Sunday, January 29, 2012

The First Weekend

The First Weekend

my introduction to panties, on Saturday morning was soft and gentle. There was no big demand or harsh command. When Ms. Barbara said I want you to wear panties all the time, i knew the discussion was over. Her next comment was simply, I like the way they look on your; let’s go eat. Without any more fanfare, we dressed and went downstairs to eat. As we walked to the hotel cafe, i was sure everyone knew i was wearing panties. i was trying to walk naturally, but Ms. Barbara knew i was pretty close to a panic. She would look up at me, She is a full foot shorter than I am, rub Her hand alone my waist, smile, and say; just stay calm; you like your panties don’t you, and you think everyone knows? Throughout breakfast, she would reach under the table and fondle me. Frequently, She would look across the room and say, mr. k, do you think that couple knows you are wearing pretty panties? After breakfast, we did some window-shopping. We looked at several art studios as a possible source for our anniversary present. When we returned to our room, we had some late morning lovemaking.

After a nap, we showered and prepared to go downstairs for lunch. As i was about to put on my panties from the morning, She handed me a new present and said, happy anniversary, I hope you like these! Even i could guess the box contained a new set of panties. This gift was a new pair of high-cut panties, and showed off a lot of leg. While i did like the look, i was having problems with the guy and panty issue. The plan for the remainder of the day was to find a painting or other artwork for our present. i was feeling bad, because i thought the anniversary present was just artwork, and here i was wearing new panties as presents. Ms. Barbara continued Her teasing all day. You like your panties don’t you. Are they looking at your panty line? Do you think that big guy with the beard over there is wearing panties like you? Mid-afternoon, we stopped at a café for a snack. i naturally asked for permission to go to the bathroom, and excused myself. A couple of steps from the table, Ms. Barbara called me back. She put Her hand on my waistband and said; when you wear panties, you must always sit down in the bathroom, no more standing and playing with yourself at the urinal. Do you understand? Well, you can bet my heart skipped a couple of beats. While i turned many shades of red, i was afraid to look around to see if anyone heard Her. It did not matter we were in a German café, and we were the only ones speaking English. As my breathing increased, Barbara simply looked into my eyes and said, while you gather yourself, just say – yes dear, and go sit to pee. In barely a whisper, i said- yes dear, and went to the bathroom. I have been sitting in the bathroom every since.

We found our artwork by late afternoon. We were both happy with the selection. It was within our budget, and it fit in the car. On the way back to the hotel, we stopped for some wine and beer. The sun was pleasant and we both felt good about our purchase. Ms. Barbara asked if i was enjoying wearing my panties. Before i could answer, She noted how much She enjoyed me wearing them, and how happy it made Her that i did not put up any resistance. Beyond having a hard-on almost all the time, or one springing up with the least provocation, i was actually enjoying my new underwear. Guy or not, my panties were fun and exciting. Knowing Ms. Barbara was happy certainly was extremely important.

During our search for our painting, we found a nice restaurant for our anniversary dinner. We had a wonderful meal and celebration. We were by ourselves, just talking, laughing, and enjoying our meal, location, and love for each other.

The remainder of the night we spent in almost endless lovemaking. By the time we fell asleep, we were both exhausted. Sunday morning brought another morning of wake up sex, shower, a new gift-wrapped box of panties for me, and then a trip downstairs for breakfast. On my second morning in panties, I was still sure everyone was watching my panty line and quietly making fun of me. Ms. Barbara’s teasing did little to relieve me of my nervousness. After breakfast, Ms Barbara decided we would go exploring. She wanted to walk some trails and enjoy some mountain views. She directed us to the Eibsee, a beautiful lake just a short drive from Garmisch. There are many trails into the mountains, a trail around the lake, and a cable car access to the Zugspitze. The trail around the lake is a little over five miles. It is a good four-hour hike, allowing stops to take great pictures. However, when you add in some skinny splashing, a bit cold for dipping, and a couple of off-trail lovemaking stops, the trip takes longer. i was beginning to think Ms. Barbara want to get me caught wearing my panties. The adventure of youth is wonderful. Adding the excitement of my panties, at the time, we felt we were really pushing the envelope of life. As it turned out it was only the start of our adventurous life.

We drove around the area and mountains for the remainder of the day. We had dinner is a local guesthouse. Our conversation relived a wonderful day. I was again hard as a rock, with Ms. Barbara continuously teasing me.

Our last night in our hotel was more anniversary lovemaking. At his point, other than my panties, and Ms. Barbara’s stockings and garters, our lovemaking was very traditional. Yes, Ms. Barbara was leading, and the intensity was high, it was still fondling and screwing in a verity of positions. Monday morning i received another panty present for the trip home. After breakfast, we headed home. In 1970, short skirts were in. Ms. Barbara always looks great in them and wore them often. As soon as we were on the road, Ms. Barbara turned toward me causing Her skirt to ride up. With Her teasing smile she said, damm, look, I forgot to wear any panties! I guess you are the only panty girl in the car today! Well, i was pretty raw and sore from last night, so my instant erection was intense, and i was happy for the soft material of my panties. Ms. Barbara teased me all the way home. i am certain several truckers had a nice view as well. At the gas stations, Ms. Barbara just had to get out of the car, and bend over to clean the car floor mates. The stunt kept me hard, and I am certain by the smile on the guy pumping fuel next to us, enjoyed the show. Before we arrived home, Ms. Barbara directed me to pull of the road, where is walked down a path and made love again.

When we think about our introduction to what became a female led lifestyle it was gentle transition. It was part of Ms. Barbara’s personality and plan. While i did not know it at the time, i was likely predisposed to accepting a strong female. However, i did and do feel i was being a supportive husband. No, i was not caught wearing panties. No, i did not have to ask, lead, or entice Ms. Barbara. i know how lucky i am. However, anyway a household is developed or converted to a female lead home, is acceptable and good. To the extent, you can train the next generation of women to assume control of their dating and marriage relationships you are contributing value to their lives. Even if your current relationship is not female lead, you can instill strong leadership skills and confidence in your girls.

Over the remaining time in Germany, our female lead relationship expanded and took a couple of unexpected turns for me. We will describe those events in shorter articles. We thought this simply beginning required longer articles. We hope they help anyone considering improving their relationship(s).    

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Starting Our Life

Starting Our Life

When we married, we certainly did not know any thing about a Female Led Marriage, Dominance, submission, bondage, or anything else related to any type of alternative lifestyle. We certainly were two young people very much in love and looking forward to creating a new life. I was drafted into the service immediately after graduation. Rather than take a chance on any assignment, I enlisted into a special Army unit that would get me through Officer’s Candidate School and a good over seas assignment. While I was away in training, Barbara lived as home, and we started our marriage via letters. The tone of her letters began to change from the tone we shared throughout college. Clearly, Mom was providing some additional training for her married daughter. When I finished training, we traveled to my duty station in Germany. I went over first, settled in my duty station, and quickly found a house to rent off base. Barbara (at that time) joined me six weeks later, and we finally started to build our life and routine.

Our base community was rather small. Most of the staff, both officer and enlisted, were educated and bright people. We had a live mission and everyone worked very hard. Off-duty discussions and activities were exciting, not job related, and our life centered on making friends within our community and the local German community. Since our work was highly classified, no one could talk about work unless we were at work. We did not have TV. We had reading, co-workers, and ourselves to fill our non-working hours. Barbara and I talked about visiting towns, cities, and festivals around Europe. We meet good people from all over the country. We learned a lot about other people’s priorities and social activities. As educated and contemporary in our thinking as we thought we were, we discovered socially conservative we were.  

Since we could not talk about my work at the end of each day, we started a routine of having an evening cocktail and talking about how we would live while in Europe and when we returned home. We talked about everything. We began to open new doors and areas of interests and disinterest that we had not previously talk about. We talked about our respective Mothers role in our homes as we grew up. We talked about our roles and our lack of interest in any drugs.

Ms. Barbara found work on base. As was and always would be the case, she made new friends quickly and loved by everyone. Ms. Barbara has a way of getting people to tell her everything. She discovered many women had as much of more control over their men as she had over me (at the time). She discovered meek women who could only do as their husband told them. Such a position was unacceptable to her. She also picked up the name Ms. Barbara. She told me she liked the name, and suddenly I started calling her Ms. Barbara. At the time, I was certain it was my idea. (The first of many things I thought were my idea!) The Penthouse publication, “Variations”, became common reading material for us, and was the first time we started learning about alternative lifestyles. While we were not certain the stories were true, we did find them exciting.

Even today, we think being away from home and having to create our own routines was critical to our long-term success. We shared the house cleaning duties. We went to the base together to do the laundry. Together, we learned what was important to Ms. Barbara, and how She wanted things done. We learned how we could share ideas about everything, and how Ms. Barbara would make the final decision. Ms. Barbara conversations with her girlfriends, and our reading influenced the speed and manor of Ms. Barbara’s' increasing control.

Since we both grew up with strong Mothers, it was quite easy for us to follow suit. Ms. Barbara naturally controlled love making, whether it was in the bedroom, or anywhere else. She controlled what, where, when, and how we made love. Our sex was exciting, spontaneous, risky by our then existing standards, and always intense. Our first year of marriage was routine. We made friends. Held and went to parties. We did the things we needed to do to advance in our respective jobs. We learned about the strengths each of us brought to our marriage. These are important for everyone to learn, and there is no special pace for learning. In our ninth month of marriage, Ms. Barbara began to talk about our first wedding anniversary. What we might do and where we might go. Everyone told us about the military recreation center in Garmisch. Ms. Barbara told me to put in for a couple of days leave so we could make a long weekend. My leave was granted and I booked a reservation. As our anniversary date approached, we talked about buying a painting in Garmish as a present. Since i was working the late shift, Ms. Barbara elected to pack for both of us. The trip to Garmish was less than three hours, we would leave as soon as i arrived home. We arrived in Garmish in the early afternoon. i took a nap. We then got the lay of the land, and went to the hotel bar for a drink. In Ms. Barbara’s style, she made the drive fun and exciting with her teasing and seductive behavior. i had no idea what was ahead for the long weekend.

Friday evening we had a good dinner and enjoyed a couple of drinks at the bar. Since Saturday was our anniversary, Ms. Barbara suggested we get a good night’s sleep. Given my shift work, i was happy to catch up on some sleep. Since i normally sleep in my underwear (or nothing), i did not even open my suitcase. i just went to bed.

When I woke up Saturday morning, Ms Barbara greeted me in just a bra, garter belt, stocking, and panties. What a great start to our anniversary. Our lovemaking was great, slow, and exhausting. While recovering and holding each other, Ms Barbara asked if I like Her outfit. Yes, dear, you are beautiful and your outfit is beyond words, and i am glad we are married. Do you like my panties? Yes, i do. Did you get them her in Germany? Did you like how they felt as you took them off me? Yes, like you would not believe. Would you like it if I wore them more often? Oh, yes, they are far more exciting than your simple white panties; was my response. Ms. Barbara did not miss a beat; I like them to and I think they excite you. Would you be willing to excite me? Dear, you know i will do anything to excite and keep you happy; i love you so much. Well, you know I love you as well, so I have a special present for you. I know we agreed to buy a painting while we are here, but I decided to get you something special. I think we will both enjoy your little present. Ms. Barbara went to her suitcase and brought back a small box. As Ms. Barbara gave me the box She said, I want you to know how happy I am with you, and our life together. We were made for each other, and I expect us to grow old together, expanding our love, trust, respect, and excitement each year. Today, on our first anniversary, I want you to make a new commitment to our love, our life together, and to me. Are you willing to grow, learn, and love me more and more each day? Dear, you know i am the happiest man in the world and it is solely because of my love for you; was all i could say. Good now, lets take a shower, and then we will open your present. Our shower was another lovemaking event. To my surprise, Ms. Barbara grabbed my cock and pulled me over to the bed. Now, open your present was all she said. In a flash, i have the box open, and it was my first pair of panties, matching hers. My first comment was; wow, can i put them on you? Ms. Barbara laughed, and said, no dear, they are for you; I am going to put them on you. In fact, except for work, I want you to wear panties all the time. I think it will be exciting, don’t you?

We started our new life on our anniversary. We did not know exactly what we were doing, or where it would lead, but for us it was exciting, loving, and a sign of trust and respect we had for each other. It turned out, my suitcase only had panties; no underwear. Honestly, i was hard all weekend. Ms. Barbara knew it, and took advantage of me all weekend. While we did not know at the time, our first anniversary was just one of now 53 anniversaries. For us, it works well. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Beginning According to Sissy Kay

Mistress Barbara has the critical points correct, as She always does. As a shy, scared high school kid, She was the pretties girl I’d every seen. i was certain She would never talk to me, let alone go on a date with me. Yes, i was a “Mommies Boy”. i was tall and skinny. i did not know how to talk to girls, and i certainly did not know how to behave on a date. While Ms. Barbara was always a treat to see in church, you can believe i was in heaven when we ended up on the same ski trip. As i was looking for a seat on the bus, Ms. Barbara told me to take the seat next to her. i’m pretty sure i started sweating the moment Ms. Barbara told me to sit down. i was amazed at how easily Ms. Barbara led the conversation, talked about herself, and asked questions about me. The trip to the mountain was unbelievably fast. We skied together for part of the day, then She told me She wanted to skied with her girlfriends for part of the day. On the trip home, She rested Her head on my shoulder, held my hand, and overwhelmed me. Yes, i did quietly sing to Her. i still sing to her. i was doing my best to impress Her. When we got off the bus, i walked Her home. We did not kiss good night, but She told me to sit with Her at lunch on Monday, and She might be willing to go out on a date with me. Before, i could say a thing; She was going into her house. From the beginning, She knew how to handle me. i do not think my feet touched the ground on my walk home. The erection i had walking home was a first and new feeling for me. Daily lunches were with her girlfriends and me. After a couple of days, She lead Her girlfriends to a table closer to the guys i normally ate with. i thought that was a good idea, but it was really an early element of Her ability to gain control of me.

Home was just Mom and my Sister. We did well, put clearly i did what i was told when i was told. my Sister and i took care of each other, but i also did what my Sister told me. Around town, no one messed with either of us, because we did stand up for each other. It is likely i was predisposed to doing what Ms. Barbara directed, but i did not know it at the time. She was also telling the guys there was a new leader in town.

We did all the normal high school dating stuff; dances, bowling, beach parties, movies, plays, proms. Petting was controlled and allowed by Ms. Barbara only when She wanted. The first time i saw, kissed, and sucked on Her tits, i thought i would shake to death. Thereafter, Her tits were only a reward for proper behavior and care. She could and would play with me anytime She wanted. Often She would tease me and send me home in frustration and a promise for relief some other day, if i was a good boy. Now we did not have the information and reference source available today, but Ms. Barbara certainly understood me and how to control me. While i did not know what was going on, i did notice that Her Mom was in charge in her house.

Throughout college, we continued dating and building our love. We went to colleges in different states, so romance, with various tasks, and love was directed through letters. She did date while at college, but i was not allowed to date, unless She arranged or approved my date. i thought that was OK. We remained virgins until Christmas of our senior year of college. Given the likelihood i would be drafted into the service, Ms. Barbara decided we should marry right after graduation. Christmas i gave Her a ring, and we made love for the first time. We married just before i was drafted into the Army. After training, we lucked out and were transferred to Germany. It was there where we started to create our lifelong Female Led Marriage.

We will share the details of our development in future articles. Whether you are young or older, please consider creating your own Female Led Relationship. There is a Pew Research study documenting 62% of households indentify a Female as the head of the household. The research also reflects that 64% of couples live together before marriage. These numbers suggest that Women are already leading the family, and there is ample time before the wedding day to begin training Your boy. As a submissive who became a boyfriend, lover, a husband, a sissy, a father, a cuckold, a sissy maid, and caretaker, do not be afraid to start your journey into submission. Remember, liking your mate will lead to love and respect. With your Mistress/Wife in the lead, you will be a better and happier person. Mistresses/Wives, it is likely You are already in charge, so extend Your control and increase Your pleasures. Train Your boy today, and help develop tomorrows new Female Leaders.     

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Beginning According to Mistress Barbara

I, Mistress Barbara was always a pretty girl. I had a great personality and a real jest for living. However, throughout high school I had very small tits. I frequently thought I would be a problem getting dates. I did not have a problem, and I did not have to fuck or suck cock just to get a date.  When I spotted Ken (later to become kay), I was sure I had found a boyfriend and possible husband. Ken was tall, skinny, shy, and good looking. The word around town was his family was different and secretive. No one knew the Dad, and his Mother did not have Ken’s last name. Very odd in those years, but it was never an issue. It was what it was, and no drama associated with at all. As shy as he was, his Mother and sister were known in the community as very outgoing, assertive, and fun people to be around. We saw each other in church every Sunday, but never talked. It was clear that he was very attentive to his Mother and sister. I always thought I would get to know him one day.

Eventually, we went skiing on a day trip with a church group. I made sure I sat with him on the bus going up to the mountain. We did strike it off quickly and very well. By the time we were heading home, I knew we would be together forever. As shy as he was, he was singing to me (she did and still has a great singing voice). While he did not know it, I had him hooked. A short time later, we ate lunch together at school every day, and started dating. Quickly, I had him doing exactly as I wanted, when I wanted, and how I wanted. It was nothing overt, or unusual. We were just doing young high school kids stuff. He offered suggestions for dates, but I always made the final selection. He did not realize I made 100% of the selections, but I did. His failure to understand what was happening was actually good. While he did not have a realization of relationships and influences, his Mom was in charge of his house. He observed my Mom was in charge in my house, and saw it as simply normal. Therefore, it was rather natural for me to lead and kay to follow. It would be years before we recognized the beauty and value of our early years. If you did not have this type of smooth beginning, do not worry. Start to take control now. Take control of your boyfriend, mate, husband, and family. Remember, it is never to late to train Your boy(s). You might also be training the next generation of Female leaders.

Other than our home experiences, we did not know about or have resource information about Female Led Relationships or Marriages. We just evolved and developed a comfortable and loving relationship together. We did and do like each other. We did not and do not fight; what I say rules; we did not and do not fuss; whining is never acceptable.  We had common interests; common goals; common attitudes, and a common commitment to each other and growth. As trite as it might sound, we were made for each other. We joke about it now, but kay could always have anything I wanted. Ladies, I advise you to think about that statement. To us, it is one of the foundation marks of a Female Led Relationship.

Now, you do not have to start your Female Led Relationship as early as we did to be successful and happy. You can begin at any age, and any stage of your relationship. There is no minimum educational requirement. There is no special background required. You, Women/Ladies/Girls, just have to decide that you have a better perspective on life, you have more common sense, you know how to exercise control over life’s events, and you want to improve the actions, values, and activities of Your family. Your family is anything you define it to be (husband, kids, parents, brothers, sisters). You know the best route to happiness. Therefore, take control and lead everyone. You will be happier, and your family will be happier. It is possible your boyfriend/mate/husband could be smarter than you in a specific subject or skill, but you can do a better job at channeling and focusing the families combines skills toward a better and happier life. he could be a big asset in the workplace, but at home, he should be a valuable tool for You to mold and use as needed. You will find he will work extremely well for love and respect. Whether you employ your skills, whit, brainpower, or a paddle you can and should be in charge of the family. By force of will or the power of a spanking, take charge NOW.    

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Initial Post and Introduction

We are new to blogging, but we are very happy with and in a Female Led Relationship and Marriage. i am a well trained submissive. Mistress Barbara and Wife feels it is time we share our experiences and advice. When we established our Female Led Relationship it was clear i would not be the leader in our relationship.

Through this blog i will be writing about how we developed over the years. Mistress Barbara is no longer in good health. i get to increase my caring for and serving Her needs, She no longer has the mussel control to type; however, She will review all our entries and related comments. Throughout our lives, Mistress Barbara has been in-charge, but we have shared and utilized our respective strengths.

We want to encourage everyone to accept the beauty and value of a Female Led Relationship. There is ample quality research confirming the large portion of households where the wife/Mom is the head of the household. Many boys do not want to admit it. However, it is not hard to identify who is in charge at home when you meet a couple, employee, or new social friend. We believe women, girlfriends, wives, and Moms should maximize the pleasure of their leadership role, and enjoy all the benefits available. In the process of training your boyfriend and husband, you can train the next generation of leading women and subservient boys.

We believe there are several important foundation items everyone needs to understand if the goal is a long-term relationship. When you first start dating, you need to like each other. Liking each other is simple but very important. Do you like each others personality, attitude, or life priorities? If there are traits that one of you cannot accept under any circumstances, it will be hard to survive a long term relationship. Consider the important issues. If your boy likes football, you can train him to take care of Your interests and needs rather than watch the game. If he always lies, is extremely selfish, and always obnoxious, You may never find a basis to build love and respect. Therefore, be sure you like each other first. Throughout Your dating period, You should seek the foundations of love and respect. To achieve this, You must be willing to talk to each other. Open up the hard things early. These two elements are important for a lasting relationship. Divorce happens for a lot of reasons, but a willingness to accept an eventual divorce is not a good basis for starting any type of long term relationship. Remember, agreeing on absolutely everything, is not a requirement of love and respect.

In our case, we liked each other immediately. We had a vibration that worked. We had similar views on life, relationships, families, social responsibilities, and improving our positions in life. Within two months, we knew our respective strengths, and my acceptance of Ms. Barbara’s leadership role. (Use of Mistress came later) For me, the only thing that I put ahead of Barbara was work. Given our mutual economic backgrounds, Barbara agreed (at the time) that a work ethic and earning money were important if we were to the things she wanted to do. We also agreed that my work was good training for future success. i should mention, we met as juniors in high school. Our love grew, even though our colleges were in different states. We married right after college, and just before i went into the Army. Throughout college, and my military service, i held leadership positions. As a junior in college, i was the Chief Financial Office of a business. As a Commissioned Officer i was our unit leader. When we were together, i was training as a sub, while Ms. Barbara was building Her skills as Mistress and Wife. At the beginning, we had not learned the term Mistress, which is why i used Ms. Barbara at the time. Relatively early, we knew i would be successful in business, but Ms. Barbara had the real brains. Clear Ms. Barbara would be successful in her career.

In this blog, we will share the process we went through. What worked; what did not work. How we worked through our initial period, our life with kids, and our life after kids. There are differences in each period. Clearly we have been committed to each other, supportive of each other, and unrelenting in our commitment to our Female Led Marriage. Yes, we had to make adjustments. Yes, there are things you cannot do while the kids are home. Yes, you can set an example for your kids and prepare them to make their own decisions at the appropriate time, but there are limits. When you continue to like your partner, love and respect each other, love and respect your family, and guard against the destructive forms of selfishness; you will enjoy the fun, benefits, and excitement of a Female Led Marriage.

We invite your comments. We hope you will add your views, opinions, and perspective on any issue. We do not believe there are no absolute rights or wrongs. There are things that work or do not work for your relationship; please share. In many communities, a constant, blatant, in-your-face, display of female domination is unacceptable and could lead to serious social problems. In other, likely smaller, communities such a display is acceptable and enjoyed by all. We will share our experiences; how about you? As current elements of society battle conservative and liberal points of view, you may not want to convert everyone you meet right now. However, within your own family and close friends, you may be able to win a few converts. In the relationship between Mistress/Wife, and subbie/sissy/slave harsh, firm, unrelenting, aggressive, intolerant, and uncompromising, are not the same as mean, utterly cruel, and injurious. For us, the difference goes back to love and respect. Mistress Barbara noted years ago; if i am damaged, Her fun is delayed; if we are sharing with friends, it is no fun sharing damaged goods. Be aware and ready to deal with incidental damage in the learning process. The key is learning, and not repeating the damaging acts. For us, the Female Led Marriage has been wonderful. We hope you build a successful relationship as well. Ladies, take your boys to a new world. boys, serve your way to a better life and happiness. i did :-)