Saturday, June 9, 2012

Changing a family in an instant

Thursday night mr. k and I had a great love making night. mr. k made very good use of his tongue and his cock. As always, I get to enjoy his deposit going in, and the excitement of him cleaning his deposit out of Me.
We slept in a little longer than usual on Friday morning. We needed to do our shopping first thing, because we were taking Mom out for lunch and dinner. I sent mr. k to the bathroom to clean up and shave.

I went to the kitchen to make tea and coffee. I thought Mom was still asleep, so I was trying to be as quite as possible. Very shortly, I was certain I heard Mom in the bathroom with mr. k. While this had become a daily thing for Mom, I had a feeling this morning was somehow different. I quietly moved toward the bathroom door. Mom was clearly playing with mr. k’s cock and was so into stroking and teasing him She did not know I was at the door.

As I listened, Mom was saying; “ms. k, do you like feeling my naked tits on your back? I bet you do? It has been fun watching you shave all week, and looking at that little funny cock of yours. Do you think you can shave while an experienced Women plays with your little cock? I bet you are dying to have Mom make you excited and hard. I bet I can pull you off faster than Barb can. Oh yes, see your little funny cock can get bigger. Ah yes, this is fun. Do you have a big load in there, or are you going dribble like a little girl?

At that point, I stepped into the bathroom. mk. K had shaving cream on his face, and a big hard-on. Mom’s night gown was not in the bathroom. I quickly concluded She came into the bathroom with the intention of playing with mr. k. Unfortunately for Mom; She did not talk to me first. Had She asked Me, as an end of a great visit gift, I would have allowed Her to play with or even fuck or suck mr. k; but taking mr. k into her own hands was not acceptable. At that very moment, I decided to take full control of Mom and send Her home with a present She would never expect, and that She and dad would remember for months.

Moving into the room quickly, I slapped Mom’s hand and mr. k’s cock while yelling, “Mom, stop immediately”. I grabbed Her ear, told Her to get on Her knees, as I pulled Her ear down. mr.k you hold that cock of yours and finish shaving quickly. Mom, what the hell are You doing? mr. k belongs to me; You cannot touch him without My permission. We were having so much fun sharing, but now You have gone to far. If You want to play with mr. k You must ask for My permission. Your behavior is unacceptable. Taking such liberty on Your last full day hurts Me. While I thought we might go through life sharing with mr. k and dad, right now You need an attitude adjustment You will not soon forget.

mr. k, you finish your shaving quickly. Mom You kneel down and just kiss his ass, until he is down. When mr. k finished, I had my plan for the day reworked in My head. Mom, You crawl Your bare ass into the kitchen, get up on the table, and lay down on Your back. mr. k you bring your shave cream and razor into the kitchen. We’re going to send Mom home with a new hair cut. dad better appreciate it or I’ll give him a hair cut when we get a new duty station.

With Mom on the kitchen table, I took a pair of scissors and trimmed down Her bush. Then I had mr. k shave all Her pubic hair including Her ass. While all this was happening, I told Mom; I had planned on sharing mr. k with Her later in the day, and talk with Her about family options when we returned to the US. However, Her fondling mr. k without my permission solidified My idea to take control of the entire family, and to start taking that control right now. From now on She would have to do exactly as I instructed Her. For now on, She would be the number two leader of the family after Me. When She returned home, Her responsibilities would include keeping Her pussy shaved; keeping dad completely shaved from his neck down; putting him in panties all the time; and teaching him how to wear stockings, bars, skirts, blouses, and high heels around the house. When we come home, dad shall be Your sissy. When I am at the house, dad shall either be fully dressed as a sissy, or wearing only heels, stockings, and a bra. In fact, You and dad shall be wearing matching underwear. If it happens to we winter, then both of you shall wear matching provocative outfits. Do you understand? Mom said, “You’re kind of young to think You can just take control of the family”. In the mood I was in, that was the wrong thing to say. I did manage to calmly say; “mr.k pull Mom’s ankles up over Her head and hold Her on the table”. I reached over and took hold of the belt I had near-by. I then proceeded to spank Mom ass. I was not gentle. In just a couple of minutes Mom was crying, and babbling I was in charge. I stopped and ask, “Mom, do You now agree that I am in charge of the family, You are number two, You will keep Your pussy shaved, and You will make dad a sissy”? Yes Ms Barbara was her reply. Just to be sure She understood, I spanked Her five more times. I then said; “I am glad You agree. I also want You to make sure Kat (my Sister) understands I am in charge, and You and dad are to dress exactly as I just told You when She is around. You can be sure I will be checking up with Her to be sure You comply. I trust You Mom, but I will confirm Your behavior. Now, mr. k is going to release Your ankles. You will get up, make breakfast, and remain naked until we go out. Do you understand and agree with all of these changes”? “Yes, Ms. Barbara” was her only reply.

When Mom stood up and rubbed Her ass, I hugged Her. “Mom, thank you for Your agreement. Now, tell mr. k how please You are with this morning’s outcome, give him a big hug and a kiss, then kneel down and kiss his funny cock” was my first directive. Mom did exactly as told. She then proceeded to make breakfast.  mr. k cleaned up, while I outlined the new plans for the day.

Up to this point I had only thought or dreamed about taking control of the family. I was happy with the progress mr. k and I were making. I felt I was still learning how and what to do. Having read, with mr. k, many stories about domination, I was gathering ideas, but was not sure I could carry my ideas out in real life. When I saw Mom playing with mr. k’s “funny thing”, without speaking to me first, I flipped a switch in my mind. I told mr. k he had to comply with any directive from Mom, so I did not consider the situation his error. In an instant, I decided it was time to take control of Mom and the family. As I will continue to share, it was a life defining moment for our entire family.