Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mom Goes Home

Mom and I sat up drinking tea and talking like a couple of girls for a couple of hours. I told Her She had my permission and expectation to put dad in panties. It was now Her responsibility to retrain dad to serve Her, Kate, and Me. If Kate comes to visit us in Germany, She should be ready to share control of mr. k. She must pick a new name for dad, something pretty, fun, and a name that we will always used at home and family events. Tomorrow we will all wear the same panties as a sign of our unity. Since Mom sucked Her first cock, I gave Her permission to suck mr. k while he shaved tomorrow morning. However, if She elected to do suck him, She must swallow every drop. Her reply; “Ms. Barbara, dear, You cannot be serious, swallow; I cannot imagine doing such a thing”. Mom, let Me explain; “Cum is protein, it does take some practice, but I really enjoy it. I expect You to learn to love it from dad, and mr. k. Tomorrow, the decision is Yours. You can start now, or when You get home. I will leave k full just for you”. “Ms. Barbara dear, this is an exhausting end to My vacation. I hope I can sleep. Can we call it a night?” “Mom, good night, k will clean this up in the morning”.

We each went to bed. I put on a baby doll nightie, climb up on k’s face and said, “eat”. I admit it was a rather abrupt awakening, but k did a good job. I was as hot and wet as I had even been. Now, I had k and Mom submissive to me. dad would be when we returned to the States. I starting thinking that either Kate would be submissive or an equal, but we would certainly have our own fun with the family.

When k and I woke up in the morning, I told him to go wash and shave. If Mom wants to suck your “funny little thing”, She has my permission. As of last night, you must do anything She tells you to do, and She can use you whenever she wants. Do you understand? “Yes”, was k’s only reply; I then added, “if Mom does suck you, you must cum in Her mouth, and only in Her mouth. Do you understand?” “Yes, Ms. Barbara, i understand”.

k was not in the bathroom very long when I heard Mom get up and join him. After I heard the toilet flush, I decided to get up and see what Mom decided to do. As expected, k was hard from thinking about what could happen with Mom. Mom was pulling him over in front of Her. She sucked his funny little thing like a pro. k was enjoying the attention. k did gently hold Mom’s head so She could not pull away as he exploded. I quietly entered the bathroom, I kissed k and whispered thank you. Mom was still locked on k’s cock and sucking. When I started to clap, Mom came out of Her temporary trans. Releasing and licking k’s now limp little thing, Mom smiled. I took Her hands, pull Her up off the toilet seat, smiled, and said; “time to share”. I kissed Her and pushed My tongue in Her mouth to get a taste. I could tell Mom was on overdrive with excitement. Following a big hug, it was time to get dressed, have some breakfast, and head to the airport. I said; “OK everyone, it is time we all put on our panties, have some breakfast, then finish dressing to go to the airport”. Everyone put on your panties and meet in the kitchen”. We finished breakfast. Mom put on a skirt for traveling. k put on his matching panties, shorts, and his scrub top. k then put Mom’s suitcase in the car.

When we got in the car, Mom pulled up Her skirt and we drove to the airport. Her departure was emotional for all of us. Mom hugged k and thanked him for sharing his “funny little thing”. Mom also made it clear that if he did not behave and serve everyone in the family, She would be spanking his ass so hard he wouldn’t be able to sit down. Do you understand? mr. k replied, “yes Mistress”. Mom then hugged and kissed me. She thanked me for a great vacation and opening a new life for Her. “I will do as You directed and retrain dad. I will introduce Kate to Her new role. Clearly, You are the new head of the family. We will all do as you direct. If anyone resists, You and I will spank the hell out of him or her. OK?” “I’m glad you understand. I am glad You had a good vacation. I am delighted You learned to suck cock. I hope dad tastes as good as k. I love you Mom. I am glad You are My Mom and now Mistress to everyone else. We’ll see You when our tour is over.” With another hug and kiss, Mom entered the restricted custom area and we left for home.

I used the trip home to debrief k. Yes, it was a debriefing because it was more important than just a talking. I put him through a lot in one week. It was important I understand how he honestly felt about the week. An erect cock speaks to the enjoyment of the stimulation and the excitement of the moment. However, if the mind, beliefs, and trust are not in place, the continuation of the dom/sub relationship requires different management. So for the two hour drive home, I focused on k. Sufficient to say, k was and is the subservient I always thought he was. he loved me deeply. he was ready, willing, and able to do anything I wanted him to do. he was ready to live a dual life. he understood he needed to be a leader at work. he understood he had to excel and be the best at everything related to work. he accepted with love, respect, and joy to be the subservient one at home. If I wanted him naked or in panties doing the laundry and housework, he would comply. If I wanted him to be a sex toy for Mom, or Kate, he would do whatever I told him to do. Honestly, at this time, I had not considered or even thought about teaching him to suck cock. I did ask him if he had any reservations, concerns, or limitations. “Ms. Barbara, we love and respect each other. We might be different than most, but we have to live and work outside our home. We cannot risk doing things that will disrupt our jobs, or our love for each other. i do not want to stop loving You, and i do not want You to stop loving me. Can we commit to love each other, and me being subservient to You?”

While I did not expect k to make such a declaration, it really set a solid foundation for forty-three years of a fem/dom, female-led-marriage, and evolution of a female-led-family. It has worked for us. We hope it works for others. It is not always easy, but our love, respect, sharing, and commitment have worked.