Saturday, September 8, 2012

Discovery to share

We traveled on an airplane this weekend. This is the first time we have been flying in a long time. We found the following items in the Sky Mall magazine, and I felt I needed to share these with everyone. Can You see Your pet as part of Your furniture?

The larger version of this would be a great addition to any home. Now You can have Your own “time out” location right out in the middle of the room. If You or Your sissy cannot build Your own, or do not want Your wire dog create in the living room/family room, here is a great solution. You will find this under pet bedding.

Below are two great under garments. Since Your sissy must sit to pee, why not make it really fun for her. Just imagine making her hold her pee until the very last minute. Can she get herself open and sitting in time? While such shape wear has been around for a while, these just caught my eye. 

If You are at the mall and they have a family bathroom, You can even watch the fun. May be she will pee on herself. The opportunities are just endless.

The Leomisa body shaper is not new, but it is available to everyone. If Your sissy is not into public purchases yet, You can still get her in shape!

I’ll be in bed for a couple of days after our trip, but I wanted sissy k to share this with You. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

mr k’s view of Mom’s vacation

k I’m thrilled by your acceptance of a subservient role and yes, we can commit to love each other. It is clear we like being with each other, we like talking about important issues and your “funny little thing” keeps telling me you like being naked or in panties. It is also clear you enjoyed Mom’s vacation. It was important to Me that you willingly accepted Mom’s participation in our evolving lifestyle and I was particularly please did not refuse to have sex with Her. She is my Mom and your Superior Mom; therefore, you will always do as She says. However, since I did not tell you I have been sharing your training with Her, tell me your reactions to the week. How did you feel about showing off your panties and trying on the new house clothes Mom brought you? Clearly, you liked Mom playing with your “silly little funny thing”. It is not much, but it is the only cock I own.

Ms. Barbara, i do not think i have been more embarrassed in all my life. i never thought You would tell anyone about our agreement, let alone tell Mom. However, when i looked at You, Your expectations were very clear to me and i could not disappoint You. Getting hard was humiliating by itself. Even i realized my little cock was exposing my inner excitement. Mom’s supportive and reassuring comments did help me adjust and deal with each situation. Your love, support, and directives when we went to bed made we realize i wanted to anything and everything for You. However, Mom peeing next to me while i was shaving the next morning was extremely shocking. i did not know what to do. When Mom just starting talking, as normally as can be, i realized there was a new normal to our lives. After a few minutes, i realized this was acceptable to You and You expected me to accept it as well. When i You told me to strip down to my panties on the street and before getting into the car, i thought i was going to cry in humiliation. i don’t know what would have happened if someone saw us. All kinds of bad things ran through my mind very quickly. Again, Your look told me I needed to comply and quickly. Again, You knew what You were doing and it was a safe location. The post realization of safety, did not, and still does not; reduce the fear, excitement, and humiliation of the moment. Even though most people cannot see much when they look into a moving car, sitting with your panties exposed is constantly humiliating. At a stop light, these is always a change someone will see you. Going to the little shop to purchase panties was another deep breath moment. I was not doing badly while You and Mom were buying for Yourselves. When You turned the attention to me, i thought for sure we would be caught and the Army would send us home and discharge me from the Army. Yes it was exciting, but fear was a very big element of the excitement and humiliation. Now, i bet i am not the first man to whom She sold panties, but i am glad You and Mom were with me.

The last couple of days of Mom’s vacation have changed our life forever. i cannot imagine what You have in mind for everyone, but You did dramatically take control of everyone in the family. Even though they do not know it yet, You are in charge of everyone. i cannot begin to think about how Your dad and Kate are going to react when Mom gets home. i expect i will be deeply embarrassed and humiliated the next time i see Mom, even before we enter Your house. What on earth will Your dad say or do? his Army Officer son-in-law helped his daughter put him in panties! i doubt i am going to be top on his list!

Ms. Barbara, i love you. It appears we are different from most people. We do have to work and advance our careers. We will have to figure out how to live a dual life. i am committed to You. Seeing You take control of Your Mom was amazing and exciting. i do not have a problem standing up to the Major and Colonel and offering an alternative idea or plan, but You command all of me and i love You. i would never have expected Mom’s visit to move the way it did. i would not have expected that i would take my pants off with other people in the house, or in a pubic place and expose my panties. i would not have expected having sex with Your Mother at Your direction. my head is swimming right now. It may swim for a couple of weeks. i hope You will be supportive and help me absorb all that has happened. i am willing to move forward with You in our life.

mr. k’s reactions were actually better than I expected. At the next rest stop, I had him pull off and remove his shorts. he drove the rest of the home in his panties. he was my love to do with as I pleased. The Female-Led-Marriage is great.