lighter and perhaps an old sissy's observation. my two Mistress Daughers sent me out of the hospital on an errand to the Whitfield Mall. i think They wanted to give me a stress break. Mistress Barbara and i are no longer "mall people". So it has been a while since i was in a "mall". Well, the new skinny fashions that were in the stores and on all the pretty Women, honestly, had me crazy. i was wishing i was young again. i no longer have the body to wear the wonderful clothes i saw all around me. For you younger sissies, i hope your Mistress's dress you in today's fashions - skinny jeans, leggings, shorts and pantyhose, and a great mix of boots. i had to hug and thank my thoughtful Mistress Daughters for sending Their old sissy maid to a wonderful entertainment center. we old sissy maids can still dream and remember our better days....

We want everyone to have a safe, happy, and exciting New Year with your Mistress or Master. Please provide your best service. Shave close and carefully. Where your stockings, garters, panties, skirts, dresses, bras, chastity cages, and collars with pride. Accept your public or private punishment knowing the respect and love it represents. Wear your cages and plugs for as long as your are directed. Be submissive to all Women you encounter. Be ready and happy to suck the night away if that is what you are told to do. At mid-night on New Year's eve, remember to thank your Mistress for being the great leader of your FLR or FLM. Clean up when and where your are told. As appropriate, prepare a New Year's breakfast or brunch for your Mistress and Her house guest/lover as necessary.

Thank you and hugs to all,

sissy maid k for Mistress Barbara

Friday, December 27, 2013

A Late Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

We are very sorry for so few posts. As noted earlier, this has been a bad health year for Mistress Barbara. After a mid-year 30 day stay in the hospital, Her health improved a little bit. At the beginning of December we had another 3 week stay in the hospital, for the same problem. Christmas night we admitted Her to hospital again, for the same problem.

All my years of sissy maid training are certainly paying off. While i do not have a Nurses uniform, my standard scrub top, cage, stockings, pantyhose, and heels along with my serving and caring skills have been keeping Her as happy as can be expected. Taking care of the medical problem is not easy. Keeping Her spirits up, at our respective ages, is a challenge. However, we remain optimistic. i remain committed to serving my Mistress, lover, and very dear friend.

i was hoping to use my vacation time to catch-up with posts about our early development years. i do not think i will get our updates posted until Mistress Barbara's health improves. However, i have promised Mistress that i will get our experiences posted. Please be patient with us.

We want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope Mistress Santa brought everyone a great gift that will help them elect to start a FLR or FLM, continue an existing FLR or FLM, and encourage friends, relatives, and age appropriate children to seriously consider the lifestyle choice. We hope the sissies and sissy maids provide proper service and attention to their Mistresses/Masters. We hope your Mistresses/Master will continue to train and support you next year. We pray your mutual love, respect, and communication grow in the new year.

New Year's Eve is a great time to renew your commitment, privately or publicly with support friends to your Mistress/Master. Be safe, have fun, and thank your Mistresses/Master for their leadership and guidence.

With warm hugs, we thank you for your attention to our little blog.


Mistress Barbara, and
sissy maid k

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mistress Barbara Moving Forward With My Change

As previously disclosed the entire Christmas period was a big change for me. My easy willingness to comply with every directive from Mistress Barbara did seem natural and consistent with our relationship. However, my willingness to obey Mistress Kate without question also seemed natural but every unexpected. Everything with Lady Mary was to honor and obey Mistress Barbara, but my rather easy acceptance of everything truly surprised me. While Mistress Barbara did recognize my confusion, She provided support, encouragement, and a fair amount of humor about my reactions.

Her clothes buying spree was very unusual, but brought Her great joy. She was very supportive as i tried on each new item. Since it was cold during these months, the leotards, slacks, and long skirts were warm. i did find myself beginning to truly enjoy dressing as directed and encouraged. i was certainly looking forward to entering the house and finding the position of our signal dish. i found myself looking forward to the surprise of what clothes, or lack of clothes, i would be wearing each night. It is amazing the impact of taking trash out to the street wearing only a scrub suit top and shoes/slipper one week, adding stockings or panty hose on another night, and slacks or long skirt on yet another night. Mistress Barbara’s training process – action request, encouragement, reward, reinforcement, punishment (as necessary), communication, and love.

In addition to me taking the trash out to the street dressed as directed, Mistress Barbara and i also started walking around the village late at night. Now there were not a lot of street lights in the village, and most windows had shutters that prevented residents from seeing out, so walking was relatively low risk. i began to enjoy the walks when i was wearing stockings/pantyhose and matching jeans and/or slacks. i began to like the feel and interaction of my jeans and slacks against my garters, stocking, panties, or pantyhose. The mix of cold weather, feminine clothes, my pretty Mistress Barbara on my arm, and the risk of discovery all fused together. i really enjoyed the feel of my new slacks, and long skirts. By the end of February i was hooked on my feminine clothes. i was not looking forward to the warming weather in March. i certainly did not want April to come when i would only be able to wear my bra and panties when not at work.

Panties did become the major symbol of my feminine love and commitment to Mistress Barbara. All of my other feminine things Mistress Barbara and i enjoyed sharing with each other in the confines of our home. i could not wear skirts or blouses, or leotards, or slacks in public. With long pants, or our matching jeans and sweaters, and some matching tunic tops, i could wear some combination of bra, garter, stocking, panties, or pantyhose. As spring and summer approached i had to settle for wearing panties under my shorts.

It took only a few months for Mistress Barbara and i to become more comfortable with our evolving relationship. my training was moving to the point where i could often select the correct combination of underwear to match Mistress Barbara’s underwear and the particular occasion. my growing enjoyment of feminine clothing extended to nightgowns and baby dolls. Without a lot deep thought, i was becoming a cross dresser, and Mistress Barbara and i we both enjoying the change. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Watershed and New Thoughts

Until I saw My Sister at the airport with Her girl friend, I did not realize how much I missed Her. When we all kissed good-by in Innsbruck, I started to feel our separation and wondered when We would be together again. My conversation with k on the trip home help me realized that k, I, and the entire family would likely see some major changes over the next few years. I did not know what those changes would be, nor the direction we would go at any level of detail. I only knew life would be different.

The first week of January I was a bit distracted. Sharing k, Lady Mary, and My Sister had a bigger impact on me than I realized. k’s willingness to strip before all of us, dress in his pretty girly things before us, and thinking about Lady Mary’s willingness to do the same kept running around in my head.

I had never thought about having a woman as a lover. Watching Kate and mary loving each other was exciting. I knew k loved to fondle my breasts; fuck me as well as he could with his funny little thing, and lick my pussy when ordered. I also loved being the recipient of such loving attention. However, getting the chance to touch, hug, and share mary played on My mind deeper and longer than I expected. I started to appreciate My Sister and Her choices.

I also began thinking differently about k willingness to dress for Me. The more feminine items I added the closer and more loving of each other we became. More importantly, the more I wanted to see k dress and subservient to me. This was also reinforce by the knowledge the Mom was doing the same thing to dad. She was not expressing the same feeling I was having, but She was clearly enjoying dad dress as a girl.

When I recognized many of the stores had post New Year’s sales, I reacted rather spontaneously. As if on a mission, we purchased body suits, leotards, matching pants suites, blouses, flared slacks and long skirts. While fashionable at the time, can you imagine matching pant suits!  Throughout the day of shopping k was as supportive as could be. Knowing he was wearing pantyhose and bra under his clothes just kept Me more excited. At home, I had k try on every purchase. Holding k in my arms on the couch with him wearing his bra, blouse, long skirt, and pantyhose, it finally occurred to Me; I loved k very deeply, but I also enjoyed have a girl friend around the house we Me. Other than giving k a big hug, I said, “I love you k”. I did not say any more. We went to bed and had a great night of love making. Before I fell asleep, I decided I would keep buying feminine items for k. k was my husband, but would also be my girl friend. Whether he knew it or not, he was going to become my special friend. I just had to figure out how to accomplish that while we were in the Army. When I awoke in the morning, I had a new mission. Poor k, and I for that matter, had no idea what was ahead for us. I was just relieved I would always have a special girl friend to be with, talk to, and love.

Now that I am sick, I cannot express how wonderful these memories are and how lucky I am to have the love, support and assistance of my now sissy maid k.

I want to thank everyone for following our history. I hope we might help some of you that might be uncertain of your futures. A female led life was wonderful. It is even better now that I need so much help.


Mistress Barbara

Monday, October 14, 2013

What Happens In January

Christmas is always exciting. This past Christmas with Mistress Barbara, Her Sister, Mistress Kate, and Lady Mary, Mistress Kate’s girl friend, was beyond belief. Mistress Barbara shared me with both Ladies. i was various states of dress and undress. i had to put my skirts on in public places. Fortunately, no one saw me. At least i don’t think anyone saw me.

Our trip to St. Anton’s was the first time i spent a lot of time wear fem underwear under my ski pants and sweater for four days. i did gain confidence that my winter clothes made it hare for people to tell. i am certain Mistress Barbara knew i would not be detected. Therefore She knew it would be good training. Mistress Kate and Lady Mary just added more adventure, exposure, sharing, and support for me. On our drive home, Mistress Barbara and i agreed the weekend was a success, i would continue to wear feminine underwear, or no underwear, when not at work, and Mistress Barbara would continue to lead our family.

Once home and back to work we returned to our routine. The candy dish position signal what i would wear each evening. i continued to clean a room each night, so we would have the weekend to go places and learn more about Germany. However, the Saturday following New Years, is a big sale weekend. Even in Germany, the local stores and the PX have sales. Just when i thought my clothing draw had everything i needed, Mistress Barbara took me shopping. It was a little cold, so i was wearing pantyhose, a bra, a sweater, jeans, and a jacket.

You may recall the early seventies fashions included body suits, leotards, pant suits, flared pants, mini-skirts, and hot pants. There was a lot of individualism, but there was also matching sets for men and women. Unbeknown to me, our St. Anton trip was so successful Mistress Barbara decided we need some matching clothes. Saturday was a long day of shopping. We went to the PX, Nuremberg, and Erlangen. By the end of the day we had matching body suits (snap crotch and all), matching black leotards, matching brown pant suits (flare pants, long no selves vest, and cream under blouse; yes blouse for me). Mistress Barbara was certain no one would see my blouse buttons under the long vest. We also had a matching pair of black flare bottom pants. i was glad everything was on sale.

The pant suits became a regular outfit when we traveled on weekends. Stockings or pantyhose and bra worked quite well under the suits, for both of us. The black pants, same underwear, worked well when we went to night time movies on the base. We wore our body suits with any outfit when we went out. The snap crotch worked well when wearing pantyhose and it was time for me to pee. The leotard became a house uniform when it was cold. It also became part of my ski trip outfit. Around the house, the leotard was manageable. However, on the ski trips, peeing became a really big effort. Being young was a big help. At my current age, frequent trips to the bathroom would be a real problem.

If you have lived in Germany more than thirty years ago, you may remember the houses did not have central heating. Each room had an oil fired heater. When i arrived home from work, changed into my designated outfit, i would start the fire in one or more of the heaters. While waiting for a room to heat up, it could be cold. A scrub top and panties were not very warm. Pantyhose, stocking, and the leotard were all improvements. Mistress Barbara did not like pants, or sweat pants and rarely allowed me to wear them in the house. When we entered a very cold period, Mistress Barbara bought us matching long shirts. i actually enjoyed the warmth and feel of the long skirt. i felt rather sexy in the long shirt. Often i felt sexier than i did in my short shirts.

By the end of January i did have all the basic fem clothes i would need until spring and summer. i was beginning to get very comfortable dressing for Mistress Barbara. She had a lot of options for me. On cold evenings, when all i could wear was a night gown, between cleaning, spanking, cuddling, and love making, Mistress Barbara found a way to keep me warm.

When we went out at night, other than the base, Mistress Barbara continued to have me change in a skirt for the ride home. Sometimes it was a short skirt; some times it was my long skirt. A few times, She made me stand by the car in my stockings or pantyhose, while She selected a skirt for me to put on. Over time, Mistress Barbara became a little more daring. i do not know how we did not get caught, but fortunately we did not.

Our bedroom did not have a heater. Our warmth depended on our night gowns, comforter, and love making. With Mistress Barbara in total control, we did stay warm.  

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Current Moment

On the last day of October, in the United States, we have Halloween. The kids get to wear costumes and go door to door collecting candy. It really is a fun night for the kids. However, it is also a night for special adults to go out dressed. While we still cannot go everywhere with full acceptance, we can go to special parties or clubs where we can show off how pretty we are.

Below are a couple of dresses we think almost anyone could wear. While i like the “illusion-mesh-maxi-dress”, a young or old gurl would look good in either. The knee-high boots with the open toe are just a wonderful idea. Gurls or girls would look great in these boots with pretty toes nail polish. However, the boots are not cheap.


We like this site. i like the name. However, their prices are reasonable, and they normally have great items on sale.

We hope everyone gets to dress and go out on the one night there is more universal acceptance of those of us who are different. you may not be accepted everywhere you go, but dress, go out, keep your chin up, your chest out, and be happy. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Back to our routine

We had a great holiday. We opened new adventures. i was committed to whatever Mistress Barbara directed. I there was any doubt that Ms. Barbara had become Mistress Barbara, Her superior position was now very clear for me and the rest of the family.

Mistress Barbara added a new signal to our entry table. Months ago we established the position of a candy dish on the table near the front door to indicate how i should dress when i arrived home from work. A system we still use. If the candy dish is close to the door, we have guests in the house. i find our guests, say hello, then go to Mistress Barbara’s bedroom, put my panties on under my uniform (now work clothes), and return to join our guests. If the candy dish is at the far end of the table, i immediately take off my uniform (clothes), go to Mistress Barbara’s bedroom and either put on the clothes lay out on the bed, or put on my panties (in cold weather) and scrub top (only in warm weather). Mistress Barbara added a blank index card to the table. If the index card was under the candy dish, regardless of the candy dish position, i was to add my bra to what ever i was wearing. Our basic signaling system took on a new option. Mistress Barbara played with the card. For example, when we left for work in the morning, the card might be next to the dish, but when i arrived home, the card might be just touching the card. Sometimes it would be on the floor right below the dish. After a few spankings, i learned it was better to put my bra on if the card was anywhere near or under the dish in any way, than risk the spanking. While the spankings did diminish over the years, in the beginning, i can now say, training was fun.

Spankings also became more frequent and for more minor mistakes or over-sights. Spankings also became a minimum of thirty whacks. Ten would be with my panties on and the remaining twenty would be bare ass. Some spankings would be over Mistress Barbara’s knee, some with me bent over with my hands behind my back, and some would be with me leaning on the kitchen table. i do not know why, but the kitchen table spankings were much harder than the others were.

Mistress Barbara also began putting me in the corner after each spanking. She varied my position there as well. She might direct me to stand, squat, or bend over. When standing or bent over, She would also walk over and spank me a couple of more times, just for Her fun.

In bed Mistress Barbara would also spank me. However, those spankings were part of Her control over me in bed and were quite sensual. She would play with and tease me while spanking me. When i would get hard she would either stop playing with me, but continue spanking me until i was soft again, or slap my “funny little thing” bouncing it off my belly or thighs. She might follow this spanking routine two or three times in an evening. Then when She would get on top of me, She would ask me to spank Her while She road me. my taps were hardly spanks, but it was (and still is) fun.

When we went out, and when i went out by myself, for non-work related things, i was in a bra and some combination of other feminine underwear. In about three weeks it almost seemed the natural thing to do. Clearly, Mistress Barbara liked me in female underwear. i have to admit, i was enjoying the feel. Through the winter, stocking or pantyhose were actually warmer. Since i was already trained to sit to pee, hose did not present a problem.

Letters from Mistress Mom confirmed dad’s Christmas was similar to mine. Everything present he received was feminine. Pantyhose, stockings, garters, panties, girdle, bras, slips, house dresses, skirts, tops, and make-up were his presents from Santa and family. i knew about the nail polish and make-up since that gift was from us. i was surprised when i saw the gift tag said, “TO sissy dad FROM Mistress Barbara and k”. i began to thinks that Mistress Barbara must have released a built up emotion in Mistress Mom during Her visit with us. From the post Christmas letters it became clear that Mistress Mom knew a lot about our Christmas and Mistress Kate and Lady Mary’s visit. It was also clear that Mistress Barbara was encouraging Mistress Mom and making a lot of recommendations. Of course, since i was an active duty soldier, the “sissy” element did not register with me.

Mistress Barbara started to call “ms. k” at home. Her references to me were almost exclusively ms. k. On the base and the PX She did call me Lt. k, but otherwise it was ms k. At the Officer’s Club, She would often whisper, “I almost called you ms. k, wouldn’t that have been exciting”. Your first thought is right, as She expected, i would turn red and my heart rate would suddenly increase. my worry, embarrassment, and humiliation would increase at evening events when i would be wearing stocking, garter, and panties under my uniform or clothes.  There was never a dull moment with Mistress Barbara. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Back to our routine

We had a great holiday. We opened new adventures. i was committed to whatever Mistress Barbara directed. All doubt that Ms. Barbara had become Mistress Barbara was gone.

Mistress Barbara added a new signal to our entry table. We used the position of a candy dish on the table to indicate how i should dress when i arrived home from work. If the candy dish was close to the door, we had guests in the house. i was to say hello to our guests, then go to Mistress Barbara’s room, put my panties on under my uniform, and return to our guests. If the candy dish was at the far end of the table, i immediately took off my uniform, then entered Mistress Barbara’s bedroom and either put on the clothes lay out on the bed, or put on my panties and scrub top. Mistress Barbara added a blank index card to the table. If the index card was under the candy dish, regardless of the candy dish position, i was to add my bra to what ever i was wearing. Our basic signaling system took on a new option. Mistress Barbara played with the card. For example, when we left for work in the morning, the card might be next to the dish, but when i arrived home, the card might be just touching the card. Sometimes it would be on the floor right below the dish. After a few spankings, i learned it was better to put my bra on, than risk the spanking.

Spankings also became more frequent and for more minor mistakes or over-sights. Spankings also became a minimum of thirty whacks. Ten would be with my panties on and the remaining twenty would be bare ass. Some spankings would be over Mistress Barbara’s knee, some with me bent over with my hands behind my back, and some would be with me leaning on the kitchen table. i do not know why, but the kitchen table spankings were much harder than the others were.

Mistress Barbara also began putting me in the corner after each spanking. She varied my position as well. She might direct me to stand, squat, or bend over. When standing or bent over, She would also walk over and spank me a couple of more times, just for Her fun.

In bed Mistress Barbara would also spank me. However, those spankings were part of Her control over me in bed and were quite sensual. She would play with and tease me while spanking me. When i would get hard she would stop playing with me, but continue spanking me until i was soft again. She might follow this spanking routine two or three times in an evening. Then when She would get on top of me, She would ask me to spank Her while She road me. my taps were hardly spanks, but it was (and still is) fun.

When we went out, and when i went out by myself, for non-work related things, i was in a bra and some combination of other feminine underwear. In about three weeks it almost seemed the natural thing to do. Clearly, Mistress Barbara liked me in female underwear. i have to admit, i was enjoying the feel. Through the winter, stocking or pantyhose were actually warmer. Since i was already trained to sit to pee, hose did not present a problem.

Mistress Barbara also increased Her use of ms. k. At home, Her references to me were almost exclusively ms. k. At the base, and at the Officer’s Club, She would often whisper, “I almost called you ms. k, wouldn’t that have been exciting”. Yes, as She expected, i would turn red and my heart rate would suddenly increase. There was never a dull moment with Mistress Barbara. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Two Lives

Mistress Barbara and i started dating in high school. We went to colleges in different states, so we had a chance to date other people during college. However, i did not date many women. i did not gain nearly the knowledge and experience Mistress Barbara did. However, it was always quite clear we would marry, and i would do anything for Her. At the time, it was clear to Ms. Barbara that She would be in charge of everything. For me, i thought i would become a military leader, then a business leader. Thus, i was focused on work and less focused on everything else. Ms. Barbara assumption of leadership at home seemed a great division of responsibility and allowed me to concentrate on advancement at work.

My deep love for Ms. Barbara, and this attitude and thought process allowed me do everything Ms. Barbara told me to do. It was also Her ability to order and direct me without being overly authoritarian. i never felt “ordered” under pain of retribution to do anything. i was always guided, directed, and otherwise steer in the direction She wanted. She was, and is, a very good leader. She also knew i was putty in Her hands.

It is from this perspective i answered Mistress Barbara’s questions on our way home from Innsbruck. i do not remember if the list of questions is the exact questions She asked, but, in general, they are the questions She would periodically ask to be sure that we were in sink with our developing lifestyle. In business terms, they are our quality assurance questions. They help keep us moving forward together.

Clearly then, as now, i accepted everything Mistress Barbara asked of me. At home, in our life, on our time, i would was delighted in doing or wearing anything She asked of me. i had to admit i did enjoy wearing panties. i like the feel. i liked that panties were so far different from anything i would do on my own. i did like that panties, stockings, garters, pantyhose, baby-dolls, and bra were the polar opposite of my work life. The fact that Mistress Barbara wanted me to wear these clothes made it even better. There was no doubt we loved each other. We trusted each other. We wanted the best for each other. We had a very good foundation for our relationship. i did admit being naked in front of Mistress Mom was a bit overwhelming. However, it appear to be very acceptable to both of them, therefore, i knew i had to adjust. Changing clothes by the car, in the street, was still scary. If caught, my position in the Army would be worthless. i agreed i would do as directed, but i hoped She would remain fair and reasonable in Her requests. Christmas was not easy for me. Family knowing was one thing. A non-family member knowing about our lifestyle opened a new set of worries. Being naked in front of Mistress Kate and Lady Mary was as fearful as it was exciting. i admitted i was still processing being dressed all weekend in a bra and being called “k” in public. The bra and “k” was very close to being a girl named Kay. (Little did i know what would happen in a few short years.)

The take away from our trip was my acceptance of everything that had happened in 1971. my willingness to continue to go where Mistress Barbara wanted to take us was affirmed. Mistress Barbara willingness to continue to lead us in any direction She elected, and a mutual agreement that we would be careful around our individual jobs.

Our trip was a new adventure, a turning point, and a review point all in one. Mistress Barbara continued to take our pulse very frequently throughout our life. These questions are a part of our success. They may not be exciting to read, but they are an important key to success.

We hope we can make our future writing shorter. We did want to take the time to set down a foundation for those just entering this lifestyle. As we continue to say, love, trust, respect, and communications have to be solid to make a long-term relationship work. We hope everyone has found at least one element of help within all these words and thoughts.    

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Review of What I Had Done

Seeing My Lt k kneeling in front of My Sister kissing Her jean covered pussy was pretty powerful. k knelt down almost instantly. k knelt down without even looking around to see if anyone was looking. k was kneeling in boots, ski pants, a sweater that matched mine, garter, stocking, panty, and bra, in front of My Sister's pussy. I was wet. I was steering with My mouth open. I did not give the directive, My Sister did, and My k obeyed. Wow, was I moving into a very different world, life, and relationship? Is this what I wanted, and would k follow Me? My Sister liked both men and women, but was She planning to take k from Me when we returned stateside?

k’s kiss did not last long. Kate gave Me a really big hug. She thanks Me for a great Christmas. She thanked me for accepting her and Mary in our house without question. She thanked me for sharing k with her and Mary. She said, “k is a keeper wherever You are taking him. Just know, Mom and I support you, and Mom is following Your lead with dad”. With that, I gave k the car keys and we headed home.

With a four or five hour trip ahead of us, I decided I needed to take a status check of what I was doing to us, and k support or fear of our changes. While the ride between Innsbruck and Munich is really nice, it was time we needed to spend talking. I had a million questions for k.

k are you all right? Do you know I love you? Do you know I will not intentionally hurt you? Have I hurt you? Do you still think you had fun on our anniversary? Did your think I was crazy when I put you in panties? Were you uncomfortable when we made love at the lake? Were you; are you, all right when I make you wear panties when you are not at work? You appear to accept wearing only a scrub top around the house, but do you honestly accept it? I know Mom liked seeing you naked, but should I stop showing you off to Mom? Should I stop making you suck He pussy? You accepted Her orders and control while she visited with us, but should I take away Her control over you? Do you understand that everything I do to you, She is doing to dad? We have been lucky, so far, having you undress and dress when we are out at night. Do you understand how exciting that makes me? Do you understand I consider all of these experiences as a sign of your lover and respect for Me? Do you accept that you can be a real leader at work, but My submissive at home? Do you know I will not purposefully create a problem for you at work? We laughed about making love in the tent last summer with Jan and Rich, but did you enjoy it as much as I did? Did you like your Christmas presents? Do you like it when I finger fuck you ass? Do you feel like a girl in your baby-dolls and My finger up your ass? Did you like it when I had Mary suck your funny little thing while Kate and I watched? How do you think I felt watching Mary? Did you enjoy being naked in front of Kate and Mary? Did you really want to be naked in front of them, or did you do it because I told you to? Do you think any of the guys realized you were wearing panties and a bra during our Christmas celebration? you were and are in stocking, garter, panties, and bra all weekend skiing, walking in public, in restaurants, and the guesthouse. I saw you red faced several times. How humiliated did you feel? Do you think anyone realized you were wearing pantyhose and a bra? Do you think we enjoyed watching you? Why did you kneel and kiss My Sister’s pussy right there on the street in Innsbruck? While I do not know where this is all going, are you ready to obey Me without questions or hesitation for the next year? If I do not create a problem for you at work, will you surrender to My whims and imagination? Are you willing to trust me? Can I trust you? If I am displeased will you accept My choice of discipline? If I push you to far, will you have the courage and find a way to tell Me? Do you realize we can talk about anything; we can share anything? If you think I am going to far, you might be in the middle of a task. Are you willing to complete the task and talk to me about it afterwards? This could require a lot of trust, so are you willing to trust me? If I make a mistake, I need to trust that you will forgive me. Can I trust you?

These questions and answers took up the entire trip. They were critical questions at a critical time. We confirmed our love for each other and we accepted our course toward a FLM. We reaffirmed My position as head of the house. We affirmed k’s role as submissive.

I did not know specifically what our next year would be like, but I had the green light to experiment and learn. I also think this discussion went a very long way to set the stage for our entire life. We frequent went through this type of review. Remember, a leader has to have followers. If you do not understand and check on your followers, you might turn around one day and be by yourself.

I hope this give some of you both ideas and a foundation for forming your own FLM or FLR. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

St. Anton’s, Austria

It had been almost two years since Ms. Barbara and i had gone skiing. We were both looking forward to the trip. We planned to get a day and a half of skiing in before we would drive Mistress Kate and Lady Mary back to Innsbruck. They would take a bus from Innsbruck to St. Anton’s. What i did not know is that i would be wearing a bra and panties, or a bra and pantyhose from the start of the trip to the very end of trip. As always, Mistress Barbara had some surprises for me.

We arrived in St. Anton’s about 8:30 PM. We met Mistress Kate and Lady Mary and went out for dinner. We discussed their trip for Nuremberg, through Munich, and their short stay in Innsbruck. We went back to the guesthouse since we want to get an early start in the morning for skiing. In the morning i put on my pantyhose, long underwear, bra, turtle neck shirt, ski pants, and sweater. We went down to breakfast. After breakfast, we gathered our gloves, jackets, and ski caps.

Mistress Kate and Lady Mary were not skiers. They spent the day walking around the village. If you have not been to St. Anton’s, it is a very pretty village at the bottom of a great mountain. In the winter and snow, it is everything an American thinks is traditional Austrian. Shops, bakeries, café’s, restaurants, and observation areas to watch the skiers are the norm for St. Anton’s. There was plenty for them to do while we skied.

The first surprise came slowly. Outside the house, Mistress Barbara would often call me Lt. k or ken. At home and with family visitors i was just k. At home, before we left and throughout the drive down, Mistress Barbara addressed me as k – very normal. When we met Mistress Kate and Lady Mary she continued to refer to me as k. Since we were all together, we spent Christmas together, and there were a lot of other people speaking other languages, i did not think anyone would hear my name. However, at breakfast, on our walk to the ski rental office, and on the slopes all day, Mistress Barbara called me, spoke to me, and yelled for me as k. i do not know if it was the cold air, or my pantyhose, bra, and matching sweater that kept my face red all day. In reality, i was the only one who knew what i wearing, but i did feel everyone was watching me, and there was a feminine undertone to Mistress Barbara’s use of k. Wherever we went, the Ladies called me k. I latter learned Mistress Barbara’s goal was to immerse me into responding to and enjoying being called k in public. As i look back, Mistress Kate and Lady Mary were part of the plan. During our get together for lunch and at dinner, they also called me k at every opportunity.

After a great day of skiing, we all met back at the guesthouse. Mistress Barbara and i needed a couple of hours to nap and clean-up. While i was washing-up, Mistress Barbara responded to a knock on our door and let Mistress Kate and Lady Mary in the room. Since the wash sink was in the room, i was naked. While i spent most of Christmas with them in various stages of “undress”, i was still embarrassed. “Oh k, you still have a pretty ass – k your funny little thing is even smaller, are you cold – Barbara, we have to find You a bigger cock one day, k’s little thing cannot bring You much satisfaction”. They took a shot at me at every opportunity. Mistress Barbara directed i should put on my garter and stockings, panties, bra, my tight fitting ski pants and our matching sweaters. We put on our jackets and went to dinner. Again, throughout dinner i was asked if anyone had noticed my bra; was i enjoying the day dress in my bra and pantyhose; did i like having dinner in stockings and a bra, and did i think i might be picked up if we go for drinks after dinner? It was rather hard to enjoy the good food and otherwise good conversation when three very pretty ladies were teasing me about my underwear. Each time my humiliation and embarrassment began to show, Mistress Barbara would whisper “be brave k” or “you may not be big, but you are pretty, (pause) oh, handsome, sorry. If it were not for Her pretty smile, i would have crawled under the table. Despite my embarrassment and humiliation i did enjoy the evening, the food, and the dinner conversation.

After dinner, we walked around the village with Mistress Kate and Lady Mary as our tour guides. They showed us all the places they visited throughout the day. Mistress Barbara and i went back to the guesthouse for some well earned sleep. Mistress Kate and Lady Mary decided to stay out.

Back in our room, Mistress Barbara thanked me for being a good sport all day. She informed me, i would remain in fem clothing until we arrived home tomorrow evening. Wearing my baby-dolls, Mistress Barbara and i had a wonderful night of love making. My tongue did get a long workout. i did not get any release, but my satisfaction was becoming less important anyway.

Mistress Kate and Lady Mary stayed out late. They did not join us for breakfast. We went off for a couple of hours of skiing before we drove them back to Innsbruck. When we returned to the guesthouse, the Ladies had packed and put their luggage in our car. They came up to our room as we changed clothes. The final surprise of the weekend came with a directive from Mistress Barbara. “Lady Mary, k did not get any satisfaction last night, please help him out of his cloths and give him a hand job while Mistress Kate and I watch”. i was about to gasp, when Mistress Barbara said, “k don’t say anything, you do as you’re told, without question, without hesitation whenever Mistress Kate or I speak. Now, just relax and enjoy your reward for being such a good girl (pause) sorry, boy, this weekend”. i said, thank you Mistress. Lady Mary might not prefer men, but She did know how to prolong a male organism. She brought me to the edge several times before she let me climax. She caught my cum in Her hand. Mistress Barbara told Her to rub it on my chest and help me put on my bra. i was then directed to put on my garter, stacking, and panties. Mistress Barbara handed me a new very tight turtle neck, which did nothing to hide my bra. After putting my ski pants back on, we finished packing our bags, paid our bill, and headed back to Innsbruck. Mistress Barbara drove with Lady Mary and i in the back seat. Lady Mary fell asleep in my lap. Mistress Kate told me to pull up Lady Mary’s short skirt and keep my hand on Her pussy. “Now k, if she wakes up and climaxes before we get to Innsbruck I am going to have Mistress Barbara stop the car and I am going to give you a bare ass spanking right on the side of the road. I just want Her wet for Me when we get to our hotel. Do you understand”? Yes, Mistress Kate, was all i could say.

In Innsbruck we all hugged and said good-by. Lady Mary thanked us for hosting Her over Christmas. She gave Mistress Barbara a very long and deep kiss. She kissed me and thanked me for being a good little boy, doing as i was told, and then said, I hope you become a nice little girl one day. Mistress Kate gave me a big kiss, with lots of tongue. She thanked me for taking good care of Her Sister. She said, “Mom wanted to be sure I told you how much fun She had on Her visit”. Then she said, “k you obey Mistress Barbara without fail. When you get back home you belong to all three Mistresses. you and dad are going to be a great team under our collective direction. Learn your lessens well. Now kneel down and kiss my pussy”. Damm, here i was a military office, kneeling on a street in Innsbruck, kissing my Sister-In-Laws pussy.

We parted there and Mistress Barbara and i started our four or five hour drive home. Mistress Barbara told me to drive. We arrived home about 8 PM. We unpacked, and went to bed exhausted.

It was quite an end to a Christmas holiday and a year of new experiences. As confused as i was then, i also know i was as committed to Mistress Barbara then as i am now, and i would always do as i told. At the time, i had no idea what it would mean over the years, but i am still glad i agreed to our Female Led Marriage. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Finishing 1971

During our Christmas party Mistress Barbara and i wore matching sweaters. i had a camisole under my sweater and panties under my pants. The food was great. Our guests had a good time. Our office team was a collection of very smart individuals, so the conversations were substantive without being about work. We had a couple of guitar players, so we enjoyed good tunes. Lady Mary made all the guys very happy with good looks and endless teasing. Mistress Kate had a good time as well. Mistress Barbara and i were decent and efficient host and hostess. Fortunate for me, the guys did not know who the actual hostess was. By the time everyone left and we had the house cleaned up, we were all exhausted.  We all went to bed. Other than hugs and kisses, we all went to sleep quickly.

The day after Christmas was a down day for everyone. Mistress Kate and Lady Mary packed and prepared for the next leg of their trip. The following morning we drove them to the train station in Nuremberg. They were going to Munich, Innsbruck, St. Anton, and then to Rome. We were to meet up with them in St. Anton for a News Years Eve celebration.

Mistress Barbara had made reservations at a guesthouse in St. Anton’s for all of us. Since I had to work half a day, and then we had a more than four hour drive, Mistress Kate and Lady Mary took a bus from Innsbruck to St Anton’s. Mistress Barbara had my bag packed and my travel clothes on our bed. It was obvious this was going to be a different weekend trip. i was wearing boots, panties, pantyhose, bra, and sweater. Without question, i put on my clothes. Mistress Barbara then told me i would be wearing pantyhose or stocking, panties, and bra all weekend. She told me She had packed by ski pants, sweaters, my ski jacket, gloves, stocking cap, shaving kit, and the one pair of jeans i just put on. With that i packed the car and off we went.

We arrived at the guesthouse a little after 8 PM. The four of us went out for dinner. After a walk around the village, and locating the lift ticket office and ski rental facility, we went to bed. i then discovered all i had to sleep in were my baby-dolls and nightgowns. Mistress Barbara’s only comment, “k do not worry, this is just your first fem weekend with family. Now it is time to put your tongue to work. If you want to ski in the morning, you have to make me happy now. i did meet Mistress Barbara’s expectations. We both slept very well.

Mistress Barbara and i were the only skiers. We actually had matching ski pants, sweaters, and jackets. The other thousand skiers did not realize i was wearing pantyhose, long underwear, bra, and long-sleeve under shirt. At breakfast, Mistress Kate made a deal about how i was dressed. She asked Lady Mary if She realized i was in pantyhose and a bra. She asked me if i thought other people at breakfast knew i was wearing a bra. At one point, She even got up, came behind my chair, hugged me around my chest and whispered, “k, I love your bra and pantyhose and I am happy you do as My Sister tells you. I can see how hard you are and I hope you stay that way all day”. With that She kissed me and reached down and squeezed my funny little thing. Mistress Barbara laughed, smiled and said, thanks sis.

To my surprise, by the time we reached the ski rental office, i was more comfortable wearing my bra than i thought i would be. Life was changing and i was getting comfortable with the changes. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Christmas 1971

A few days prior to Mistress Kate and Lady Mary arrival, we completed our food shopping for Christmas dinner. We had the turkey, stuffing, potatoes, vegetables, cranberry sauce, and the makings for a couple of apple pies. We even thought to buy some small stocking stuffer items for Mistress Kate and Lady Mary. Therefore, the primary tasks for the Christmas Eve afternoon, included house cleaning, making the pies, and deciding what we would do for Christmas Eve.

i knew my tasks would be cleaning the house. Dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, and cleaning the bathroom. The Ladies were going to work in the kitchen making the pies. i would be called in to wash dishes as and when needed. Such distribution of tasks was very predictable at the time. Mistress Barbara also set out the schedule for Christmas day. We had a small oven, so getting everything cooked in time for our guests would be tricky. i was assigned to make breakfast, peel the potatoes, clean the turkey, and keep up with washing all the dishes. We needed to get the turkey in the oven no later than 9 AM. We would open our Christmas presents after the turkey was in the oven. Since our guest were coming at 2 PM, i would have to have the table set and the appetizers prepared and out by 1:30 PM. Lady Mary was assigned to help with the appetizers. i also had to set up the bar and set up a cooler for beer.

The hard decision was what to do Christmas Eve after the house was clean and the pies backed. Mistress Barbara and Mistress Kate wanted to open one present each before we went to bed. They felt seeing one present would increase the anticipation for Christmas morning. Although no one asked my opinion, i did think it was a good and fun idea. We also decided to have an early dinner and drive to Nuremberg to visit the castle that overlooks the city.

We set about our tasks. The holiday spirit was in full force. Everyone was happy. Everyone worked on his or her tasks. i was call to wash a dish or dishes very frequently. Mistress Barbara and Mistress Kate behaved as Sister do; they made fun of and jokes about each other, they each claimed to be the best at anything talked about, and they made fun of me, my funny little thing, my pantyhose, my lack of pants, my short hair, my hairy legs, my excess pussy hair, my enjoyment at putting on and taking off my apron, and complimented me on my skills as a maid. Lady Mary was used to make comparisons of a pretty girl, with properly shaved legs and pussy, and asked to affirm each humiliating comment directed at me. Yes, i felt the brunt of the jokes and some humiliation, but this first such barrage was in a lighthearted fashion. To keep my confidence up Mistress Barbara and Mistress Kate occasional gave me a hug, a kiss, and stroked my funny little thing. Of course as soon as i started to get hard, the stroking would stop, and Lady Mary was asked if She could get hard like “k”. By 3:30 PM the pies were done and smelling great. i had the house clean and all the dishes washed, dried, and put away by 4 PM. Lady Mary did help me dry the dishes.

Lady Mary asked if she and i could make dinner. It only took Mistress Barbara a second to say yes. While i was not a great cook, i certainly was willing to help. i made Mistresses Barbara and Kate a drink, while Lady Mary put together a meal plan. i set the table, prepared the salad, and gather the items Lady Mary needed. Lady Mary made an excellent spaghetti l’carbonara. We actually worked well together. We did not talk a lot, but we did work well. As i look back, the fact that Mistress Barbara had us remove our tops, so all we had on was our pantyhose, likely influenced our minimal conversation. When we called Mistress Barbara and Mistress Kate in for dinner, They were thrilled with the meal presentation, and the two of us standing in only our pantyhose and aprons. we were compliment on the table and how pretty we each looked. we received a kiss from each Mistress. Mistress Kate delivered the big surprise. Mistress Kate said; “the kitchen is very warm from cooking with the door closed, I think our two maids should take their pantyhose and aprons off, they must be hot”. Mistress Barbara was very quick to agree and told us to remove our pantyhose and aprons. Well, my temperature was quickly visible to everyone. Mistress Barbara then said; “I am hot too”. She then took off her house shirt. Mistress Kate did not say a thing, but removed Her shirt. Mistress Barbara said; “oh, that is so much better, let’s eat, I’m hungry”.  We sat at the table, Lady Mary and i naked; our Mistresses half naked.

The spaghetti was really good. We talked about everything we accomplished during the afternoon. We talked about all that had to done before our guests arrived for dinner tomorrow. Mistress Barbara then told Lady Mary and i to wash and dry the dishes, noting there would be no need to dress. Upon completion of the dishes, i was to wear pantyhose, jeans, nice sweater, and jacket for the trip to Nuremberg. i was also told to bring my skirt for the trip home. This was the first time i was told in advance that i would be wearing a skirt. Mistress Kate told Lady Mary to wear pantyhose, her shortest skirt, a sweater, no bra, her black boots, and her jacket. Our Sister Mistresses managed to dress alike, in pantyhose, boots, short matching skirts, and sweaters. Their jackets were the only item that did not match.

We drove to Nuremberg. We parked on the dark street we normally did. We walked through the market and up the hill to the castle. The walk was both pretty and fun. For Mistress Kate and Lady Mary, it was a new and exciting view of an important city. The bridge across the river, the church in the market, its glockenspiel, and the view of the city from the castle had a big impact on them. Looking over the city, they held each other very tightly. They hugged and kissed each other for a long time.

We walked a couple of blocks to the Albrecht Duer guest house for a beer and dessert. We then walked back to our car. Mistress Barbara directed me to remove my jeans and put on my skirt. While we were always concerned about other people seeing me, this time i had my own audience on a public street. i changed quickly. my heart was really racing. Mistress Barbara took the keys and directed Lady Mary and i to seat in the back seat. For my benefit, Mistress Barbara dropped the keys in the street, and then fumbled with putting the key in the lock to unlock the car. Once in the car, Mistress Barbara said; “I hope you were not nervous standing in the street in your pantyhose and skirt. you have nice legs even though your funny thing is so small. Don’t you agree Lady Mary? Yes, Mistress Barbara he does have nice legs, although i do not like his hairy legs.  Well, that drew a big laugh from all the ladies.

Lady Mary did put her head on my lap and fell asleep on the drive home. As we entered our village, Mistress Kate directed me to fondle Lady Mary’s breast to wake her up. Hearing a little moan, i think she enjoyed the wake-up call. In the house i removed my skirt, put my clothes away and joined everyone in the living room. There were four presents on the coffee table. Mistress Barbara told Lady Mary to open her present first. Lady Mary noted it was from Santa, and it was a bottle of perfume. she express joy and thanks, spayed a little one her wrists. It did smell good. Mistress Kate went next. Her present from Santa was a very nice warm jacket. Certainly She would enjoy the jacket as She completed Her trip. Mistress Barbara was next and opened a present from Santa. Since i was Santa for Her present, i knew i was lucky and She would be happy with the very nice nightgown. She was so happy; She immediately took off Her clothes and put it on. Everyone was please with the nightgown and the show. i was last. Under the heading of great minds think alike, my present from Santa was a baby-doll set. It was white. It was certainly not what i was expecting. i was shocked when i  realized what i was looking at. “Now Lt. k you need to put your new bedtime uniform on quickly. We want to see how it fits you. Lt. k get moving, take your sweater and pantyhose off and try on your lovely present from Santa” directed Mistress Barbara. Well, everyone was happy with my new baby-dolls. My funny little thing clearly showed my happiness. With the presents complete, we all went to bed. Mistress Barbara put my tongue to work when we got to bed. She did like how even i was tenting my new baby-dolls. Once i satisfied Mistress Barbara, She whispered good night and left me with my small erection. i did snuggle up behind Her as we fell asleep.

In the morning, i shaved and cleaned up. Mistress Barbara had me put on my baby-dolls and start breakfast, while everyone else washed up. After breakfast, i serviced coffee and tea as we finished opening presents. Mistress Barbara received make-up, perfume, and fancy soaps in Her Christmas stocking. Mistress Kate and Lady Mary received underwear, pantyhose, and matching mini-skirts. To my surprise, my Christmas stocking contained shaving cream, after-shave lotion, a lady’s razor, perfume, and red lipstick. Other presents included panties, a bra, a blouse, a sweater matching Mistress Barbara’s sweater, and a lacy body teddy. Everything was feminine. i was pretty close to tears. Funny little thing was hard as a rock. Mistress Barbara recognized my confusion and fear. She come down to the floor with me, wrapped me in Her arms and whispered; k I love you, I love how you support and dress for Me, I want you to be My boyfriend and girlfriend. I want you to obey Mistress Kate and Me for ever. you need to believe We will always support you, love you, and play with your funny little thing. you do want to please us don’t you? You want us to love and play with you, tease you, and dress you as our girlfriend. Now, if that is what you want and are willing to agree to, I want you to take off your baby-dolls, crawl over to Lady Mary, Mistress Kate, and the Me and ask each of them for permission to kiss Their Pussy, then ask them to kiss your little cock. Are you ready to change your life for me? With tears in my eyes, i said, yes Mistress; took off my baby-dolls and crawl to Lady Mary, Mistress Kate, and Mistress Barbara. Lady Mary had Her panty hose on and allowed a short kiss. She gave my little cock a light kiss. Mistress Kate held me in Her Pussy for and extended period and directed me to kiss Her deeply. When She released me She kissed and sucked my little cock, cupping my balls in Her hand. When She was done, she patted my little cock and said; k you may be small, but very tasty. Now, thank Mistress Barbara for this opportunity. Mistress Barbara held me in Her Pussy until she climaxed. She kissed my little cock and sucked it for a moment. Then announce it was time to clean up the presents and get the turkey in the over. Until our guests arrive, i wore only my new bra and sweater.

My life change that wonderful Christmas day. i did not know where we were headed, but i was certain that i would be wearing women’s clothes, and shared with family members. i would learn more over time. In retrospect, Mistress Barbara was right. She was taking us in a wonderful direction. Our life was different; not always easy; always full of surprises, and filled with love, respect, and communications. We certainly encourage everyone to try this lifestyle. It is never to late to start. 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bad Month - Sorry for the absense

i am very sorry for not posting. Mistress Barbara has been hospital for a solid month. Between work, hospital visits, and keeping the medical process working properly, i have not been keeping up with writing our history. i have made short comment on other sites, but i have not had the consentration to write properly. Mistress Barbara has been home for thee days now. She is getting better. i will start writing again. We are both realizing we are not a young as we were and thing are harder to do.


sissy maid k

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Christmas 1971 unexpected start

Christmas 1971 is forty-two years ago. It is both strange and exciting to look back at the start of my subservience and training. What Mistress Barbara and i consider a wonderful lifestyle for us, started out of Her imagination, the knowledge i would do anything She asked, and the opportunities presented to us. Me standing in from of Her and Her Sister, with me in pantyhose, and a stranger sucking my “funny little thing” was spontaneous. i am standing there because i was told to stand there. It is true Mistress Kate and i had hugged and kissed, but that was while i was dating Her sister, and we were on our way to becoming in-laws. Figuratively, in the last couple of hours She was elevated from sister-in-law to Mistress and another person to whom i was subservient.

While Lady Mary was sucking me, Mistress Barbara laid out the guidelines for the Christmas visit. Lady Mary was directed to acknowledge understanding of each guideline without stopping her current task. Lady Mary was told she would only wear pantyhose and a sweater around the house, unless we had guests. If we had guests, she would wear a short skirt or jeans. The bathroom door would always remain open. “Lady Mary, you shall not touch k unless Kate or I direct you. You will help k clean the house for our guests. When the guys are here for Christmas dinner, you will wear your shortest skirt and no bra under your sweater. You may tease the guys, but no touching”. “Mistress Kate, are these guidelines acceptable to you? They are sis, but You also agree that I can direct k to do anything, right? Yes, when it is just us, but we do have to be careful around his co-workers and on the base”. Excellent, we are all agreed concluded Mistress Kate.

With the agreement and understanding reached, Mistress Barbara said, I’m horny from watching Mary suck my k; I need to take k to bed. With that said Mistress Barbara took hold of my “funny little thing”, said good night to everyone, and pulled me off to bed. Mistress Barbara pushed me onto the bed, climbed on top of me and gave me a big kiss. “Oh k, thank you for putting up with My directives; I am really excited right now. I do not fully understand why I make you do everything I do, but I do love your willingness to cooperate and comply. Now, you need to put your tongue to work”. Mistress Barbara moved up over my face and i began to lick Her to an orgasm. We played with each other for at least an hour before we fell asleep.

In the morning, i woke up first and had the bathroom to my naked self. I set the breakfast table for everyone. However, no-one else woke up before i had to leave for the office. While i was schedule off, i did want my team to know i was there for them on Christmas Eve. i also wanted to be sure the team members would come by the house on Christmas for some home cooking. Christmas is a tough holiday for soldiers away from home. Every gesture of trust and support is appreciated, and a home cooked Christmas dinner is always appreciated. I was only in the office for about four hours, but i did get to greet everyone, confirm who would come over for dinner, and wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

When i returned home, i immediately removed my uniform. In the bedroom, my scrub top and a pair of pantyhose were on the bed. i put my home uniform of the day on and went to find Mistress Barbara, Mistress Kate, and Lady Mary. The three Ladies were in the living room. They we finishing their coffee and making a task lists. Lady Mary was kneeling on the carpet next to Mistress Kate. she was wearing pantyhose and a long-sleeve tee-shirt. Mistress Barbara said, “welcome home k, we are glad your home. We have lots to do, so get the coffee to refresh our cups, make a cup of tea for yourself, and then we will go over your task list. In a crazy way, i felt like a family Christmas was about to begin.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Visit Threshold

Good evening everyone,

We just went passed 10,000 page visits. We thank everyone for their support. We hope everyone succeeds in their relationships, remain true to themselves, spouses, significant others, families, friends, and continue to strive for the best in all their selected lifestyles and relationships. We continue to believe love, respect, communication, and mutual support will help everyone grow.

Thank you,

Mistress Barbara, and
sissy maid kaye

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Christmas 1971 Begins

i do not know if generally perceived normal men are as naive as i was during my transition or early training, but it is amazing how much of my life i did not see coming.

The day after Thanksgiving, as Mistress Barbara and i were lying in bed, we talked about how much fun everyone had at our Thanksgiving dinner. The food was great. Everyone had fun and enjoyed good conversations. Our German friends felt comfortable and part of the fun, since language was not a barrier. i suggested we should consider doing the same thing for Christmas. Mistress Barbara agreed it would be fun. She directed me to advance the suggestion to everyone when i returned to work on Monday. Without missing a beat, She rolled over me, shimmied up over my face, and said, “time to make me cum k”.

December was quite similar to life back in the states. Days and nights got colder. Cold weather was not a concern for me in my pantyhose. Germans decorated their stores and homes as we did do at home. We did go Christmas shopping buying, wrapping, and sending packages home. Some of the evenings early in December, Mistress Barbara and i did our Christmas cards. Mistress Barbara did have me wearing my pantyhose, skirt, and scrub top at home. i was getting comfortable and considering it normal. Practicing tasks, wearing panties, skirts, and spankings were increasing my confidence and comfort. We enjoyed seeing the decorations in the cities and homes as we drove around. For me, we were simply getting ready for a normal Christmas.

About two weeks before Christmas, we started receiving packages marked Christmas, and Christmas cards from home. When you are so far away from home you always get excited about mail and “care” packages from home. Receiving packages at Christmas is just more exciting. With Christmas packages we opened the shipping boxes and place the decorated packages under the small table top Christmas tree we set up. When i finished my shopping and wrapping for Mistress Barbara and went to put Her presents under the tree, i realized we had received a lot of presents from home. Noting we would have a fun Christmas opening presents, i did not think about anything odd or different about the quantity of presents.

At the same time, Mistress Barbara indicated Her Sister Kate and Her friend from college would come to visit for Christmas. Wow, we will have family for Christmas. i thought that would be wonderful and great for Mistress Barbara. Given the large quantity of packages, Mistress Mom must have sent presents for Kate. We could still have the guys from work over for dinner, and now there would be a couple of girls, from home, for them in the mix. A couple of pretty faces and conversations are always good for a single male soldier away from home.

As i learned, Kate and Her friend would stay with us for at least five days, then, go by train to Rome. They would use a Euro-Rail pass and visit different cities along the way. They would then fly home from Rome. Since Christmas was on a Saturday, they planned to fly into Frankfurt on Thursday. We would take them to the train station in Nuremburg a few days after Christmas. It certainly sounded like a simple plan to me. I liked Kate. Kate was a couple of years younger than and at least as pretty as Mistress Barbara. Traveling with a college friend was good for sharing expenses and safety.

Since my normal day off was both Friday and Christmas Eve, it was important that i be on base with the guys i worked with sometime on Friday. As a leader it was important for me to be in the office long enough to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I did manage to arrange to take Thursday off so Mistress Barbara and i could pick Kate and Her friend in Frankfurt.

Their flight arrived around noon, but it took an hour to clear customs. Both Mistress Barbara and i were a little shocked when they came through customs. Both of them wore the same color very short skirts, tights, and high heeled boots. They did wear different jackets. Mistress Barbara and Kate ran to each other for a big hug and kiss. When i reached them, Kate had introduced Mary to Mistress Barbara. Kate gave me a big hug, a really deep and wet kiss, then whispered, “oh k you are taking such good care of your Mistress; I cannot wait to see your panties”. i am glad she was holding me tight, because i might have fallen. We separated, and She completed the introductions. k this is my very good friend and lover Mary. Mary this is k my Sisters’ wonderful little girl. Now, you two hug and kiss. You need to get to know each other quickly. Mistress Barbara immediately followed suite and said, “you love birds bring all the bags”. Mistress Barbara and Kate locked arm in arm and headed off to the parking lot, just as happy and close as could be. Mary looked at me and said, “k, I always do as I’m told, regardless who tells me”. With that, i said, welcome to Germany, you take those and i’ll take the rest. Mary was a pretty woman. When we hugged, i realized Mary’s tits were larger than Mistress Barbara’s’. Her waist was also smaller. 

We stopped in Wurzburg on the way home. We did a tour of the city and then went to our favorite place overlooking the city for dinner. The bulk of our conversations centered on facts about Wurzburg during our little tour of the city. At dinner Mistress Barbara and Kate talked about college and Mary. i did not talk much at all. Kate did tell Mary to rub my leg continuously under the table. Honestly, i did enjoy the attention, although the directive seemed quite odd. It was dark when we finished diner. Kate and Mary were holding hands on the way to the car, just as Mistress Barbara and i were. When we reached the car, Mistress Barbara said, “k its time for you for put on your skirt and you and Mary sit in the back. Mary you need to help take k’s pants off, then help him put on this skirt”. By now i was use to putting a skirt on beside the car, in the dark. However, to my surprise, the skirt Mistress Barbara gave Mary was identical to Hers, Mary’s, and Kate’s. Given the temperature, it was a good thing Mistress Barbara had me wear pantyhose to the airport. Damn, another plan i had no idea was coming.

Mistress Barbara and Kate talked all the way home. The bulk of the conversation was about how successful Mistress Mom has been putting dad in very feminine clothes. The only comment directed toward me was Mistress Barbara saying, “k, from now on you will refer to Kate as Mistress Kate, and Mary as Lady Mary. Do you understand”? “Yes Mistress Barbara, was my only response.  Lady Mary might have had to much wine, because She had fallen asleep with Her head on my lap.

As we pulled into the driveway Lady Mary woke up. Mistress Barbara said, “girls, bring in all the bags, k when the car is empty, you need to meet us in the living room in your pantyhose and scrub top”. “Yes, Mistress”, was all I said.

Lady Mary and i gathered some bags and brought them into the house. “Lady Mary, i’ll get the remaining bags and meet you in the living room”. i returned to the car and brought in the remaining bags. By the time i brought the rest of the bags in the house, Mistress Barbara and Mistress Kate were already in the living room. Lady Mary was kneeing on the floor next to Mistress Kate.

As directed i removed my shirt and skirt, i returned to the living room in my pantyhose and scrub top. Mistress Barbara spoke as i entered the room. “k come over hear and stand in front of us. Mary, stand beside k. you girls need to work together over the next couple of days. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve; k has to go into the office for part of the day. Guys from her shop will have Christmas dinner with us. Therefore, tomorrow you both need to work together to clean the house before k goes into work. While k is gone, we real girls will do other stuff, and start cooking. Tomorrow evening, we’ll have some cocktails, eats, and eventually open some presents. Mary, you need to understand some house rules. Bathroom door is never closed when only the family is here. you close the door; you are punished.  k dresses as she is now, unless Mistress Kate or I tell her differently. Since Mistress Kate tells Me you occasionally enjoy a cock, you cannot touch k “funny little thing” unless one of us tells you to. Do you understand? Mary replied, yes Mistress. Mistress Barbara continued; please understand, Our Mom played with k, without permission, and I punished Her harder than She had ever been punished in Her life. Now, when k’s friends come for Christmas dinner, you must be on you best behavior, help with everything, and make absolutely no mention of k’s panties, or skirts, absolutely no mention. Yes, Mistress Barbara, was Mary’s reply. Just to be sure you have a clear reference point to remember these instruction, knee in front of k, pull her pantyhose down and suck her “funny little thing”. Mistress Kate will tell you when to stop.

What the hell is going on with me? i’m standing in front of my Wife and Sister-In-Law, and a college girl i met a few hours ago, is sucking my “funny little thing”. To top it all off, i'm getting hard and liking the attention. Where is my life going? 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A New Discovery

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Thanksgiving Day 1971

Holidays for military service members all over the world is a time for community and support. Everyone is away from home and family. Everyone wants to be back with loved ones and touching base with traditions and customs that are familiar to themselves. In non-combat zones, where families have the opportunity to join their spouses, those families will often create a holiday meal and celebration for their co-workers.

At Thanksgiving (a US holiday) and at Christmas, we always invited members of our work teams to the house for a home made meal, and some sense of a normal family day. Since almost all of our team members were bilingual, we would also invite our German co-workers, neighbors, and friends. It was always a fun day. The first time Thanksgiving, our German friends were quite surprised at the size of the turkey we cook. Yes, we cooked. With twenty-five people for a big meal, it did take both of us to get everything done. Working together to get big projects completed is part of a real Female Led Marriage.

These holiday events were a long day full of fun and excitement. Yes, Mistress Barbara and i worked together preparing the meal. i wore my pantyhose, scrub top, and frilly apron. i did all the prep and cleaning work. i set up the buffet and served all the guests. Just before the guests arrived, i did change into my pants, shirt, socks, and shoes, but i have a fresh pair of pantyhose under my pants. From my perspective, this was a very high risk move. i was sure everyone would discover me. After really enjoying being partially dressed for my Mistress all morning, i was very nervous wearing pantyhose around my co-workers and guests. i was certain my wet pantyhose would leak through my pants and everyone would know. Fortunately, my wet pantyhose and I were not discovered. However, by the time everyone left, i was quite wet. Of course, i returned to just my wet pantyhose, scrub top, and frilly apron to clean up. The cleaning always took a couple of hours, even though we did use paper and plastic plates and utensils. Once the serving dishes, pots, and pans were washed and dried, the rooms cleaned up, and the kitchen cleaned, it was always quite late. It was also time to take out the trash. Mistress Barbara directed i remove my apron and take out the trash. Another first – going to the trash area in my pantyhose.

While the yard and area were dark, the first time you walk a long distance in just pantyhose and scrub top, you cannot help feeling nervous and embarrassed. Despite my reluctance, i simply said, “yes Mistress Barbara. i gathered the trash and out i went. Honestly, it was cold, yet i was significantly more excited than i expect. i felt rather brave in a very strange sense. i forgot about being caught, and enjoyed every step going to the trash can. i was doing exactly as directed by my Mistress; knowing She was knew me better than myself and support what was becoming Her desire for both of us. Without much of a care in the world, i placed the trash in the cans. Just as i was reconciled to my task and my excitement, and turned to return to the house, Mistress Barbara turned on the outside lights. Like a frightened kid, i quickly looked around, and then i ran for the door. Mistress Barbara was standing in the doorway; naked as the day She was born, with open arms to greet me. “Oh k, I love you and thank you for doing exactly as I tell you. you earned some good loving tonight”. We turned off the light, closed the door, Miss Barbara grabbed my “funny little thing” through my pantyhose and pulled me to bed.

i have been giving thanks for that first holiday all my sissy life. Alas, a month later, Christmas was filled with the start of new traditions.  

Friday, January 4, 2013

Staying Warm

Recently Mathew, who is curious about a Female Led Marriage and panties, asked how i felt the first time Ms. Barbara (months before She became Mistress Barbara) put me in panties. In our hotel room, putting on my panties was simply a fun sexy game with my wonderful wife. Within a few minutes, the feel of the material, the comfort around my hips, ass, and funny little thing was quite extraordinary. i was amazed at how immediately comfortable they were. Then rather than a quick round of love making, Ms. Barbara told me to get dressed to go out of the hotel, i was in shock. However, walking around knowing i was different from all the other guys, i was with the Woman i loved, and the Woman who loved me, i felt rather proud. my enjoyment of panties has not diminished in over forty years. Mathew, and all other men, you need to try panties. you’ll be glad you did.

Through the fall and winter of 1971 we continued to enjoy our “Volklaufe” weekend walks. As with my panties, i also enjoyed wearing pantyhose. It did take me a few weeks and several spankings to keep Ms. Barbara and Mistress Barbara straight in the proper settings. We did agree it would be Mistress at home, with family, or when we were alone.

After about three weeks of pantyhose, Mistress Barbara had me purchase opaque tights for myself at the PX. While i did have some butterflies, the purchase went unnoticed and without incident. Little did i realize this would be only the first of many purchases of female clothing i would purchase for myself.

The real event occurred when we got to the car to go home. Mistress Barbara directed me to remove my pantyhose and put on my new tights right there in the PX parking lot. Fortunately, no one walked by our car, and it was to early for parking lot cameras. i instantly like the feel of the material.

When we arrive home, Mistress Barbara had me put on a sweatshirt with my new tights. We both liked the look of the opaque black tights. my hairy legs were not as apparent in the tights. The overall look was much better, and i felt warmer in the generally cool house. It did not take me long to like the tights. For Mistress Barbara, they may have been opaque, but She had no trouble seeing how much i was enjoying my tights.

i now had panties, pantyhose, tights, and skirts. My Wife, now Mistress, Mother-In-Law, and Sister-In-Law were now referring to me as girl or girlfriend. The pace was not overwhelming, giving me time to be an officer in the Army by day, and a girl in training at night. This duality supported by a loving Mistress/Wife, and Her family. Considering my enjoyment of the process, it was working for me. Mistress Barbara had a sense for this training and through active communication; She kept ahead of my brief moments of doubt.