Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mom's Vacation Ends Differently

While I was thinking about taking control of the whole family, Mom’s behavior Friday morning caused me to step up my plans. I did not object to Her playing or toying with mr. k, I really objected to Her not asking Me first.

Having mr. k holding Her down on the kitchen table, while I trimmed Her pussy hair was very powerful for me. Then having mr. k shave Her pussy clean was humiliating for Her, and more thrilling for me. The infusion of power in Me was more exciting than I had expected. I had two people naked in front of Me, doing exactly as I directed, and the individuals were My husband and My Mother. Quickly establishing rules for Mom when She returned home was a spare of the moment thinking. However, it was consistent with what I had been thinking for a month or so. The important lesson, carpe diem; seize the day or seize the moment. Ladies, you should take control when opportunity presents itself and do not surrender it.

This was Mom’s last day of Her vacation. With this sudden change, I had to adjust our events for the day. I decided we would still go shopping and the stop for lunch. We would bring of purchases home and then go back out for dinner. I directed mr. k to put on his panties. Since it was warm, I directed him to wear shorts and a nice tee-shirt. I directed Mom to wear sandals, a short skirt and blouse. When she emerged from her room, I saw She put on a bra. With mr. k in the hallway, I told Mom to take off her blouse and remove Her bra. When She had tucked Her blouse into Her skirt, I then directed Her to pull up Her skirt, turn around, and bend over at Her waist. I then directed mr. k to kneel down and use his teeth to remove Mom’s panties. Honestly, it was fun watching mr. k, and see Mom’s humiliation. I than gave Mom’s butt a couple of good spanks as I told Her how disappointed I was in Her failure to follow my simple instructions – sandals, skirt, and blouse – I did not mention any other items. She was smart enough to say; “I am sorry Ms. Barbara”.

As we approached the car, I directed Mom to sit in the back seat behind mr. k. I gave mr. k the keys so he could drive. In the car, I told Mom to pull Her skirt up so I could see Her newly shaved pussy. We drove to Erlangen for some shopping. On a previous shopping trip, we saw a store that had some very sexy thongs. At the time, thongs were not popular and associated primarily with models and prostitutes, but I thought they would be a great celebration reminder of the day Mom surrender Herself and by default the entire family to My control. I bought Mom four thongs. As I handed the bag to Mom I said, “Mom, every Friday You are to wear one of these thongs. Around the house, this is all You will wear. Each Friday at breakfast, You will remind dad and yourself, and Kate if She is home, that I am in charge of the family. If You go out, in addition to Your thong, You will also wear stockings and a garter. Do you understand? Mom’s reply was “yes Ms. Barbara”. Given our saleswomen’s response in German, She understood what I was doing. She was surprised at the generational shift, but She congratulated Me. I was so please with Her reaction, I asked Her to find two pink large size thongs for mr. k and two blue medium thongs for me. She quickly found the proper size and color thongs, held them up for everyone to see and said, “very nice, they will look pretty on you”. Either She was very liberal for the time, or She simply liked sell four more thongs. In either case, She and I were happy, and Mom and mr. k were embarrassed.

Our next stop was the PX in Furth. As I had expected, Mom forgot to pull Her skirt up when the car started to move. I had to remind Her. Since we were going to be in and out of the car all day, I decided to provide some reinforcement She would not forget. My directive; “Mom, I do not want to tell You again, pull Your skirt up. Now, for the rest of the day in the car, You will play with Yourself. When I say suck, You put Your juicy finger in Your mouth and clean Your finger off. Then, go back to playing with Yourself. When I say share, reach over and put Your finger in mr. k’s mouth and let him clean Your finger. Then, return to playing with Yourself. Now, do You think You can remember all of that, or would You prefer I just spank You?” “I am again sorry Ms. Barbara, I will remember” was Mom’s reply. As spontaneous as My idea was, it turn out to be a lot of fun for everyone. We did our weekly shopping at the PX and returned home. Mom did remember to pull up Her skirt for the trip home.

Although we were home for only a short time, I did require both mr. k and Mom to remove their clothes as we put our groceries away. We then drove up to Dechsendorg for lunch. Mom pulled her skirt up for the drive. As directed, She and mr. k periodically cleaned Her finger. While She was confident walking to the café for lunch, when She realized there were many people there eating, She became embarrassed. “Ms. Barbara, I cannot do this. My nipples are hard, my pussy is running, there are people here, I am afraid.” “Well Mom, You did Your deed this morning, so now You will do as I tell You. If You think Your skirt is going to be stained, then You will have to wipe Your pussy with Your napkin, or walk out of the café with a wet spot. As for Your nipples, I think mr. k likes looking at Your hard nipples. May be I will let him suck them later this afternoon. Now, we are going to enjoy lunch, and later we are going out for dinner.”

Our table had a nice view of the lake. I asked Mom to tell mr. k how She took the leadership role in our family. Was it something She planned, or did it just evolve? She looked at mr. k and said; “my control position was actually rather simple. I was a college graduate and dad was not. He deferred to me so I just took more and more control. Additionally, as a school teacher I was in charge and control of little kids all day. To Me, dad was just another little kid. Besides, he was always happy doing exactly what I told him to do. While I did not allow You and Your Sister tell dad what to do, You realize he never refuses anything You or Your Sister asked him to do. he knew there would be a price to pay if I was upset because he upset You or Your Sister. Of course, now he will answer to the three of us. Ms. Barbara, I just realized we could have two naked or panty boys around the house”. Mom, I am glad You realize I will be in charge when we return home. I expect You will begin to train both dad and Kate when You get home. In fact, I will be sending You directions and tasks in my letters. The remainder of lunch fell into a conversation about the lake, the view, and the food.

The drive home was relatively uneventful. Mom remembered to pull Her skirt up. She played with Herself and shared He finger as directed. I really think this little activity empowered my head, attitude, and commitment to become more aggressive in leading the family, and controlling mr. k. In my head, I started to think about the future for mr. k and I.

At home, mr. k wore his panties and scrub top. he had housework he needed to complete. I told Mom She must take off Her cloths, remain naked, and review all tell us about Her favorite stories, and how She was going to put dad panties. I did help mr. k with the housework, but I actually spent more time asking him questions about the future and teasing him.

We left home around 4 PM and drove to Nuremburg for an early dinner. We needed to return home in time for Mom to pack for Her trip home. I did allow Mom to wear pantyhose, skirt, and blouse for the evening. Mom may have thought Her pantyhose altered the requirement to pull Her skirt up, but I reminded Her She would always pull Her skirt up when She was in a car. “Mom, You do not have to play with Yourself right now, but when ever You are in a family car, You will pull Your skirt up. Your shaved pussy, yes You will keep Your pussy shaved from now on, will always be on display. Do You hear and understand My order?” After taking a deep breath, and a hint of a tear in Her eye, Mom said; “oh dear, I am sorry for My mistake. I did not realize I would have to keep my pussy shaved. Will I ever be able to where panties?” “Good questions Mom, I am glad You are thinking about it and not crying. With pantyhose you do not have to wear panties. They are not always comfortable, but that will part of Your reminder. So when You are going out with family members You will not wear panties ever, under any conditions. When You go out by Yourself, You may elect to wear panties, but You will still pull Your skirt up. Every now and then a trucker might get a quick view. When You are with Your friends, and no family members are present, then You may dress as You wish. Now, do You understand? By now, She realized the only answer was “yes, Ms. Barbara”.

We had a great dinner. We were home in time for Mom to pack. I had Mom remove all Her cloths as She packed. mr. k wore only his scrub top. I decided Mom and I should talk about Her reading and the future without mr. k. I ordered mr. k to fix Mom and Me a snack and tea. When the tea was ready, he called us into the kitchen. With Mom naked and mr. k in only his scrub top, I decided to have one more shot at some fun. “Mom, You changed everything this morning when You took advantage of mr. k without My permission. Do You want to play with mr. k “little funny thing”?” Ms. Barbara the thought had occurred to Me, but I do not want another spanking.” “Well, do You and dad engage in oral sex?” “Oh no dear, Ms. Barbara, until I read some of those stories, I did not think people did such things.” “Well Mom, I love to suck cock. I love the feel of a soft cock growing in My mouth. So, as a going home present, You need to suck Your first cock. mr. k, come over here and let Mom suck your “funny little thing”.” I did see mr. k hesitate for a couple of seconds, which earned him a spanking he would find out about later. “Mom, think of that cock as a lollipop, hold it at the base, and wrap Your mouth around the candy. Suck a little, lick a little, move up and down the length of the little thing. Breathe through Your nose and enjoy the feel of it growing in Your mouth. Go ahead Mom, we are family, and this will be the first of many cocks You will love to suck. I know You are going to love it.” With the look of fear on Mom’s face, mr. k stepped forward, and Mom started to suck Her first cock. “Oh Mom, that funny little thing is in Your mouth, now open Your eyes so You and see what You are enjoying. Up and down, in and out, suck and kiss. Doesn’t it feel good growing in Your mouth? Can You feel Your power?” Mom was not talking, but I could tell She was beginning to enjoy Her first cock. Now, I had to make a decision. Do I allow a surprise climax in Her mouth, or do I pull mr. k out and let him climax on Her tits. I stood up next to mr. k and whispered to him to pull out in time to climax on Her tits. This was a first for mr. k as well, so he was advancing very quickly. When he squeezed my hand I knew he was ready. “Mom let him out of Your mouth and watch Your fits.” mr. k climaxed leaving his cum on Mom’s tits. Mom screamed with surprise and happiness. I quickly scooped some cum on my finger and sucked it in. I never want to waste good cum. I scooped up some more and now suck this Mom; this is Your real reward. I feed Mom more, and rubbed some into Her tits. Mom was sweating, breathing very hard, and crying. I was excited for everyone. I took Mom over a new cliff, I shared mr.k with another women and My Mom to boot, and mr. k demonstrated he would do exactly as he was told. I know I had control of My family. As Mom was recovering, I ordered mr. k to kneel down and thank Mom for sucking his funny little cock and kiss Her shaved pussy good night. he did exactly as he was told. It was another surprise for Mom, because She had spread Her legs so mr. k could step in close to Her mouth, so his kiss was directly on Her very wet shaved pussy. Just for fun, I pushed his head and tongue into Mom pussy and held it. It only took a minute for Mom to explode in Her own orgasm. I then sent mr. k to bed. I knelt down and hugged Mom as She recovered from a lot of first time sex events.

When Mom had recovered, I thanked Her for visiting us for a week, helping me with advancing mr. k submissive nature, accepting him in panties, and making it clear that his cock belongs to Me and I will control when, where, and how it will be used. “Oh, Ms. Barbara, this is to much, what am I doing, what have I done, where are we going, is this all real? I need to clean up, I am all dirty.” I hugged Mom again. “Mom, You and I have started a new family order, where all the men will do only what we want, yes this is real, and You just had the first of any cock You want in what ever hole You want it. Now, You will not clean up. You need to have some tea and enjoy the cum that is sticking to Your tits, and the pussy juice dripping from Your shaved pussy. Now, sit up to the table, have some tea, and let’s talk about the future.