Sunday, February 26, 2012

Setting the Foundation

Setting the Foundation

Our second year of marriage set some traditions for Ms. Barbara and i. We also experienced several changes and growths within the family. It would still be a few more years before i would refer to Ms Barbara as Mistress. It would also be a few years before i became ms kay rather than just k.

For the first couple of months following Ms. Barbara anniversary, i changed into my panties and old shirt when i returned home from work. Since we had only one car and worked on the same base, Ms. Barbara and i normally commuted to work together. Since Ms. Barbara dropped me off first, i naturally saw Ms. Barbara’s driving and drop-off sequence as simply normal. It was not until we owned two cars, that i realized Ms. Barbara was training me to understand Her superiority.

Ms. Barbara made an immediate change to our drive home. As soon as we cleared the base, Ms. Barbara directed me to unzip my pants and “pull my funny thing out of my pants”. After a shocking “what” for my response, Ms. Barbara simply said, “pull that funny thing out now, or you’ll be sorry”. The tone and force was something new, but i complied. When we arrived home, Ms. Barbara noted that it appeared no one was around and i should walk into the house “with your funny thing barely hanging out”.  As She got out of our car, i asked, “are You sure?” Ms. Barbara leaned into the car through her door and smiled, “ms k, why would you doubt me? Closing Her door, Ms Barbara waited for me at the front of the car. Well, i was sure i did not hear correctly, but clearly, i would be walking into our house with my cock hanging out. Once in the house Ms. Barbara thanked me for following Her directions, and commented less reluctance is required in the future. i was happy i was not caught by neighbors, and pleased that Bs. Barbara was glad i did as She directed. i noted to myself, i should be more trusting of her directions.

Without further direction, i changed into my panties and old comfortable shirt. i mixed each of us a drink, and we sat down for our end of the day relaxation period. Sharing the events of the workday became a life long daily event. The sharing provides common ground for us. Before we finished our drinks, Ms Barbara asked me to sit on the floor next to Her. We continued our conversation and discussed what we would have for dinner. We moved to the kitchen, and together we started to prepare dinner. Since this was our first meal prepared with me in my panties, Ms Barbara handed me an apron stating i should make sure “my funny thing” neither is burned nor adds flavor the food. After dinner, as i cleared Ms. Barbara’s plate from the table, She rubbed my panty-covered butt and commented how much She enjoyed the meal, my apron, and my panties. i washed the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen, while Ms. Barbara did the things She wanted.

Since we worked four ten hour days, and we did not have TV, evenings were normally spent writing letters, reading, or making plans for the weekend. Getting up at 0530 each morning, meant we were in bed by 2100 hours (9 PM). I had just laid down in the bed on my side when Ms. Barbara pushed me over on my stomach, pulled my panties down just enough to expose my ass cheeks and started spanking me. I thought this was just a new element of our foreplay, but She did not stop. After a minute or two, Ms. Barbara said; “listen ms k, when I tell you to do something, you do it”. Without stopping the spanking, Ms. Barbara continued, “when I tell you to do anything with that little funny thing you call a cock, you do it, or you can expect to get a spanking. Do you understand? I quickly responded, yes Ms. Barbara, i understand, i will do as you tell me, i am sorry”. Adding a few more swats, She said, “good, I will give you a hint, when I refer to you as ms k, you should realize you did something wrong, and will be spanked in the near future. Now get your tongue in My real pussy and show Me how much you love Me”. As hard and excited as i was, i learned a lesson and went to sleep with the lovely taste of Ms. Barbara in my mouth and my untouched shrinking erection. We did kiss goodnight, as Ms. Barbara patted my erection and said, “you should not expect relief when you have disrespected me; sweet dreams dear”.

We awoke in the morning and prepared for work. As I was shaving, Ms. Barbara came into the bathroom to pee. She did play with my cock, saying; “k this funny little thing is not likely the biggest cock available, but I do love you and it. Just make sure you do as you are told, and I will keep it warm and busy, ok”? All I could say was “yes Ms. Barbara, You can count on me”. When She was through peeing, She left, leaving me with another dying erection.

Our second year of marriage was off and running. i started to understand my life was going to change. i just did not realize how much change would occur. How intense the changes would be, and how long the changes would last. Over more than forty years, we have loved and respected each other in a relationship that works for our family. When we began our journey we did not know where were going; what was right or wrong. Ms. Barbara just knew She would expand Her Mom’s family leadership and build a new family unit.  

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A New Life Evolves

A New Life Evolves

Our first two years of marriage in Germany were without a TV. We had the time to become a couple. We talked. We did chores. We read. We set the foundation for our future. Better than i, Ms Barbara had a much more complete idea of where we were going than i did. Clear to everyone, we enjoyed being together. We liked looking at each other. We liked talking. We liked exploring new things together. We laughed at ourselves, and each other. Others recognized that we both liked and loved each other. When something went wrong, we talked about the cause and worked on a solution. When Ms. Barbara decided to try something new and i was uncertain, Ms Barbara advanced carefully, while i did as She directed. For us, we formed a solid foundation of love and mutual respect for a lifetime. Over almost forty years of a female led marriage, we have tried almost everything except smoking and drugs. Ms Barbara, now Mistress Barbara, influenced Her Mother, father, Sister, and our next generation dealing with the benefits of female led families.

When we arrived home from our anniversary weekend, Ms. Barbara took our painting in the house. She turned to me and said; k empty and clean the car. When i had my task complete and our bags were in the house, emptied, and all the dirty clothes put in the hamper, we sat together and reviewed how well each of us enjoyed our celebration. Ms. Barbara liked me wearing panties and was very pleased i did not resisting wearing them. For Her, it represented a respectful and loving commitment to Her.

k come into the living room and sit down in front of me, was Ms. Barbara’s way of starting our discussion. k, since we both enjoyed My anniversary weekend I have some ideas about our future, and I need your support. you are willing to do everything I ask you to do, right? i simply responded with yes. k, when you come home from work, you always put on your old shirt and pants. Obviously, they are comfortable, but they are certainly to old to wear outside the house. i responded, yes, that is true. From now on, when you come home from work, I need you to take off your uniform, put on your “now house shirt” and you panties, no pants. As long as it is warm, there will no longer be any need for you to wear pants round the house. I will enjoy seeing you in your pretty panties every day, and you will be happy in your panties, right? It took me a minute to process this change and respond; Ms. Barbara, i did not expect such a change, but yes, i will do everything you enjoy, and i do think i will enjoy wearing just panties and a shirt. While it does not occur often, what do we do if someone is visiting you when i get home? Well, Lieutenant k, that is a good question. We may have to experiment with that, but for now, as long as you are off-duty, you should come say hello to my guest, excuse yourself, then go put your panties on under your uniform and return to visit with our guest. Yes, for now, that is what you will do, and if we decide to go the “O” club, well, you will go in your panties. This could be fun; I may have to find ways to have more guests over for coffee. Now, to let Me know you are ready to do this, you need to crawl between my legs and suck my clit. i did comply, immediately. Thus, the concern concluded quickly. Upon bringing Ms. Barbara to Her orgasm, Ms. Barbara directed me to take off my shorts, put on my house shirt and start making dinner.
Our second year of marriage began. Each day, after work, i put on my shirt and panties while at home. Weekends, i wore my panties, unless i had to go to the office. When we went shopping, at both the Post Exchange (PX), and German stores, i was wearing my panties. Within a week, i was buying matching panties for Ms Barbara and i. Since we wore different sizes, certainly sales clerks noticed. Oh, the joys of shopping!