Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Family or Die

Family or Die

Mother-in-law’s arrival day was hard, on more than one level. On more than one occasion i wanted a hole to jump in and cover up. Ms. Barbara pulling me off to bed by my cock in front of my Mother-in-law was way over the top for me. What had been fun when we were by ourselves became a big humiliating end to a humiliating evening. Without Ms. Barbara’s late night support and love i could not have made it. As i fell asleep, i hoped the worst of the visit was over. As they say, hope springs eternal!

While living with Ms Barbara and her family for a couple of months before i went into the Army, i knew the family did not close the bathroom door, regardless of who was using the room. There was never a big parade of observers; it was just a family routine.

i woke up first the morning after Mom’s arrival. i quietly got up and went to the bathroom to clean up and shave. i was still working through yesterdays events in my head. i thought some quiet time before everyone else woke up would be good, so i closed the bathroom door. i washed and started shaving. Since i was by myself, i did not put my panties back on. Except for my shave cream, i was naked. To my shock and great surprise, Mom came in, sat on the toilet, and peed. In my shock i yelled; god damn, can’t i even shave in “f..ken” peace! Well, the “f” word is used on base for everything; however, it is not an acceptable word at home. In fact, i had never used it at home before. In an instant, i knew i would pay for my transgression. i had no idea how or when, but i would pay a cost.

Mom was just as calm as could be. Sitting on the toilet, with a pleasant smile, Mom said; “kay, Barb has been sharing your training progress for better than a year now. Yesterday was a wonderful experience and I appreciate Her willingness to share your training with me in the open. I will be here for another nine days. I trust and hope Barb will allow Me to share in more of your training. For example, when you stayed in My house, you were told to never close the bathroom door. Is that correct”? I responded, Yes Mom. Mom continued; “I am glad you remembered, yet you closed the door this morning. Has Barb changed the open bathroom door rule in Her house”? I said, no Mom. Mom went on, “kay, i am glad to hear the rule is the same and I trust you will not close it again; right? Yes Mom. “Now, Mom continued, I never thought to put dad in panties, but I assure you he learned to do as I said. I am sure you have already learned that My Barb is always right. I must say, except for your stupid outburst, I have enjoyed sitting here watch you shave and seeing, close up, and seeing why your little penis fits nicely into your panties and should never embarrass Barb. I also bet your stub is part of why you like your panties. As you finish shaving I want you to think about this, for the remainder of my visit, if I tell you to take your panties off, you will just do it, quickly and quietly. If I tell you to play with yourself, you will. In fact, if I tell you to do anything at all, you will just do it. Do you understand”? I said Yes Mom. Mom started to get up saying, “very good lieutenant kay”. As Mom left the bathroom, She brushed my bare ass with Her hand and directed; “when you are done shaving, come into My room, put My sheets and blankets away, then select a pair of your new panties and put them on. Then select a new top and put it on. Then ask for My permission to leave My room. Can you remember all that kay”? Rubbing my ass, She waited for my response. Yes Mom, i will remember. Without another word, Mom firmly and with authority whacked my ass, and left.

My god, i was getting another erection! What is going on with me? Clearly, g.i. joe left this house. As i finished shaving and brushing my teeth my erection just got harder. When i entered Mom’s room, i was as stiff as i could be. Mom looked up from reading one of our “Variation” magazines. Mom said, “well Lieutenant kay, I appreciate your salute, and it is nice to see you are willing to make up for your fowl language. I went through a couple of these magazines last night. I will have lots to discuss with Barb and many changes to institute when I get home. I wonder if dad will thank you for the changes he will face shortly. If you need help folding the sheets, just ask, otherwise, think about which color panties you are going to select for the day”.

i folded the sheets and blankets, then put them away for the day. i then selected the blue panties that were a little lacier than the other panties. i also picked up a new top.  i then asked Mom for permission to leave the room and wake Ms. Barbara up for breakfast. She said, “thank you kay, yes you may go wake up Barb. I’m ready for some coffee”.

i woke Ms. Barbara up. Even in Her pre-coffee haze, she complimented me on my new panties and scrub top. She asked if Mom was awake and ready for breakfast. i told Her that Mom was awake, ready for coffee, and i had already put Her sheets and blankets away. i did not tell her about my earlier outburst. It was not 8 AM yet, and i knew i had made two mistakes. i was thinking this is going to be a long day.

We went down the hallway. Ms. Barbara went to say good morning to Her Mom. i went into the kitchen to start breakfast. As Ms. Barbara and Mom entered the kitchen i was bending down getting the eggs off the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. Without uttering a single word, i felt a major sting pierce my butt, causing me to bang my head on the refrigerator as i jumped up screaming. Leaving the eggs in the refrigerator, i turned around to see Mom smiling and Ms. Barbara with fire in Her eyes getting ready to release another swing of the belt in Her hand. As Ms. Barbara swung the belt, i jumped and received a swat on my thigh. Ms. Barbara then said very firmly, but not yelling, “lean over the back of that chair right now”. While Ms. Barbara had not spanked me, it did not take an intellectual giant to know i was in trouble and i was about to get my first spanking. With a very quick motion my panties were pulled down to my ankles, then Ms. Barbara began spanking my bare ass with the belt, and saying; “I cannot believe you would use the “f” word in my house, and directing your disgusting comment to My Mother. You will never forget this mistake missy, and you will learn what will happen when you make any future mistakes. Mom is a pro at spanking and she taught me well. Now lay across my lap as I spank your little ass up close and hard”. As i moved, almost in tears, i realized i was getting an erection. Mom said, “I told you she would like it. If you stick that little penis between your legs as you spank her, I bet the Lieutenant will be hard as a rock when you are done”. Ms. Barbara put me across Her knees with my cock between her legs. She said, “now count the spanks and tell Mom you’re sorry after each swat. At “20, Mom i am sorry for using foul language”, Ms. Barbara stopped spanking me. She pushed me to my knees on the floor and said, “you know Mom spanked all of us, yet this was the first time I have had to spank you. It is good that Mom was here to witness your first spanking. Language is important and foul language is never acceptable. Do you understand? i responded, “yes Ms. Barbara”. Ms. Barbara continued, “good, I am pleased to hear your understand. Until I tell you differently, you have lost your right to the pleasure of wearing your panties at home. Immediately upon entering the house you will remove your clothes, take them to my room, and put your scrub top on, and only your top. Mom and I will get to watch your “little funny thing” while you are home. Now, tell me you understand, and thank me for loving and training you”. My only reply was, “thank You Ms. Barbara for loving me, spanking me, and training me to be a better person”. She then said, “now stand up and show Mom how hard you are”. To my shock, i was as hard as i could be, with the embarrassment to match. Ms. Barbara continued, “take off your panties right now and give them to Mom. She can give them back to you before we go out for the day. Now, you can make breakfast for all of us”. As i handed my panties to Mom, Mom said, “Lieutenant k, I will hold these for you until it is time to leave, when you need to put them back on. You will come to Me and ask for your pretty blue lace panties”. i replied, “thank you Mom”.

While i was making breakfast, and we were eating breakfast, Ms Barbara and Her Mom talked about the benefits of spanking. i was not included in the conversation other than to be told to get up and get more coffee, cream, sugar, or toast. Each time i got up, Ms. Barbara pointed out how soft i was getting, which served to make me harder. Each time i sat back down, Mom commented how gently i sat down.

A first spanking has to be memorable. my first is a vivid today as it was more than forty years ago. Punishment spankings were not a big part of our relationship. i think my first punishment spanking left me with the feeling that obedience and performance would be better than spankings. Spanking in front of another person, especially a family member, have a double impact.

In less than twenty-four hours, Ms. Barbara and Mom established a new foundation for me. While there was no question Ms. Barbara was in charge of our house, i now knew She had Mom’s support; i knew our relationship was not and would not be our secret; i knew my body could be put on display anytime, and anywhere; i knew Mom’s orders or directives were as important as Ms. Barbara’s, and i knew that i loved Ms. Barbara and would do anything for her.

Beginnings are different for everyone. Part of the key to success is to start. Remember, if your start feels flawed, talk about the issues, then re-start. You will be better for trying and retrying, than hiding and doing nothing.

The rest of our day went well. We had a lot of fun. It was not easy for me to sit at all.    

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spanking, Some Thoughts

Spanking, Some Thoughts

Over the last couple of days I have been feeling relatively good. ms sissy kay has been very helpful, giving me the time needed to put down a couple of thoughts.

Living in Germany at the start of our marriage was very good for us. Without TV we were able to spend time with each other. I was able to exercise more and more control over mr. k, but I also had time to write to and question Mom. When we talked on the phone during college our conversations were relatively short and focus on some very current issue or event. Through letters, we were able to think about and explore deeper and more serious issues.

Mom was a teacher and learned to control students in her classroom. She carried that control home. Discipline, order, and good behavior were important at home. While I do not have a specific memory of Mom spanking me, I do remember my younger sister spankings for her misbehavior. I also remember being warned, you are not to old to be spanked again if you do not change your ways right now. Clearly, I was spanked when I was my sisters’ age. There was also a belt hanging in the kitchen to remind everyone to be on guard. When my sister was spanked, it was a family thing. dad and I had to watch Mom administer the over her knee bare ass spanking. While such spankings were not common, I do remember them.

In my letters to Mom, a common theme centered on how she was able to take, and maintain, control over the family. The simple answer was she and dad decided it was best for the family if she were in charge. The real answer was more complex and involved her personality, her goals, her love of dad, and the physical force with which she could demand specific behavior from dad. Additionally, dad felt Mom was better educated and smarter. Therefore, Mom was the superior person. Between clear directives, rewards, denials, compliments, punishments, and spanking she achieved full control over dad. Since I never saw or remember dad being spanked, I asked her if she ever spanked dad. I was very surprised when she went into significant detail about spanking him a lot when they were first married, and less frequently as we were kids. When we were growing up, dad’s spanking took place when they went out for a ride in the car together. He would have to lay across her lap as she bare handed him. If he was in big trouble, she would use a hair brush on his bare ass after we went to bed. Since his hobby was woodworking, she had him make a special spanking paddle, which she used when she spanked him just for fun. She thought using his hand made paddle would always be significant to him and a stark reminder of his position.

I thought a lot about her answers. It occurred to me that mr. k and I enjoyed slapping each others’ ass when we were making love. If love pats were fun, I wanted to know the feeling of mr. k on my lap getting his bare ass seriously spanked. Would he cry? Would he get a hard-on? Would he eat my pussy right after a spanking? Could I change his behavior with spankings? Would he leave if I spanked him frequently? Could I spank him and then have him stand in a corner like a little child? Could spanking be part of our fun, or punishment, or discipline, or my entertainment?

Over the years, I have spanked him for all those reasons. It took a while for him to appreciate all the reasons I spanked him. While I never drew blood, there was a period where I spanked him repeatedly over about four months just to build up his tolerance. He has been spanked in front of the family, friends, strangers, and my adult children. If I do not live long enough, I expect one of my daughters will spank him in front of my grandkids, when they reach the appropriate age. However, after all these years, I believe the best thing I ever did was to give him his first spanking in front of Mom during her visit to Germany.

I think ms sissy kay should tell everyone about that experience. For Mom and me it was just wonderful. For ms sissy kay, it was a tough new beginning for my panty waist soldier.       

Change Can Just Happen

Change Can Just Happen

It was great to have Mom over for a visit. I had planned many activities for us to do and places to visit for the ten days of her visit. I considered myself a good planner. I expected to show Mom Germany, and introduce her to mr. k’s panties. In the first four or five hours of her visit, we were way ahead of mr. k’s schedule.  She was already actively engaged in my training program. The only major piece of my plan that she did not know about, or might be surprised by, is my intention to have her train dad when she arrived home.

From Mom’s first hug of mr. k as he showed off his panties, I knew k’s training was agreeable to Mom, and would move much faster than I had expected. I also knew mr. k could be overwhelmed if we were not aware of his emotions and supportive of his progress. Leaders cannot lead unless they have followers. Therefore, I wanted to sure I achieved my goals without loosing mr. k. Yes, I could attract another sub, but I enjoyed being with mr. k and I loved him. Wow, Mom’s vacation was going to be very exciting.

Pulling mr. k to my bedroom by his “little funny thing”, as Mom watched, was unplanned, bold and fun. Given his evening, this would be over the top for him. I knew he would collapse and breakdown in the bedroom. As he was face down on the bed, I allowed him time to cry by himself, as I stripped down to My bra and panties. Partial nudity always excites the boys. I then straddled his butt and messaging his back and shoulders. I spoke softly telling him how proud I was, how please I was, how happy I was, how pleased Mom was, and how we would protect and support him. Now was the time to give him support, appreciation, and love. I rolled off his back, lifted his head to my breasts and stroked his forehead. Calm down baby, Mommy will take care of you, My pretty baby in panties will be safe, just lay there and suck My breasts, suck them until you calm yourself, that’s it baby you love to suck My breasts. he also needed to know I was in charge and would direct his behavior. It took more than thirty minutes of holding, encouraging, and directly mr. k before he was calm and ready to suck My pussy. As I pushed his head to My golden pussy, I told him to show Me his appreciation for My love and his panties. After My first orgasm, I pulled him around for some good old 69. I brought him up and down until I had my second orgasm. I finally let him cum in my mouth. I do enjoy sucking him off. He does taste good.

Before we fell asleep in each others arms, I had him put his panties back on. mr. k had a tough day, but he had to know I would always control him and panties would always be a part of him. The poor baby had no idea what was ahead of him. Tomorrow was not many hours away. Starting tomorrow Mom and I would have mr k for at least three uninterrupted days. If I am lucky, he would make a big mistake and I could introduce him to spanking in front of Mom. I was thinking, mr. k My pretty panty girl, sleep tight. you have no idea what lies ahead of you.

Friday, March 16, 2012

A Vacation of Change

A Vacation of Change

In the little over three months between Ms. Barbara’s anniversary and Her Mother’s visit, it was rather amazing how Ms. Barbara’s positive support and simple reinforcement allowed me to become comfortable wearing panties around the house and on our days off. Kind words; your panties look nice; hay mr k nice panties; dear I like knowing your wearing panties, and comforting hugs with a little pat on my panties, or Ms. Barbara brushing Her hand across my panties as She walked by, and teasing foreplay as we went to bed each evening were all re-enforcing and aided my comfort. By the time Her Mom arrived, i was enjoying my panties.

As Mistress Barbara and i look back, it is also amazing how quickly a small event could both change my entire life, and become the foundation of a change for four generations (one generation back and three forward). As we all know, the speed at which a family becomes a female led family can vary from person to person and family to family. There is no set rule. It is only what works for everyone’s own case. For us, change, support, change, more support, discipline, support, sharing, and additional support over time yields happiness for everyone. During the periods when children are around, family support becomes very important. While the boys learn the value of the girls, aunts, and Mothers, the girls learn how to lead all the males (boys, uncles, and dads), while both young boys and girls are protected from the harshest training and experiences of the adult males.

Once i had placed Mom’s luggage in the living room, i naturally went to Ms. Barbara’s bedroom to get out of my uniform. Without hesitation, i put on my panties and house shirt, but i also added pants. With a guest in the house, even though the guest was family, pants seem to be the right dress. When i opened the present with the scrub tops, i felt a tinge of fear and embarrassment. The scrubs did not have the long tails that a shirt has, but with just Ms. Barbara in the house, that might be all right. Since Mom did not know about my panties, when she left, Ms. Barbara would help me become comfortable in the scrubs.

When i opened the next present and found new panties, my heart skipped a big beat. Turning red, i quickly thought they were for Ms. Barbara and She had me open the present just for fun. When i realized they were my size and Ms. Barbara told me Mom already knew i wore panties, i thought i would die. In telling me to take off my pants, show Mom i was wearing panties, and to put on a scrub top, She was both direct, firm, and supportive in Her tone. i took my shirt off and reached for a scrub top. Mom, in a firm voice, said, no k, take your pants off first, I wan to see your panties. i looked quickly to Ms. Barbara and immediately saw “the look”. She did not have to say a word; i knew i needed to get my pants off quickly. i was still on the floor when i removed my pants. Mom quickly said, “stand up and turn around so I can see you”. i did as I was told, but i was nearly in tears. Surprising to me, and very humiliating, Mom took the scrub top from Ms. Barbara, came to me and put the scrub over my head, helping me to put it on. She then hugged me tightly, thanked me for showing Her my panties, and said, “I am very happy you are part of our family and loving Barbara”. She stepped back, turned to Ms. Barbara and said; “Barb, you are lucky to have k in panties and willing to do as you direct, we need to take care of k and her growth”. As i recall, i was trembling again. Mom offered support; but did she say “her growth”? Ms. Barbara hugged Her Mom and said, “thanks Mom, I am glad you approve, and yes, growth is important”. Ms. Barbara then hugged me and whispered, “thank you dear, this is a big step forward for you. We will all have fun while Mom is here, but let make dinner, so Mom can get to bed early, OK? i held onto Her hug for several minutes while my trembling stopped. i then said, “yes, Ms. Barbara.

We moved to the kitchen, Mom and Ms. Barbara following me. Mom sat at the table while i opened a bottle of wine and pored Her glass. i proceeded to set the table while Ms. Barbara set up to cook our meal. Ms. Barbara and Her Mom chatted while i cut the vegetables and Ms. Barbara cooked the meat. While we ate, Mom asked Ms. Barbara, why She put me in panties, and did She have fun on Her honeymoon. Beyond Mom looking at me and saying things like, oh k, I bet you liked that, and k, did that make you happy, and was everyone looking at your little stiffie? Clearly, there was not intention of hearing an answer from me; it was just to have fun at my expense, and to see if i would develop an erection, which i most certainly did. When i got up to clear the table, Ms. Barbara decided She should hug me around my hips, lift the front of my scrub top, and show Mom how much i enjoyed our dinner conversation.

As an Army officer, i thought i had been through some tough training. In the span of four or five hours at home with my Mother-In-Law, i found out what real training was all about. As i turned toward the sink and having displayed my erection, Ms. Barbara gave my butt a quick slap. As i washed the dishes, Ms. Barbara decided She would help dry. However, as She dried an item, She stepped behind me, faced Her Mother, and rubbed my butt with Her pretty backside. Needless to say, i stayed erect through the entire process. When i was almost done washing the dishes, Ms. Barbara told me to get Mom’s wine glass and wash it. There was no hiding my erection, so i just took a deep breath and walked over to clear the class. To my absolute and complete surprise, Mom lifted the front of my scrub top, patted my panties, and said, very nice k, very nice! i could not move. There was not hole in the floor for me to jump into. Ms. Barbara came up behind me, put Her hand over my erection, and whispered in my ear, it OK dear, Mom can do anything She wants to you, so say thank you Mom, then we will make up Mom's bed, and go to bed. You have been very good tonight. We will talk about your new life. All I could say was thank you Mom.  

Mom took Her nightgown into the bathroom to get ready for bed. As i gathered the bed sheets and blanket for Her bed, i noticed She did not close the bathroom door. Ms. Barbara and i made up Her bed. When She came into the living room to go to bed, She gave me a big hug. Mom's hug seemed to linger a bit long, which caused me to go erect again. She whispered good night, and thanked me for loving Barb, and sharing my panties with Her. She then release me and hug Ms. Barbara saying, congratulation and take good care of k tonight, we have a long day tomorrow.

Will i ever survive my training? Where are we going? i was in quite a state! i was feeling like GI Joe was becoming GI Jane. As both Ms. Barbara and i said good night to Mom, Ms. Barbara took hold of my not so hidden erection and towed me back to our room. i was back to trembling again. Embarrassed, humiliated, and feeling like a teenager again, i collapsed on the bed in tears. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Back to Year Two

Back to Year Two

Throughout our high school and college dating, I controlled the level of petting ken was allowed to engage in. he was always easy to tease. I could tempt him, and then cut him off when ever I wanted. While the games I played excited me, poor Ken had no idea how excited I was. Of course, it was very easy to see his little penis raise and fall at my whim. The first time I allowed him to kiss my tits; he was literally trembling. he exploded in his pants before I touched him, let alone let him kissed my tits. It was so much fun, I made him take off his underpants, all wet and sticky; fold them neatly, so I could take them home. It took him months before he could hold on long enough for me to touch and play with his “funny thing”. he was done before his fly was down. For years, I would play with his little “funny thing” until it was raw. Then we would suck and lick each other until it was time to go home. Drive-in movies could be very hard on ken. As much as I enjoyed sucking his little “funny thing”, he became addicted to My sweet smelling and tasting nectar.

Once I had him in his panties, our enjoyment of oral sex did not change. In fact, I found great enjoyment in teasing him while we enjoyed our evening cocktail and dinner was being prepared. Requiring him to wear panties and his old house shirt was a nice transition. he knew the panties were for my pleasure and a sign of his love and respect for me. Allowing him to wear his shirt encouraged him to find comfort in the his panties and all the other changes. He did not know his shirt would not last very long.

After dinner, mr k did his chores. The goal was to get all the cleaning done before the weekend so we could travel and have fun. I did help with some of the cleaning as a way of teaching him how I wanted things done. Over time, I inspected and corrected more than I helped. One of his tasks was to organize and pay the bills. However, while he had to make the checks out, he was not allowed to sign them. He has to present the check and supporting bills to me for review and signature. While I did my review, he had to sit on the floor at my feet. If there were no mistakes, I would let him kiss my pussy, or I would drag him to bed by his little “funny thing”. If there was a mistake he had to take his panties off for the rest of the night, correct his error, and clean what ever room I was in. It was fun having him follow me from room to room as I continued to tease him. 

While mr k was cleaning, I was frequently writing to my Mom. Since mr k did not get to see my letters, he did not know how much of his training I shared with Mom. The more I shared, the more she seemed to enjoy what I was doing. We actually wrote portions of our letters for sharing with my dad, my sister, and mr k. Our special portions were for our eyes only. I found the exchange fun, and a big help in my planning. She finally decided she would come for a visit. mr k would have about three months training by the time Mom would arrive. Just for the fun of it, I asked Mom to bring some presents for mr k. mr k and I started to make plans for leave and some short trips.

On the day Mom arrived, we worked a half day. We went directly from the base to the airport in Frankfurt. It was just under a two-hour drive. The real purpose was to be sure mr k was in his uniform when we arrived home. Mom’s flight was on time and she cleared through customs without any problem. It was so great to see Mom. On the ride home, we just talked about everything and nothing - catching up as a Mom and daughter do. Mom included k every now and then, and mr k pointed out some of the towns and cities we would visit later. At one point Mom said, k do you have to wear your uniform all the time? mr k responded, no, only when on duty. Then Mom turned to me, Barb, I thought you liked uniforms, but he does not wear one at home? Mom, I do not make him wear his Army uniforms at home, but he does wear his house clothes. All Mom said was, oh, it is good he does. I could see mr k had no idea what that meant or even what to say.

When we arrived home, Mom and I went in the house. mr k brought in the luggage. We had sleep sofas in the living room, which is where Mom would stay. After mr k placed the luggage on the luggage racks, he left to change out of his uniform. While he was changing, Mom took out his presents. We had a little smile as we both wondered how mr k would be dressed when he returned.

Well, mr k brought cocktails with him when he came into the living room. He did have his house shirt on, but he also had is favorite pants on as well. I thanked mr k for the drinks, but said, just because Mom is here does not mean things change. Mom, got up and gave mr k a huge, patted his butt, and said thanks for picking me up. I did bring you kids some presents. Mom handed k a couple of packages. I directed mr k to bring the present by me, and to sit on the floor to open them. mr k handed me one present to open, but I said, no you open it. mr k’s expression was priceless as he pulled out three green medical scrub suit tops, no bottoms, just tops. As mr k turned to me and said, You wear these everyday, Mom spoke up and said no, they are for you to where around the house as you do your chores. Being an officer and a gentleman, mr k said thank you, with a very quizzical look on his face. I could see a flash go through mr k's face; did Mom know? I told mr. k to open the next present. The box was much smaller. As mr k was opening the box, Mom said, k I hope you like the colors because I know the size is right. When mr k saw a half a dozen new pretty panties, I think his heart skipped a beat. I could see a tear in his eye as he realized Mom knew. He turned to me looking for help. I leaned down to give him a huge and a kiss as I said, now mr k, Mom has known for a long time that you wear panties. I even asked Her to bring you these presents, since from now on you will wear the scrubs and panties around the house. Now, it is time to show Mom you are wearing you panties, and get those pants off right now. mr k, you better be wearing panties or I will be very disappointed. Now, you just sit there and take off your shirt and pants, and put on a scrub top. We will save your new panties for tomorrow. You know, if you do not have your panties on, you will wear nothing while Mom is here. By the time Mom leaves, may be She will be ready to pub dad in panties. 

Thus, we entered a new chapter in our family. It was great having Mom around even if was just a short vacation. mr k, actually did rather well, and learned a lot.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Short Interruption

Short Interruption

I have been sick for several years now. In January, we have a scare with me in the hospital for a couple of weeks. I had hoped to walk everyone through the process that led to our strong, respectful, and loving female led lifestyle. However, I now think I should take a moment to provide a quick summary of my evolution from a strong willed high school daughter and sweetheart, to an even stronger female leader of an entire family taking leadership of three generations.

Mom was a college graduate. Dad was not. Mom was a professional teacher. Dad was a hard working blue collar worker, do all he could to provide for Mom, her Mom, my sister, and I. Yes, Dad did not have much of a chance with four women around the house. My Grandmother and mother set the tone in our house. Dad’s role was to do as he was told when he was told, and often, how he was to do almost everything. I cannot say my Grandmother or Mother were ever mean to him. He accepted his limited input in most everything with as much joy as anyone could expect. He was punished when he stepped out of line, but I did not know about the punishments until Mom started telling me when I was high school. It was in my junior and senior years of high school when I was allowed to take a stronger role in teasing and directing Dad. Grammar would often push me when were alone and when Dad was present. The message was “men need a strong woman to be successful and they actually love strong women”. “Unless a man knows who's in-charge, they will become selfish and take advantage of a woman”.

As I became interested in boys, I seem for find confirming example of selfish boys. The studs were just to full of themselves, and just looking for a quick lay. The jocks either were, jerks, or smart enough to be interested only in the smartest girls. When I discovered Kenny, he was good looking, shy, and the word was he was sincere and caring. When we started dating, I knew he would be mine. I knew he would be successful in whatever he did, but he would also take care of me. He was not afraid to express his opinion or desires, but he would do whatever I wanted. Mom and Grammar saw the same qualities and encouraged me to teach him follow me. Throughout college, he did well in his studies, and did not stray from me. While I went to nursing college in another state, I did get to find many selfish men. The experiences helped to confirm my interest and love for Kenny. It was no surprised we were married shortly after graduating from college.

While Kenny was a junior in college, he had already become the senior financial person for a consulting firm. As expected, he was a leader and a good businessperson. We did not expect he would to get drafted. When he finished his training, we were lucky to be posted to Germany. Since we would be away from family, I would have the opportunity to define our roles within our marriage.

I had the role of my Mother and Grandmother to follow. However, as we found and read the magazine “Variations”, my thoughts and idea began to expand. Throughout nursing training and working as a nurse on base, I realize both men and women had affairs. I also realized a woman could start an affair just as it could by a man. We read a “Variation” story and a comment that really caught my imagination. A woman noted; “a man with polished toe nails and panties is not likely to have an affair”. Well, I set that in the back of my mind thinking the logic was simple and very likely true. I even asked Kenny if he agreed, and he did. Now, I knew Kenny would not stray, but I was not sure other women might not try.

In our first year of marriage, buy ourselves in Europe; I began to develop my own leadership style. We did everything together, but at my direction. Our names of Ms. Barbara and k evolved without much fanfare of difficulty. It was apparent to me that k did enjoy watching me walk around in my panties. He enjoyed starting foreplay with me in my panties. I started having him hand wash my panties, often after he had washed the dishes. While out traveling around Germany, I notice how quickly he got an erection when I exposed my panties. As our anniversary approached, I decided to make the anniversary mine, and introduce k to his own panties. On active duty, he could not wear panties to work, but with three-day weekends and on leave, he certainly could. As noted in our anniversary weekend piece, k panties were a great success.

In our second year of marriage, we extended his journey into servitude more and more. It would be many years before k would move to ms. k, and then ms. sissy k, but the path was set. When we returned to the States and we both began our professional careers, we continued our growth. We both worked, we went to graduate school, we became very active in boating, we raised a family, and I became the head of our family, including Mom, Dad, sis, and her partners. Ms. K, dad, and my brother-in-law eventually became excellent sissies. I learned the truth and impact of having your man in panties and polished toes. I learned the control I had over how have an affair and with whom. I learned that I did like to suck cock, but I could teach anyone to such and love cock. While the level of activity varied during the years of raising our extended families, we did manage to add another generation of female leaders.

We will share the detail of how we did it through this blog. ms sissy k will do the writing from my dictations for as long as possible. We want to encourage everyone to consider this lifestyle. Do it at your own pace. Stay within your own limits. Keep the requirements of work, family, and lifestyle in balance. Challenge those limits every now and then, remembering you can trim back. Maintain respect and love for everyone you meet or play with during the journey. Most important; stay healthy.

Ladies, take a chance and take the lead. Men, enjoy your panties as often as you can.