Sunday, May 27, 2012

A final week with Mom

Mom’s last week of Her vacation was centered on short trips and more intense training for mr. k. We did drive up to Wurzburg on Sunday and enjoyed both the city and the wonderful “Franken wines”. To be sure mr. k would be off guard, we allowed him to drive home in his normal pants and panties. Since our trip was less than an hour, we spoke only about the wonderful day we had.

Mom sat behind mr. k on the way home which made it easy for us to talk. As we got out of the car at home, I asked Mom if She would pull mr.k into the house. With a smile on Her face, She stepped in close to mr. k, pulled down his “fly” and reached in and pulled out his little cock. After closing the front car door, Mom pulled mr. k down the driveway to the street to pick up a piece of paper She saw in the head lights as we pulled in. She said, “mr. k, you know we have to help keep the streets clean. I wonder is there is anyone out here walking their dogs?” Seeing no one, Mom pulled mr. k back to the house. Of course, Her pulling handle was much bigger than when She started. Once in the house, Mom told mr. k he could wear her scrub top and a skirt, but no panties. All mr. k could do was say, “yes Mom”. Since it was not to late, I directed mr. k to clean the bathroom and living room while Mom and I talked. While mr. k was cleaning the bathroom, Mom and I planned his training for the remainder of Her visit. When he entered the living room to clean, I directed him to remove his skirt. As he cleaned the furniture around us, both Mom and I stroked his thighs and played with his cock.

My goal was, for the evening, and the rest of Mom’s visit was to get mr. k comfortable with being partially naked in front of other women, get use to other women touching him, and doing exactly as told by Me or other women. Throughout the week he learned to clean high and low with great care. Mom or I immediately corrected any mistakes we found, plus, he had to spend time in the corner holding his skirt up. You would be surprised at the impact standing in a corner has on a submissive. I recommend you try “corner time” (now called time outs) at home with your submissive in various stages of “undress”.

mr. k also learned to stoop down to pick up items like a lady. Stooping with knees close together does require training. Picking up a knife, or a piece of paper, or sweeping dirt into a dust pan can be a challenge for a new submissive. Therefore, between Mom and Me, we had mr. k going up and down four or five times at a time. You know it is also good leg exercise. Catching his open legs is easy to spot. Immediately repeating the move five times works well for training. Of course, the same mistake made within an hour resulted in a spanking. Just for fun, I did let Mom do some of the spanking.

Since Mom was going to leave at the end of the week, I did want to do something special for Her. My idea, with Her help, did turn out to be a life changing events for all of us. On Wednesday’s Lt k played basketball at the base gym after work. Mom and I went over to Erlangen for some shopping and agreed to meet Lt k at Officer’s Club later. At the time, gym shorts and sweat suits were very common in Germany. Mom and I purchased a couple of new gym shorts and one sweat suit for ms k. The gym shorts and matching seat suit were blue with a white strip. The gym shorts had a panty liner in them. We had not seen that in American shorts, but the panty liner made the shorts clearly feminine. As I thought about it, I decided to buy myself a matching set. I also bought ms. k, Mom, and I a matching set of panties. At the very least, when we took Mom to the airport, we could all be wearing the same panties. This is what family’s do. Well, that is what this family will be doing in the future was my real plan.

We met Lt k at the O Club. We have a couple of drinks and dinner. We went home. mr k put on his panties and scrub top. Mom and I put on our night gowns and we all sat around reading for the evening. Shortly before bed time, I asked Mom if there was anything special She would like to do before She went home. Since Her flight was on Saturday, and we had Friday off, I suggest we could do anything after work on Thursday. We would have to be at the airport in Frankfurt by noon. We could stay at home and go up on Saturday, or we could go up to the Rhine area Thursday evening.  “Barb, I really came to spend time with you. I did not understand why I was bringing panties for k, but now that you have share her with me, I have had a wonderful vacation. I have also read some amazing stories. Whether they are true or not, you have shown me how to change dad’s life when I get home. Thursday night, perhaps I could take you and ms k to a nice guest house for a dinner. When we get home, we could play with ms k. Friday, maybe we could take a day trip for lunch and dinner. We could play with ms k Friday evening, and go up to the airport on Saturday morning”. Mom’s suggestion sounded like a plan. Without even looking at mr. k, I told Mom I would work on a plan. 

From the moment we left the base on Thursday afternoon, I reached over and unzipped mr. k‘s fly and pulled out his “funny thing”. I told him; from the time we got home until it was time to go back to work, he would wear his panties. If Mom or I told him to take out his cock he must immediately comply. Regardless of where we were, if Mom wanted to hold onto or pull his “funny thing” he was to allow Her to do as She pleased. If fact, he was to do anything and everything Mom tells him to do. I told him; Mom would be leaving on Saturday, I was very pleased by Her visit, and I wanted Her to leave as please and happy as possible. I also told him; I hoped he enjoyed Mom visit as much as I did, and that I hope he had learned about male humility, Female superiority, and family trust and love. I told him I appreciated his behavior throughout the visit, how much I loved him, and how the next couple of days could involve almost anything. I concluded by making it clear that he would immediately be punished for any mistake or failure, but if he made Mom and I happy, I would give him a big reward. While playing with his “funny thing”, I finally asked if he understood My directions and was he ready to comply. Fortunately, for him, he replied, yes Ms. Barbara.

When we arrived home, I pulled him into the house by his cock. I told him to put his panties on and join Mom and Me in the living room. When he entered the living room he was still hard. Mom asked him to stand by Her chair. Rubbing the front of his panties Mom told him, we were going to dinner. He was to wear his pants, shirt, and sandals. He was also to bring his long skirt with him. As we were leaving the house, Mom said; “ms k take your cock out and hold onto it as we walk to the car”. As we went to the car, Mom asked if I would sit in the back seat, She wanted to sit up front with ms k. As we drove to the guest house, Mom held mr. k’s cock. Before we got out of the car, Mom said, “now put your little thing away; when we finish dinner, I want you to put on your skirt and sit in the back seat. I have another surprise, but we will wait until after dinner to tell you. With that we went in to dinner.

Throughout dinner, Mom sat next to mr. k and I sat across from him. The table cloth was very long, so both Mom and I tease mr. k all through dinner. The meal was great.

When we returned to the car, mr. k took off his pants and put on his skirt. he moved as if he was use to changing into a skirt. Since he had now done this a couple of times, he clearly was learning. On the way home, Mom told him to take his panties off, put them in his mouth, and pull his skirt up so She could watch his cock. When we arrived home, Mom said, “ms k, keep holding your skirt up as we walk into the house. If you go soft, I am going to spank you when we get in. Of course I might spank you just for fun, but if you really want a spanking, just let yourself go soft. As I watched mr. k in the rear view mirror, I could see he was falling into a submissive shell. It was priceless and a sign to me that we were going to have a great life. It was also clear that Mom was really getting into Female Superiority. Since I intended to maintain control of everything, I briefly wondered if I might have to tone Mom down a peg.

mr.k did look cute holding his little cock draped by his skirt. Once inside, Mom told mr. k to put his scrub top on, take his skirt off, and come to the living room. She told him not to take his panties out of his mouth. I did give mr. k a supportive look, but I did not say anything. When Mom and I entered the living room, I asked Mom if She was all right. “Oh Barb, I am feeling really good, and I just love your idea about controlling ms k before I go home, I am going to have so much fun”, was Mom’s reply. A little concerned, I said, “Mom, I want you to have fun, but be careful. We are just beginning this process. I do not want to hurt or damage mr. k. I also want to be sure both You and mr. k understand I am in charge. So, please be careful. If I have to take control of You, I will” Mom’s response was; “Oh Barb, don’t worry, besides, I cannot image what You might do to control me”.

With that, mr. k entered the room as directed. mr. k was still hard, so Mom told him to put on his panties and make drinks. The three of us had our drinks and talked about what we would do tomorrow and Saturday morning. We finished our drinks, then; mr.k cleaned up the glasses, and returned to the living room to say good night. Mom told mr. k to bring Her night gown to Her. Standing up, Mom then told mr. k to kneel down and reach under Her skirt and pull down Her panties. he did as he was told. Mom then said; “I am enjoying being here with you and Barb so much my panties are wet. You helped make that happen. Now, stand up and give me a kiss good night. We have a long day and night tomorrow”. mr. k stood up, kissed Mom, while She placed Her hand inside his panties and rubbed his cock. Breaking off the kiss and still holding his cock, she said; “I hope Barb plays with your little cock tonight, you have been a good girl”.

Taking mr. k by his “little funny thing”, we said good night, and mr.k and I went to bed.   

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mom's Vacation Continues

Saturday’s were normally our PX morning. Our plan for the day was to get our food shopping done and then visit Nuremberg. It is a wonderful city full of great historical places to visit, an active market place, lots of restaurants, and back in the early seventies it had the “Wall” (a red light block).

Ms Barbara did treat me to a wonderful evening. She was not happy that i started the day so poorly and had to spank me with such force, but She felt the rest of the day went well. Changing into my new skirt, in the parking space, She considered a major and fun concession to her authority. Changing in front of Mom was important to both of my Superiors. Friday morning did change the requirement I only wear my scrub top around the house, but we engaged in very robust love making Friday night.

When Mom entered the bathroom on Saturday morning, as i was shaving, i did not repeat my Friday morning mistake. Mom said it looked like my butt was not as red as it was 24 hours ago, and given the tiny size of my penis, Barb must have allowed me some good sex. Such conversation while you are naked, shaving, and your Mother-In-Law is sitting on the toilet beside you is humiliating and exciting at the same time. However, with many quick breaths and care in my choice of words, i managed to adjust. Mom’s little love swat at my butt as she left the bathroom, reminded me that anything good happen.

At breakfast, we continue to talk about the fun we had yesterday. We talked about our plans for the day in Nuremberg, and a possible Sunday drive to Wurzberg. As i was clearing the table and doing the dishes Mom ask Ms. Barbara, “did k fill you with a good load and then clean you up?” Shock and humiliation were becoming a big part of all conversations with Mom. Ms. Barbara said, “mr k did take very good care of Me last night. mr k, did I sit on your face and allow you to clean out your cum?” Wow, it really can get worse. Yes You did, was what i tried to get away with. Ms. Barbara would not have it; “yes you did what? Tell Mom what you did?” “Mom, i licked and sucked Ms. Barbara’s pussy until She reached another orgasm”. Mom, simply said, “wonderful, just wonderful for both of you, now let’s get going, I’m looking forward to a good day.

When the breakfast dishes were done, Ms. Barbara took hold of “my funny little thing” and led me to our bedroom. I put my panties on and we dressed for the day. Mom stayed home while we went to the PX. The trip to the PX was uneventful, other than i remember Ms. Barbara slowly took us through the women’s department asking my opinion about items. Asking my opinion and commenting on opinions was very different. i now realize i was starting my education.

After i had all the groceries in the house, i removed my pants and panties and put things away. Thirty minutes later, i put my pants and panties back on and we left for Nuremberg. Our trip was only about forty-five minutes. We talked about the PX for about thirty minutes. Then Mom decided to talk directly to Ms. Barbara. “Barb, I was just reading a couple of articles and stories about wives that turned their husbands into sissies and gave them sissy names. The stories sounded like a lot of fun. I’m not sure if they are real or just stories, but the husbands had to dress as women, maids, and sluts. Dressed, or partially dressed the sissies had to do all the household chores, sometime go out dress as a women, and frequently suck and fuck like a women. Have you read such stories? Do you believe such stories”? i’m not sure how i stayed on the road, but i was pretty sure i was not going to make any comments. Ms. Barbara responded, “yes Mom I have read those stories. I am not sure if they are true, but they are exciting. Mom, as you now know, mr k has allowed me to put him in panties around the house and when he is off duty. Additionally, since he insulted you, he knows he can be spanked, can loose the privilege of wearing panties, and be required to displaying his funny little cock regardless of who is around. Therefore, what we are doing is real. mr k, you like what we are doing, don’t you?” Yes Ms. Barbara was all i could say. Mr. Barbara continued, “given our Lieutenant is in the Army we have to recognize the nature of his work. mr. k has made all his promotions early, and there is a good change he will make the next promotion early. Therefore, we cannot let anything interfere with his work. Sharing our changes with you has been fun and a good learning experience for all of us. I must say, it was great fun having him wear a skirt on the way home last night, just thinking about him in the back seat wearing panties and a skirt was exciting. We certainly do not want his co-workers to know about our game. Right now, Mom, are you all right seeing mr k naked, in panties, or just his scrub top? Since you did buy him panties for me, I trust you are at least somewhat accepting”. Mom responded, “Barb, I have always been a strong woman and although I controlled your dad, I am not sure I could have done what you are doing. Given that, I thoroughly enjoy what you are doing. I just love seeing ms k in his panties or bare ass naked. I wish I had done what you are doing to your dad. Given the stories I’m reading in your magazines, I might change his life when I get home. Would you like to come home one day and see your dad in dress and make-up?” Ms. Barbara said; “Gosh Mom, I not sure I’m ready for that image, but if you do it, I will certainly support you. You should do what make you happy. I cannot see dad resisting”.

With that said, we were parked and ready for a walking tour of Nuremberg. Despite Ms. Barbara and i walking the same route to the market place, Mom stopped at a store we had never notices. “Hey kids, come back here”, shouted Mom. “What kind of store is this”, she asked. To our surprise, it was an adult toy store. Without saying another thing, Mom walked into the store. Ms. Barbara and i looked at each other, smiled, and followed Her. None of the three of us had been in such a store. Mom kept asking us what items were for, and honestly, we had to guess about some items. We did not buy anything, but three adults did get an education, and left our minds whirling with questions about many items. Today, it is so much easier to discover items and their purpose.

We had a great time in the city. The three of us walked arm in arm, with me in the middle. We took our time in the market place. We stopped for a snack, some beer, and wine. We walked up to the castle with its great view of the city. Mom wanted to come back when it was dark to see the city at night. We found a nice restaurant for dinner. In walking back to the castle, we took Mom down the street know as “the wall”. Only a few of the ladies were sitting or leaning out of their windows, but they were clearly open for business. It took Mom a couple of minutes to understand what was going on, but She thought it was thrilling. As we reached the castle, Mom was almost bubbly talking about the “working ladies” as She called them. On our way back to the car, we stopped for another beer, coffee, and desert. When we arrived back at the car, Ms. Barbara said, “mr. k, I’ll drive home. Take your pants off and get in the back seat”. Stupid me; open mouth, insert foot; will i ever learn? i elected to say, “Ms. Barbara, i thought we had a wonderful day, did i do something wrong?” Ms. Barbara responded; “mr k, it has been a wonderful day, and until this moment. you did not do anything wrong. However, now you have questioned my directive, so take your panties off as well. Sit behind me, so Mom can see your “funny little cock” as we drive home”. Given where we were, i was hard as a rock in an instant. Ms. Barbara told me to walk around the car to get in. Now i was on display for Mom outside the house. Mom was quick to lend support. “Oh, Barb you are so good to me. I will enjoy watching ms k’s little cock. Can I tell her to play with it?” Ms Barbara responded; “yes Mom, you can tell mr k to do anything you want, any time you want”. When we were all in the car, Mom turned to me and said, “if or when I turn around I better see your little cock so I can tell Barb you are enjoying the drive home”. Mom checked frequently, and i remained hard. When we pulled in the driveway at home and we were out of the car, me without my pants or panties, Ms. Barbara turned to Mom and said, “Mom, you pull mr k into the house. I’ll get his pants and panties”. “Yes, thank you Barb, I would love to pull ms k behind me and into the house. Thank you for sharing her cock. Come along ms. Oh, you feel good, I may take my time with this”.

Ms. Barbara and i have always been in love with each other. We enjoy being with each other. We generally know exactly what the other is thinking. We respect and support each other. When Ms Barbara put me in panties i was comfortable with Her decision thought about the sexy aspects of me in panties. i did not think about the long-term changes that were underway. Now, with Mom sharing and supporting Ms. Barbara i did not know if we were just sharing youthful exploration or something else. After all, the stores we had been reading were just that, stories. Remember, wearing panties around the house is simply private fun. It does establish the real leader and sub. It is easy and fun to expand the significance of a husband in panties to full subservience. Taking our relationship beyond the privacy of our house (i.e. just the two of us) was an important step. As crazy as it was for me, i trusted Ms. Barbara, and rationalized Mom was family. Although i was still thinking fun and sex, Ms. Barbara was thinking fun, sex, training, and a long-range change. With Mom, i was learning to be naked around other women who were dressed. i was learning to obey and respect other women. i was learning to do as told, when i was told. At work, i expected orders to be followed immediately, and without question. The same expectation applied at home, it was just i was not giving the orders, and failure to comply had a different punishment. Our trip home from Nuremberg helped me realize Ms. Barbara had a bigger plan. Exposing me in public, even though no one was around, was acceptable to Ms. Barbara. Handing my cock to someone else was acceptable. Allowing others to see my punishment for mistakes was acceptable to Ms. Barbara. The most perplexing thing was Ms. Barbara never corrected Mom when She referred to me as ms, her, or sissy. Starting this training and process with Mom, a family member was more comfortable and safer than with a “best friend” or stranger. Ms. Barbara did not rush my training. Ms. Barbara and i were finding our way into a new life. We knew were had to keep our private life apart from work. i had a dual purpose involving work and home. Thus, for us, speed was not critical. Having an understanding family was a big help, and became a bigger help over the years.

The rest of Mom’s vacation ran about the same. On our drives home at night, i was in the back seat naked, in a skirt, or in panties. Mom took time to fondle me each morning while i shaved. Mom pulled me around the house as She felt like it. By Tuesday of that week, Ms. Barbara or Mom directed to wear panties or a skirt around the house. Of course, by then, Mom and Ms. Barbara had purchased me more skirts. In celebration of Mom’s great vacation and participation in my training, Ms. Barbara had me masturbate in front of Mom and then eat my cum. Just to be certain i understood my position, Mom pulled me close to Her and kissed me deeply, sharing some of my cum.

In ten vacation day, i was well on my way to a new person.