Sunday, October 28, 2012

Training is continuous

If You have a new boyfriend or are a newlywed, and You have decided Your relationship is going to a female led relationship, then establishing Your position as quickly as possible if very valuable. You are the best judge of how that might take place, but here are a few options. When You have dated sufficiently to establish Your interest in continuing the relationship, You should state Your position and terms clearly, encouragingly, and firmly. In almost any form, the bottom line is; “if you want to continue a relationship with me, you need to recognize my leadership in our life together. Are you ready to follow my lead, do as I direct, fulfill My needs, and satisfy all My desires”? The words should be Yours, but the point is important. Alternatively, while dating, You should direct all activity both overtly and subtly. Remember, he can have or do anything You want. If he tries to tell You to do something You do not want to do, or to wear something You do not want to wear, You need to make it clear he has no right to require anything of you. If he does not understand no, then he need to pay a price; You do or wear what You want; You terminate the event; You stop talking to him; You deny him all sexual release; You tease him until he realizes his grave mistake and commit to doing as You say. You always have the means and the right to take full control of the relationship on Your terms.

If You are a newlywed and You have not obtained Your man’s commitment to Your leadership, I recommend You make that Your wedding night commitment. By wedding day, Your boy should know that You will run the household, and You will control the money. If You do not have him in panties, I recommend You give him a nicely wrapped gift package containing his wedding panties, with a nice note of encouragement, and the hint of consequences (good and bad), after the rehearsal dinner. Imagine the excitement You both can have when You meet him at the alter and whisper, “do you have your panties on?” If he says no, then You  can tease him all day long. If he wants wedding night sex, he must wear his panties. The power is Yours.

Since I had not thought about this for our wedding day, I recommend You consider it now. I did make it happen on our first anniversary. Remember the old saying, “better late than never”.

The importance of this is establishing Your position of control early. Panties are an easy and excellent sign of his position and Your power. Panties become an initial sign and confirmation of what will become a set of rules. Men, particularly submissive men, do well with rules and limits. The first two rules You establish deal with 1) when he wears his panties (all the time, when at home, when not at work) and 2) from now on he sits to pee, whether he is wearing panties or not. These are simple and private rules. You and he are the only people who know. Well, You and who ever You decide to tell. In any case, the rules allow him time to get comfortable with his subservient position. At Your pace, for example monthly, You add something new to Your relationship.

If You are as lucky as I am, You will find Your boy looks good in panties, and stockings, and skirts, and dresses, and You will enjoy seeing him dressed. One day, Your man, Your boy, will soon be Your sissy. Your love and life will only get better.  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Setting-Out Our Future

Up to this point k and I had been finding our own way through our version of a Female Led Lifestyle. We had not heard of or used that term, but it is an excellent description. I now think it is better than “I’m in charge”. Everyone should understand, both descriptions mean the same thing. I always knew k was the right partner for me. I knew he was smart, would work hard in his career, and would always be loyal to Me. I knew he thought carefully about everything and formulated reasoned opinions, was willing to render an opinion when asked, and would agree to My final decisions. While I do not have specific data, I believe most men want to be successful at their work, advance the value of their family, and contribute positive energy to their marriage. Today, as when we started, as when we were kids, Mom’s are the center of the family and more often than admitted, the real head of the household. Ladies, You are making most of the decisions now. At the dinner I am about to describe, I just made our reality very clear and formal. After our anniversary, My Mom’s visit, and a week of thinking, I knew I liked taking total control of k, My Mom and dad, and soon My Sister. I also knew I would train My Sister to be both a leader and subservient to Me.

Ladies, You are wiser than Your boyfriends or husband. If You really think about it, You are making most of the decisions and frequently controlling the money. Formalizing the Female Led Household it just affirming the current condition, and, subject to Your desire, extending Your control over Your partners’ body, mind, and behavior. I recommend You exercise and enjoy Your natural Superiority. Try, move at your own pace, but try.

Since our anniversary, I became very aware of the male truth meter. Putting k in panties allowed Me to verify immediately k’s level of agreement and excitement. Panties make it very easy to observe a males’ erection at its earliest development. It does not fail, if he is excited or pleased, he will be hard. Panties, garters and stockings, pantyhose (no panties) all show the truth. Boxes and briefs hide the early stages of excitement. If he is small, like k’s “funny little thing”, he may never show even when he is hard. Wearing panties, or nothing, solves that problem. The additional benefit is in him knowing You are the superior. Try it for a week and you will discover the value.

During dinner, k and I discussed our collective and individual enjoyment of our new found lifestyle. Throughout the last few months, k could not deny his enjoyment of our anniversary getaway. he could not deny the excitement, fear, and confusion experienced during Mom’s visit. Asked directly, he did not object to wearing panties, skirts, cleaning the house, nor sharing the cooking, even when Mom was around. While uncomfortable at first, he was willing to accept Mom’s control over him. I asked k about his greatest concern; he said “getting caught in panties or a skirt by his co-workers or the police” would be a disaster”. Being discovered wearing women’s clothing would certainly end his military career, but it could also make getting a civilian job difficult as well. Since this was 1970, I had to agree with him. However, as I told him, I really like him naked, wearing panties, his scrub top, and his skits. I like him exposed while Mom was around. Seeing k put on a skirt on a public street before he gets into our car, was a real thrill for me. I asked if he accepted that Mom was also his superior, and I made it clear I expected him to do anything She ordered him to do. k accepted Mom’s superiority. As a tease, I did warn him that one day Mom would likely spank the hell out of him for punishing Her as I directed. k’s sigh and facial expression was worth the tease.

At the conclusion of dinner, I directed k to kneel in front of Me. I told him I was pleased with his willingness to follow Me. I was excited he was ready, willing, and able to allow Me total control over our lives and his body. I told k; as long as we loved and respected each other we would have a great life together. I told him I expected both of us to work hard at everything we did. I expected we would both continue our educations. Whether we made a career of the Army or not, I expect us to be more successful in everything than our respective parents. I then told him at home I was learning and discovering for myself what I liked and did not like about our new lifestyle. I told him I was enjoying the stories we were reading, and although I was not sure I believed everything, the stories we were reading were giving Me many things to consider. As such, he should expect many experiments. he should expect to be told to do many different things. Some might be simple. Some might be very hard. However, as of this moment, I expected his complete commitment to do everything I say, when I say, and act without hesitation. After a moment and a deep breath, k did say, “i do”. For me it was time to close the deal of our lives. I said; k thank you for your agreement and commitment. You now need to understand that any failure to comply with My directives will result in some form of punishment, including Me using the strap on your bare ass. While I do not expect to spank you at all, if you step out of line, as Mom did, you should expect at least the same level of punishment. Do you willingly accept and submit to my total authority? After a slightly longer pause and the lowering of his head, k again said, “i do”. I then said, “k, thank you for your commitment. While we might experiment for several years, we will reach a point of steady excitement, love, respect, and I am sure there will never be a dull moment. I do expect to control the entire family. It is very likely everyone in the family will love and play with each other. As I know from treating the guys on the base, sexually transmitted diseases are relatively common among the guys that visit “The Wall” down in Nuremberg. With family, we can still have fun, with a lower risk. With Mom taking control of dad and following my directions, you will have a kindred spirit.”

Now, I have known all day that you would be willing to submit to me. your “funny little thing” there has been as hard as it could be all day. Throughout of conversation your little cock was bouncing up and down with excitement. Now, you need to lift my skirt over your head, and start licking My pretty and wet pussy. You need to stay under there until I am satisfied. It was a great way to seal our future.

When I was satisfied, it was time to clear the table and wash the dishes. With k back in his apron, showing off his little ass, he washed the dishes. I actually helped him by drying. I did enjoy drying, although My real purpose was to take the opportunity to tease k’s little ass with a few towel snaps.

I decided we should finish the night with a move on base, and a nighcap at the “O Club”. Wow, if all the Officers only knew what color panties k was wearing.

Ladies, put your man in panties, you do not know what you are missing. It is low risk. It is fun for both of you. You always have a secret You can share or not. Your boi will never know what You are or are not going to say to anyone. The fear will keep him in fear and excitement. You really need to give it a try. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Serious Training Sets the Foundation

For the week following Mom’s return home, I went easy on k. Other than him wearing his scrubs and panties around the house and doing his chores, nothing special took place.

I needed and used the time to make up my own mind about how our lives were to proceed. I jotted down some notes, thought about limits for myself, and considered whether we would make the Army a career or not. At the time, I did not think we could do all the things we were reading about and work up through the senior officer corp. Since we were far from a career decision, I decided not to worry about the long term Army life, and just deal with basic training for k and the family.

The following Friday, we picked up the makings of a great ham dinner at the PX. On the way home, I told k we could have a nice ham dinner Saturday evening and I would explain my new training program. As a hint, I told him he would be making the dinner.

Friday night we went to a movie on base. I made him wear his panties under his civilian cloths. After the movie, we stopped at the “O Club” for a drink. he was nervous, since it was his first, but not last, time wearing panties into the Club. I really enjoyed watching him move from anxiety to comfort back to anxiety. Since he drank more than I did, I drove home. Once we cleared the base, I told him to take off his pants. With a simple yes Mistress, he did as told. We had a fun night of sex.

Saturday morning I did help him clean up the house. I decided I really did like him wearing some element of clothing while cleaning the house. Soon he would learn how much experimenting we would engage in to find the right outfit or outfits. I had him start preparing dinner around 3 PM. I require he wear only an apron. I want him to think about what our dinner discussion would be. I did observe the entire process. I also helped. I would drop elements of the dinner on the floor to watch him pick them up. I did make him rearrange the pineapple slices on the ham about three times, just for fun. While the ham was backing, I had k prepare some crackers, cheese, and drinks. I had him remove his apron, put on his scrub top, and served me in the living room. I sat in a chair, while he sat on the floor. Each time he went to check on the progress of dinner, or start the potatoes and carrots, he had to remove his scrub top and put on his apron. Of course, when he returned, he had to remove his apron and put on his scrub top. He, as you, was beginning to understand where our dinner discussion would go. During dinner, I dressed rather nicely, not fancy, but I wore a long skirt and nice blouse. After serving our meal, I had k join me at the table. he had to sit and eat while naked.

This was the serious beginning of his training. While we had been experimenting for several months since our anniversary, the future was going to get far more intense.

In the posts that follow, I am going to try to recount the major elements of k’s training. How Lt. K moved to sissy maid k. Over the years, we have tried a lot. We did not progress quickly. Yes, I was always in charge. I was (am) sweet, loving, dominate, mean, harsh, pleasant, generous in affection and discipline, humiliating, aggressive, challenging, head of and in control of the entire family, but never disrespectful. Each of these terms and their related actions are the reason our female lead relationship has worked.

sissy maid k and I are editing many notes. I want to help everyone, but I do not want to overkill the details. Please stay with us. I trust you will gather some ideas and actions for your life. There is no need to copy us. We did what worked for us. In each case, your Mistress will know what is right. Sub’s, or sissies, follow your Mistress if you know what is good for you. If you are a wife or girl friend considering taking charge, but are uncertain, I hope we will give you the encouragement to try and aid in your success.

Thank you for following us.