Saturday, December 29, 2012

Now i am a girl

you are twenty-three years old. you are an Officer in the Army. you have been wearing panties since your first anniversary. you have to sit to pee. you spent a week naked, partially naked, and wearing panties and skirts in front of your Mother-In-Law. your wife is teaching you to clean house, cook, iron cloths, spanks you for mistakes or Her pleasure, and you are eating your own cum from your Mistresses Golden Pussy. Then, while wearing pantyhose and a sweat suit with side zipper bottoms, you are called a “girl”. At the same time you cum in your new pantyhose, after just a couple of strokes, and your wife becomes your Mistress in an instant. What should you think? What should you do? How should you react?

i took a deep breath, let out a guttural sigh, and tried to hold back my tears. Driving a car in pantyhose, quickly thinking about everything since our anniversary and feeling your Mistress begin to play with your little clitty, yelling, “i am not a girl” hardly seems appropriate or valid. A sudden confrontation with our and my reality, i really did like wearing panties, pantyhose, skirts, my home uniform, and everything Mistress Barbara has been doing since our anniversary. Given the state of my little erection, i really could not deny my enjoyment. In fact, the entire contradiction between my anatomy and my dress was, in itself, exciting. Panties and pantyhose were more exciting than my boy underwear. Being naked or partially naked in front of my Mistress and/or Her Mom was exciting. Yes, at work i was a leader. At home, i was, and am, a subservient submissive girl. I loved Mistress Barbara and we both knew i would do exactly as She directed me. Yes, i became a submissive girl with a wonderful Mistress in the mist of a great orgasm.

Mistress Barbara’s taunting and teasing on our drive home from Regensburg did start me thinking about being a girl. In Mistress Barbara’s planed, slow, but deliberate fashion, in the back of my mind, i started considering being Mistress Barbara’s girl. Walking into the house in my pantyhose and sweat top, i actually thought i needed to learn to walk like a girl. For a brief moment, i thought i needed heels. When standing just inside the door, and Mistress Barbara brought me to a very rapid climax, i was emotionally drained. Yes, my knees did go weak. If Mistress Barbara was not holding me, i would have gone to my knees. Spending the remainder of the day in my cum soaked pantyhose was powerful. Even today, i consider it a major event. As reinforcement, Mistress Barbara wore only Her pantyhose all afternoon. While Her’s were dry and unstained, She also showed me that i was not wearing a bra.

After making dinner, Mistress Barbara had us put on our sweat suits again and go to a movie on base. Sitting in the theater, in my now dry cakey pantyhose, kept me hard through the movie. Of course, Mistress Barbara stroking me every now and then also kept me hard.

Mistress Barbara elected to drive home. Once passed the base gate, She told me to remove my pants bottoms again. We continue home and into the house with me showing off my pantyhose. It was all worth it, because our love making had us playing with and ripping off each others pantyhose. We had massive climaxes and i cleaned up every drop from Mistress Barbara’s Golden Pussy.

Yes guys, there are great benefits to becoming your Mistress’s girl. i recommend you submit yourself to Her rule. 

Outdoor Activities Can Provide New Adventures

Germany in the early seventies provided us a great opportunity to travel, experiment, and grow. We always have to maintain the distinction between our work on our Army base and our own developing Female Lead Marriage. Introducing Lt k to panties and lakeside love making made a very exciting first anniversary. The mountains, rivers, lakes, and trails around Garmisch-Partenkirchen provide great stimulus and excitement for an officer and gentleman wearing panties. 
The training before Mom’s visit was slow and a lot of fun. However, Mom’s visit certainly stepped up Lt k’s advancement toward his sissy future. At the time we did not use the term sissy, but having him exposed in front of Mom, subjecting him to Mom’s whims and control, and allowing Mom to play with, spank, and fuck him was certainly a life changing event for all of us. Punishing Mom, shaving Her, and placing Her directly under My control was a change for the entire family. As you recall, I ordered Her to immediately place dad in panties and begin to change him. 

Lt k’s domestic training continued after Mom’s visit. Cleaning a room each night made his task very systematic. There was ample time for reading, love making, spanking, and socializing. Creating our table top signaling system was great and has served us for over forty years. It really did not take very long to get him comfortable with being naked or nearly naked in the house. Removing his cloths immediately upon entering the house was a strong recognition of his subservient position and My superiority. Insisting he wear panties when we went out and he was off-duty became second nature to him. On the nights I would make him wear a skirt driving home from an event became fun and acceptable to him. All of this training was carried off at a reasonable pace, with lots of positive reinforcement for Me, and Mom (via Her letters), and a balanced amount of punishment spankings, discipline spankings, and love making spanking. Discipline and love making spanking were purely for My pleasure. Yes, the discipline spanking were (and still are) much harsher than love making spankings. One of the most convenient advancement for Me was teaching him to enjoy eating his cum from My Golden Pussy. During our first year of marriage, I would get up after fucking and go to the bathroom to wipe Myself clean. Ladies, if You are still cleaning Yourselves, You owe it to Yourself to teach Your sub to lick-up her own cum directly from Your Golden Pussy.

Our social activities, movies, card playing; O Club events, festivals, and shopping were great and increased as we became more comfortable with the base social scene. Quickly, Lt k was wearing panties to all these events. It was fun, knowing we were different from everyone else.

In this period, there was a wonderful German event starting and growing called “Volklaufe”. It was a family, friendship, and fitness program run in different villages and cities. For a small entry fee, you joined with others to walk around a course set up in the village. At the end, you receive a pin or ribbon showing the town name and the distance you walked. The ribbon and attached medallion were wonderful mementoes. Each walk became a great way to spend a Saturday morning. We would walk by ourselves, with American friends, or with new German friends we would meet at the event.

Over the course of the late summer and fall, we completed walks in Regensburg, Auerbach, Sulzback-Rosenbery, Amberg, Erlangen, and Nuremberg. The walks included segments of the village proper, marketplace, the adjacent farm lands, and often some small but dense forests. The hard part was finding the start point. Once registered, given a map, and pointed in the right direction, we could walk at our own pace. At major intersections there were friendly volunteers to keep you going in the right direction. As fall and winter approached, we discovered that temperatures and dampness could vary. Alone the walk you could be warm and cold as you moved between sunny streets and shady woods.

Sweat suits were also becoming standard casual dress for many Germans. Most suits were simply, yet colorful. For Me, it presented a new opportunity for Lt k and I. While I could not have k wearing a skirt on the walks, I could have us in matching sweat suits. With the unisex nature of the suits we could dress alike, right down to our panties under our suits. I purchased matching suits for us. Some had no zippers, some had side zippers, and some had front zippers. I liked wearing the front zippers since they made Me feel slightly stronger and more masculine. The suits without zippers and side zipper were barely noticeable, so it did not matter if k felt feminine. In fact, that was the point, without making it to obvious. Besides, since we were both wearing panties, our sweat suits maintained k’s subservient position. If anyone noticed the lack of a front zipper, no one made any comment. I never noticed a second look either. As the weather got colder, we did wear our unisex suits more frequently. I even insisted he wear them on base and shopping at the PX.
The Volklaufe’s and the cooler temperatures also gave Me a change to introduce Lt k to pantyhose.  While warm, the sweat suits were not always warm enough. The Friday before one of our walks, we went by a rack of pantyhose at the PX. I quickly stopped and pick out a couple a pairs for k and I. Before, we left for our Saturday morning event in Regensburg; I told k we would be wearing pantyhose on our walk to stay warm. While confused, he knew better than to object. he had seen me put on enough pantyhose, so he sat on the bed and put his pantyhose on like a pro.

Our walk that morning was great. We stayed warm. We had lunch with some new friends in the city market after the walk. When k had to go to the bathroom, he was reminded of his status as he pulled his pantyhose down to pee. In fact, when he returned to our lunch table, I could tell he was as hard as he could get. Clearly, he was enjoying his pantyhose. I decide he would wear hose more often.

On the drive home I teased and taunted him. I told him My little girl really did like his panties and now his pantyhose. he was surprised by My reference to “My little girl”. It was the first time I called him a girl. After I said it, I was uncertain about My use of the term. I knew I needed to provide some reassurances and head off any withdrawal or possibly any retreat. I quickly reached over to rub her “funny little thing”. “k, you know I love you, and you know you love wearing your scrub top and panties, you love it when you wear a skirt for Me, and you know panties and shirts are women’s clothes. you also know, I want you to wear panties and skirts, and now pantyhose. you know I love to see you over My knee, or bent over a chair when I spank you. you know how happy it makes Me when you do exactly as I tell you. Remember how much fun you had when Mom was here. you showed off your funny little thing for Her. Wow, you know your funny little thing is growing now. you know you liked Mom playing with you, especially when She did not have My permission. you certainly liked helping Me punish Her. I know you loved Me allowing you to fuck Her, didn’t you?” k could not speak, he was so excited. I could see her eyes watering and her breath quickening. her girly clitty was telling the truth again. At this point, I decided “girl” was a good term for her. From now on, I would use the term more frequently. I would instruct Mom to refer to dad and k as “girls” whenever possible. I would even have My sister Kate call k a girl when possible, or refer to him as My girlfriend. I figured being referred to as a girl in a letter would be very powerful.

On this particular ride home, I would bring her up to a point of intense excitement, but then stop. I wanted her to leak a little cum, then, I would stop. Fifteen or so minutes later, I would talk to My girlfriend again. Again bring Her up, only to stop again. By the time we arrived home, I had told her about the fun she would have wearing stockings and garter, flats, and heels. Honestly, she was a wreck when we arrived home. While it was not dark, there was no one around, so I told her to remove her swear pants and walk in front of Me so I could admire her pantyhose. When we got inside the house, I reached around her, hugged her tightly, whispered how much I loved my special girlfriend. It only took a couple of strokes of her funny little thing, hard and restricted by her pantyhose, before it exploded in a huge climax. her knees went weak, but I held her up and tight. Then I whispered, “thank you dear for showing me how much you love being my girlfriend. I love you. k dear, since you are now My pantyhose girl friend, you shall now call Me Mistress Barbara here at home, and when we are with friends who know your position. For the moment that is just family, but one day we may share your girlly status with other. Do you understand?” Yes Mistress Barbara, i understand; thank You”. “Now go put your scrub top on, do not touch your pantyhose. I want to see your pretty cum soaked pantyhose. I want you to enjoy the sign of your acceptance of girl status, and Me as your life long Mistress. Later, we will make love. If it makes you feel any better, I am going to direct Mom and Kate to refer to you as My girlfriend. It is going to be so much better having more girls in the family”.

This was another big step for k. From then on he started thinking of himself as a girl. At first, she only thought about her girl status when she was wearing panties, pantyhose, stockings and garters, skirts, and her household uniform. The real goal was to start her thought process. It would be years before she became a real sissy, but the transition had started, and with the help of Mom and Kate, I had a reinforcement program started. Even more importantly, k now recognized his girlly position would be for the rest of his life, and I would be her Mistress. A complete change in acknowledged status in less that one year. 

I now had another clothing option for k. As it turned out, at that time, German homes did not have central heat. We had a little kerosene heater in each room except the bedroom. Pantyhose around the house allow k to stay warm during the cold months, and gave me full view of her truth meter. I can assure You, I never had any doubt about how much she enjoyed wearing pantyhose. A simple item You can try. Pantyhose provide You a big payoff.

New Year’s is coming. If You did not buy Your sub pantyhose for Christmas, buy her a pair of Your New Year’s celebration.  I wish you great joy… 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Christmas

Miss Barbara had a much better year than we expected. Her daease is progressing, just not as rapidly as it has in previous years. We are going to try to make a Christmas trip this year.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas. We hope Mistress Santa is good to everyone and brings every sissy an appropriate toy. We certainly know each sissy will take special care of her Mistress or Master.

Hugs and kisses to everyone. Please be safe and satisfy everyone...

Mistress Barbara and sissy maid k

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Summary Festivals and a Seed

I now believe My progress toward a Female Led Marriage could have been faster. However, given the type and importance of work Lt k did, I felt compelled to be very careful and keep our private adventure to ourselves. Our current perspective is, in itself, a lesson. You make Your decisions at the time and with the facts, ideas, opportunities, and support of Your sub at the moment. he may not think he is Your sub, but if You have decided he is, then it is only a matter of time before he realizes it. You move at Your pace, teaching him what You want. Your pace, by definition, is the correct pace. You do not have to tell the world You are in-charge of everything. Over time, it will be apparent. The degree of Your public display of superiority is Your choice, and only Your choice. Therefore, embrace Your wisdom and power and have fun.

Summer and fall were great training months. Visiting with friends with Lt k in panties was to get him comfortable in panties. he could not wear panties to work, but he was always in panties after work and off duty. We did as much as we could to be part of the base community. At sports events, I did allow him to wear his joke strap. Years later he learned her joke strap was a thong.

We went to a lot of beer festivals over the summer and fall. It seemed that almost every village held a festival. On weekend, we gather many of the single guys, filled a couple of cars, and had a night of fun. For Lt k and I, part of the fun was knowing k was wearing his panties. I also knew that some night’s k would be wearing a skirt home after we dropped off the guys.

One event was a surprise. We did not realize it at the time, but years later it opened the door to cuckolding. The youth group on base planned a long weekend trip to Salzburg, Austria to visit The Marble Hall in Mirabellplatz. Our new friends Richard and Jan agreed to join us as an advance team to set up a camp ground for the kids. The four us left a day early in our own cars. Richard and Jan brought along their friend Dave. Richard and Jan are a nice couple. Richard was an intellectual, including the glasses, and Jan was smaller than I was, but very cute. Richard and Jan eventually became a US Foreign Service Officer. Dave worked hard, but did not have many friends.

In any case, we arrived at the camp grounds in Salzburg. There was not much set up work for us. Almost everything was in place. Ample tents had been rented, and set-up. The bathrooms and showers were excellent. There were plenty of tables for serving meals. Salzburg is a pretty city. We walked around a little and had a nice meal. It was dark when we returned to the camp ground.

I was not, and still not, a camper. In general, if it does not have a rug on the ground, I do not have to be there. Richard, Jan, k, and I shared a tent. Dave slept in our car, since it had a mattress in the fold down back seat. We each brought sheets and blankets for sleeping. I was amazed at how dark it was inside the tent. k and I climbed in bed first. Under the blankets, we stripped down to our panties. Since we were alone, k snuggled up to My back with his panty cover “funny little thing” nestled at my butt. he slipped his finger under My panties and into My pussy. I was enjoying the attention and the feel of his “little thing” growing in his panties. As we were getting hot, and just after My panties were off, Richard and Jan crawled into the tent. We did not move; we did not say a word; we just remained still, with k’s finger in My wet pussy.

Richard and Jan climbed in under their sheet and removed their clothes. k was moving his finger very slowly and I had reached back to hold his little cock. We stayed as quite as possible. I was on my side and looking at Richard and Jan. Based on the dark shadows, it appeared to Me they we also on their sides, and Jan was facing Me. Continuing to be as quite as possible, k slipped his funny little cock in My pussy. Moving slowly and very quietly, I enjoyed our rather naughty and adventurous love making. For the first time, we were fucking each other with another couple within an arms reach.

Just a few minutes later, our love making adventure took a surprising turn. While I could not see Richard and Jan in any more detail than a shadow, and I did not recognize any love making movement, as I hoped they could not see us moving, there came for their side of the tent the very clear sound of sloppy wet juicy fucking. Both Jan and I made a muffled little gasp of surprise. However, without saying a word, each of us began fucking our lovers. At his point Jan and I were enjoying our lovers and the added excitement of fucking next to each other. As Jan and I vocally enjoyed our respective orgasms, our friend Dave, yelled from outside the tent – “hay, be quiet in there and get to sleep”. Needless to say, the four of us just roared with laughter. k and I feel asleep with his funny little thing squeezed between My thighs.

Salzburg was a wonderful trip for us. Just remember, some early events can lead to greater adventure later in life. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Current Observation

As noted in earlier posts, Mistress Barbara‘s health prevents Her from travelling. In the past, we traveled together for business and pleasure. In the days before the TSA security procedures, Mistress Barbara would have me travel in my chastity device, or pantyhose, or garter, stockings, panties, and bra under my pants and shirt. Honestly, i miss those days.

However, even today, i still have to travel for business. Although we are both senior citizens, i still have to make trips to Europe, Middle East, Africa, and the Far East. i recently completed such a trip that was immediately followed by a US trip. i observed many Women dressed both powerfully and provocatively thanks to the wonders of new materials. More encouragingly and importantly, Woman were directing their males to do almost everything. It was clear They were in charge. The commands the Women issued were natural and normal. Their male’s compliance was also natural and normal. For the betterment of everyone, Women are more often than thought, the head of the household. Mistress Barbara and i, want to encourage Women to take greater control and their males to become more submissive.

Through the eyes of an old sissy, spandex, lycra, leather, boots, platform shoes, translucent dresses, and other contemporary clothing materials are very exciting. i think they show off a Women’s assets, which reflect the confidence and pride They have in Their own bodies and personalities. i see the magnitude of these changes as the advancement Women.

Honestly, it also leaves me jealous. i wish Mistress Barbara could be ordering me around on these trips. i also wish i could be wearing some of the outfits. However, even today, the business world is not ready to buy from me when i am standing before them in a suite and high heels. What they do not know; i am wearing panties.

i miss traveling with Mistress Barbara. i just have to observe and wish i could where high heeled boots and dress more provocatively.   

Second Half of our Second Year

Miss Barbara accurately described how She taught me to eat my own cum. For me, it was simply an advance of our love making. Her approach was fun, subtle, and gave Her great pleasure for the rest of Her life. i consider cum sucking from Her pussy, regardless of the source, another sign of my love and respect for Her.

In this period we also began to slap each others’ ass during love making. It developed in the passion of fucking. Whoever was on the bottom began to slap the others ass. The sound and the feeling of each slap increase the excitement and passion of our love making. This form of slapping seemed to be quite normal. i also think the excitement of slapping lead to two other activities.

When i was allowed on top, Miss Barbara began to alternate between slapping my ass and finger my asshole. Surface play quickly lead to a small amount of insertion, followed a couple of weeks later of full finger insertion. Miss Barbara also encouraged me to finger Her ass as well. This became great fun for us. As a nurse, Miss Barbara also recognized the potential dirt associated with fecal matter. She quickly required extreme cleaning after each bowl movement. Just for fun, She would jam Her finger up my ass when i was cooking or cleaning the house. When She expected a heavy night of ass play, we shared an enema. Yes, this did lead to a dildo and cock in my sissy clit, but that was many years later. For the early years, it was just the two of us playing with each other.

Our love slapping i also lead to discipline spankings. i worked hard at not making mistakes and earning demerits. Yes, Miss Barbara did create a demerit system that earned me spankings and corner time. However, many times i had no demerits and Miss Barbara still spanked me. She would say, “this is just for My fun”. Since my ass belonged to Her, She could do as She please with it. Those “just because” spanking were a sign of our mutual love. As you may recall, She grew up in a house where a punishment belt was always visible and not used. We now had a visible punishment belt and it was used on me. As Her Mom discover, Miss Barbara was happy to use it on everyone in the family.

As You advance in Your own dominance over Your sub, spanking does lead to better discipline. You do not have to leave cuts or deep black and blue marks each time You spank Your sub. A red ass makes the point. Spanking in any position works, however, over-the-knee spankings always rapidly provoked my erection. A couple of dozen firm spanks over a prolonged period are very effective for changing behavior. For example, twenty-four spanks with a belt or paddle every hour for four or five hours delivers a strong humiliating message. Miss Barbara would spank me this way. Then she would bend me over in the corner and immediately fucked and slapped my ass. If i had an orgasm, i had to catch my cum in my hand, then eat it while She spanked me again. i will tell you; this punishment was always memorable and very humiliating. In the later years, this process was carried-out with other family members present. i expect Mistress Barbara will have more to say about those events.

my points here are to encourage everyone to try this lifestyle. Everyone will be better in the long run. Ass training and spanking are both a source of fun, a sign of mutual respect and love, and discipline. As a Dominant Woman, or a submissive male, these are activities worth including in your life. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Years of Learning, Before Knowing

When we started this blog, our goal was to describe how our lifestyle developed. By sharing the seemingly slow development we might help others realize there is not single way to a loving, respectful, Female Led Marriage, or Female Led Relationship. There is no firm rule that all men want or are submissive. There is not firm rule that all Women are Dom’s. There is also no firm rule that the contrary is true either. It is a choice of the individuals in the relationship.

If you are young, and feel or know you are a submissive boy, your sub life will be easier if you are luck enough to find or be found by a Dominant girl friend. If you work hard and grow in love and respect for your Dominant, She might ask you to marry Her. i was really lucky as this was my case. While i like to think i ask Barbara to marry me, the reality is She lead me to the correct position.

The hard part is those of you who deny your submissive self, find a girl friend/wife with no knowledge of a dominant lifestyle, or is generally a submissive person themselves. Converting a reluctant girl friend or wife is not easy. If you find yourself in such a position, start talking right away. You must work together to find common ground and interests that will lead to a life that works for both of you. If you cannot reach anything beyond “may be I’ll try”, may be your Girl Friend should send you packing. you may have to start a new search.

If you are married, but your wife is reluctant to become your Mistress and Dominant, may be our slow approach will help Her find the benefits of a Female Led Marriage. Today, apposed to forty years ago, i think women are already family leaders and are more open to seeking, finding, and taking control of the entire family. It is only a mater of how overtly She engages in exercising Her control. We hope our blog offers some elements of help.

It did take me many years to consider myself a crossdresser, sissy, sissy maid, or cuckhold. i was certainly happy with Barbara, Miss Barbara, then Mistress Barbara controlling me and then our family. She was a natural leader. She liked being the leader. She was great as the leader. i loved Her and was very happy doing everything She for Her. We did talk about everything; the good and bad; the fun and not fun; the acceptable and unacceptable. This point is very important. While She made the final decision, my input was important and always part of Her decision. Perhaps the most critical decision was sucking my first cock. i was not really excited about sucking cock, unless it was the one She wore and used in me. However, She made it very clear i would suck cock, swallow, and enjoy it. Well, of course She was right. However, we were married more than four years before i sucked my first cock. The point, this is not a drag race. Take your time, talk, and move at an acceptable pace. 

Routine Developments

In our early Army period, we did visit with friends to play contract bridge, or go to a movie, or have a drink at the “O Club”. Since these were after work activities, Lt. k did have to wear her panties. Often, I would have a skirt in the car for k to wear home. However, since everyone was associated with our work in a foreign country, we did not express or display our lifestyle. Again, we never wanted our approach to life to interfere with work.

Throughout the first two years of our marriage we did experiment with sexual positions and play. My natural lust and enjoyment of sex, along with the magazines we had access to, allowed Me the latitude to tried many positions, locations, and techniques. I realized My satisfaction was the most important element of our sex. I hope all you ladies realize this quickly; it is about Your satisfaction, not his. he can and should enjoy satisfying You. From My perspective, teaching Your sissy to lick You to endless orgasms is fun; licking Your pussy or licking Your asshole to Your satisfaction is important. If You allow Your sissy to penetrate and cum inside Your pussy, then she must learn to clean out every drop.

Now I have to admit, from the time we started dating, I liked to suck k’s little funny thing. I really enjoy feeling his little funny thing grow in my mouth. Making him cum, while sucking his little cock, I considered a great reward. I like the taste of his cum. After I put Lt k in panties on our first anniversary, and after Mom’s exciting and life changing visit, I decided to teach Lt k to enjoy his own cum. My initial reluctance was related to all the common thinking that women ate cum not men. Only gay men ate cum. Our readings did help me to understand the nonsense of such thinking. I came to realize that if I like Lt k’s cum, he should like it as well. If You think about it, You will agree I am right.

One knight I decided it was time to start training Lt k. I decided I would not tell him my goal, but within two weeks I would have him loving his own cum directly from My pussy. In fact, I directed Mom to set the same goal for Her and dad. Because of mail delays, We would not be training our subs concurrently, but close enough.

The first couple of nights, I would simple rub his pre-cum on his belly and chest. By the third night I was pushing My wet fingers into his mouth. All the time I was encouraging him with words; rubbing your cum into your skin is wonderful; it makes you smell so sexy; it make you wet and slippery. Yes you know I love the taste of your cum, I want to share it with you. As I licked one of my own fingers, I offered another wet finger to him; oh isn’t it wonderful to share your cum. You can use word of encouragement that work for You.

On the fourth night, while in a 69 position with me on top, k licked Me to my first orgasm before I let him cum. When I finally let him cum, I pulled my mouth away in time to allow some of his cum fall on his belly. I rolled off him and scooped some cum on my finger and stuck my finger in his mouth. I kept dipping My fingers in his puddles of cum and alternated between Me lick his cum off my finger, and him licking his cum off my finger. Again more words of encouragement; oh, baby I love how you taste, I bet you love it to, don’t you? You love what I love, isn’t that true. Of course I did not allow him time to answer before I had another finger in his mouth, and my lips kissing his. I did this until all his cum was consumed or dried on his belly. When I wrapped him in my arms and gave him a big deep kiss, I also thanked him for sharing his cum and telling him I love so much. I knew he was sold on eating cum. I did the same thing three more nights, each night increasing his share of his own cum. The next night, again from a 69 position I reached My orgasm first. However, this might I rolled off him, gave him a big kiss, and proceeded to masturbate him. Of course his cum was flowing quickly. I caught it in my free hand, squeezed out every drop and put My cum filled hand to his mouth. I said, now baby open your mouth while we share your cum. While I did lick part of my hand to show I was sharing, I did let most of his cum drip into his mouth. Oh baby, swallow your cum; enjoy what I love; swallow again and again. Yes baby, drink your juice. When My hand was clean of his cum, I gave him a long and deep kiss. Our tongues were moving fast and deep. It was a big moment for both of us. We could feel a very deep and sincere excitement flow between us that signified we had taken a big step in the closeness, lover of our relationship, and Lt k’s deeper submission to My will. Even today, that first communion of cum brings chills to Me. Other than saying we love each other, we did not have to say anything else. When we were finally relaxed, I did hug, kiss, and whispered to k; next time, I want you to eat your cum from my pussy. The resulting bear hug, shiver, and tear in his eye told Me My sissy was going to love eating cum.

Just to be sure I was right; I did not allow any sex play for three days. Throughout our normal routine, Lt k was horny all the time. His normally small funny little thing was semi-hard and bulging in his panties. he was working very hard at getting his chores done early each night. While doing our routine Friday errands he was very attentive and helpful. I even had him drive us to our favorite shop in Erlangen. After having Lt k show our wonderful shop keeper he was wearing his panties, oh such fun and humiliation, we bought another matching set of panties. Our lovely shop keep did comment that my lady friend had to much hair, and I should make it go away. I assured her that our work would not allow that for now, but I appreciated Her advice and recommendation. Lt k was embarrassed.

When we arrived home, I told Lt k to put away our groceries and bring me a drink. I told him he should only wear his scrub top. When he brought me my drink I was sitting with My legs wide open. He knew immediately to get on his knees and lick my pussy. As I sipped My drink and he brought me to orgasm, I decided it was time to test his resolve to eat his own cum. So, I pushed him down on the floor, mounted his cock and rode him to another orgasm. I then told him he could cum, and a few pumps later, he unleashed his last three cum free days into My very wet pussy. When he was done and exhausted, I moved right up over his mouth, looked him in the eye and said; now baby, suck my pussy clean and enjoy your reward. he sucked and slurped like a vacuum cleaner. I wiggled and pushed in wild abandon. I achieved my goal and my sissy was going to be a good cum sucker. Just as I loved the taste of his cum, he was loving me feeding him his cum. I was thinking, no more trips to the bathroom after sex to clean up, just kneel over Lt k’s mouth and let her clean it all up. Married less than two years and I have my own loving, cum sucking, panty wearing sissy. In almost no time she would be sucking cum out of any pussy in the family.

Based on Mom’s letters, dad was far more reluctant. Given his age, that is not all that surprising. However, it required Mom to administer several harsh spankings. It took Her three weeks to convince dad he was going to be a cum sucker, and his ass would always available for spanking, but he did learn. Given his reluctance, I direct Mom to have dad clean my sister Kate’s pussy when She came home from a date. Since She did not live at home, that did not occur frequently, but dad did learn to serve Her. Mom thought it was wonderful to see Iate come home at one or two in the morning, come into their bedroom, take off Her panties, and climb up on dad’s face, telling him to suck Me clean dad, suck Me clean. Eventually, dad did learn to comply with Mom’s direction quickly.

I do think You can teach Your sissy to eat cum faster than I did. I thing You can simply sit on her face and say suck, clean, now. However, for sissy maid k and I, a gradual process worked and was fun. However, You choose to make Your sissy a cum sucker, do it. It is a wonder source of fun.

Initial Routine

Everyday is a training day. While that seems like a lot, the intensity of training can vary greatly from day to day. For Me, k immediately taking his cloths off when he enters the house was, and still is, an element of daily training. It is also a continuous display of respect for Me. When coming home from work, taking his uniform off, putting on his panties, and scrub top builds discipline and confidence in his sub status. You can vary his uniform for day to day from naked to a fancy dress, based on Your desires. Removing his cloths immediately is the key. You do have to plan and prepare for the many variations of this routine. When it is just the two of you, or people with whom You share his status, then immediately undressing, carrying cloths to the bedroom or closet, then dressing as Your proper sissy is fun and reinforcing. However, if You have guest with whom You do not share his status, then undressing in the doorway could be inappropriate. We discovered, by placing a small table near the door provided a signal point for us. When I had a non-sharing guest, I moved a candy dish from one side of the table to the other side. When k saw the dish in its “guest position” he knew to go directly to the bedroom, put on his panties and a pair of house shorts and shirts. Yes, I did designate a set of pants, shorts and shirts he could wear around the house when we had “non-sharing” guests.

While we were still in the Army, we did not have any sharing guests. Most often, we came home from the base together. Thus, we came home, Lt. k would take his uniform off while I went directly to the bedroom. Depending on my mood, I might tell Lt. k he would remain naked for the evening, or I would put out something frilly for him. If I did not say anything, he would put on his panties and scrub top. In the beginning, we did not have many options, but over time, as Lt. k’s wardrobe grew, My options increased. The building and changing options are an important part of life long learning for a sub.

In our later years, when we had a garage, I moved the signal point to the garage. sissy k had to remove his cloth in the garage and carry them into the house. If I were home before him, I frequently put the outfit I wanted him to wear on a hanger in the garage. Then sissy k had to put on the outfit before he entered the house. Of course, a side benefit was adding cleaning the garage was a task added to his chores.

Mom adopted this signal routine as well. When we returned to the States, all the family sissies adhered to the signal. Mom did like to see all the sissies naked or stocking, garters, panties, and bras more often than in skirts or dresses. Varity is exciting, fun, and keeps the adventure alive. I hope this gives you some ideas. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Early Learning and the Corner

In the early seventies, we did not know we were creating or building a Female Lead Marriage. I was simply taking control of Lt k and the rest of My family. Everything we did related to something we read in “Penthouse” or “Variations” magazines, or something I just wanted to try. We did not go from zero to one-hundred miles an hour. I tried things; we discussed the results; I altered things that did not work for me; I eliminated some things; I re-tried some things that did not work at first. We took our time; we talked a lot, always working toward what I wanted and what eventually worked for both of us.

Sharing cleaning chores was fun in the beginning. The sharing elements allowed me time to train Lt. k in my way, but it also helped bring us together. As time went on, I did less and less. As Lt k advanced to sissy maid k, I only helped when I happen to be present when a task was being done, or I just felt like lending a hand. Of course, if I did lend a hand I was rewarded appropriately or k was punished appropriately. Punished might not be the right description. I might have k lick me to orgasm; I might spank k, or I might have k stand in the corner with his panties at his ankles. The goal was to insure he understood I did him a favor.

I have always like having k stand in the corner. Today, we refer to it as a “time out in the naughty spot”, but when we started it was just “go stand in the corner”. Standing in a naughty spot or corner, in any form of partial dress is an excellent way to make a memorable point. As you know, it works for little kids. Well, it works for sissies as well. The sissy variations are endless and they all make a clear point. Think about a few options for Yourself and try them; clothed, standing at attention with his sissy noise touching the wall and her pants or skirt at her ankles; wearing only panties, bra, and heels; wearing stocking, garter, bra, and very high heels; wearing pantyhose, bra, heels, bent at the waist holding his ankles with a butt plug in her ass; dressed in any feminine attire with a penis gag in her mouth; standing or kneeling in any form of bondage, or kneeling in her underwear when a guest is present. There are endless ways for a time-out. You could spank Your sissy and have her stand bare ass in the corner. The key is the message it delivers, and the subservient attitude it fosters. You determine the length of time for standing in the corner, or naughty spot. You can set the time from five minutes to many hours. You should vary the length relative to the offence and just to reinforce Your control. Sissy should never know for sure the length of time until You issue the command. For example, “You’re a naughty sissy, now go stand in the corner for the next thirty minutes with your panties at your sissy ankles”. If You use a leash, and can secure the leash to an anchor in the naughty spot, then You can even go out had have fun knowing Your sissy will be right where You left her when You return. This form of discipline really is effective. After many years, I had sissy maid k install an anchor eye at her naughty spot. Frequently I would leash sissy to the naughty spot, go shopping, and arrange to have Mom, my Sister, or one of our sharing friends walk in and talk to sissy. The humiliation never diminished. I would always tell My visitor the reason for the “time out”. Thus, they could decide for themselves to just observe and talk to sissy, play with sissy, or spank sissy. Normally, if her ass was red from my spanking, it was more likely they would spank her again. My recommendation is You try and take this approach as often as necessary, or as often as You consider it fun.

Standing in the corner was an extension of the punishment our home town school system used in the fist and second grades of public school. It is an excellent reminder for small offenses or mistakes. However, as we grew, and I added hard spankings to our discipline routines, the corner became more important. A spanking for a serious error was always followed by corner time.

I suggest the first time You send Your sissy to the corner and tell her to stand there for thirty minutes with her panties at her ankles, You will enjoy the view and the following change in behavior. Make if a part of Your life. It will be great for You and Your sissy. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Veteran Day Sunday

Thank a Vet

You can start tonight, but certainly no later than tomorrow: find a way to thank a veteran.

Share him with Your boy friend or girl friend
Give him a thank you spank, or two....
Take him to brunch in his prettiest undies
Keep her clitty locked up, and find another vet or two or more for her to suck
Get her a tattoo, even it is a temporary one - "My sissy vet" might be nice

Do anything You think is fun, with Your vet. She did earn the holiday.

Enjoy Mistress Barbara

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Training is continuous

If You have a new boyfriend or are a newlywed, and You have decided Your relationship is going to a female led relationship, then establishing Your position as quickly as possible if very valuable. You are the best judge of how that might take place, but here are a few options. When You have dated sufficiently to establish Your interest in continuing the relationship, You should state Your position and terms clearly, encouragingly, and firmly. In almost any form, the bottom line is; “if you want to continue a relationship with me, you need to recognize my leadership in our life together. Are you ready to follow my lead, do as I direct, fulfill My needs, and satisfy all My desires”? The words should be Yours, but the point is important. Alternatively, while dating, You should direct all activity both overtly and subtly. Remember, he can have or do anything You want. If he tries to tell You to do something You do not want to do, or to wear something You do not want to wear, You need to make it clear he has no right to require anything of you. If he does not understand no, then he need to pay a price; You do or wear what You want; You terminate the event; You stop talking to him; You deny him all sexual release; You tease him until he realizes his grave mistake and commit to doing as You say. You always have the means and the right to take full control of the relationship on Your terms.

If You are a newlywed and You have not obtained Your man’s commitment to Your leadership, I recommend You make that Your wedding night commitment. By wedding day, Your boy should know that You will run the household, and You will control the money. If You do not have him in panties, I recommend You give him a nicely wrapped gift package containing his wedding panties, with a nice note of encouragement, and the hint of consequences (good and bad), after the rehearsal dinner. Imagine the excitement You both can have when You meet him at the alter and whisper, “do you have your panties on?” If he says no, then You  can tease him all day long. If he wants wedding night sex, he must wear his panties. The power is Yours.

Since I had not thought about this for our wedding day, I recommend You consider it now. I did make it happen on our first anniversary. Remember the old saying, “better late than never”.

The importance of this is establishing Your position of control early. Panties are an easy and excellent sign of his position and Your power. Panties become an initial sign and confirmation of what will become a set of rules. Men, particularly submissive men, do well with rules and limits. The first two rules You establish deal with 1) when he wears his panties (all the time, when at home, when not at work) and 2) from now on he sits to pee, whether he is wearing panties or not. These are simple and private rules. You and he are the only people who know. Well, You and who ever You decide to tell. In any case, the rules allow him time to get comfortable with his subservient position. At Your pace, for example monthly, You add something new to Your relationship.

If You are as lucky as I am, You will find Your boy looks good in panties, and stockings, and skirts, and dresses, and You will enjoy seeing him dressed. One day, Your man, Your boy, will soon be Your sissy. Your love and life will only get better.  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Setting-Out Our Future

Up to this point k and I had been finding our own way through our version of a Female Led Lifestyle. We had not heard of or used that term, but it is an excellent description. I now think it is better than “I’m in charge”. Everyone should understand, both descriptions mean the same thing. I always knew k was the right partner for me. I knew he was smart, would work hard in his career, and would always be loyal to Me. I knew he thought carefully about everything and formulated reasoned opinions, was willing to render an opinion when asked, and would agree to My final decisions. While I do not have specific data, I believe most men want to be successful at their work, advance the value of their family, and contribute positive energy to their marriage. Today, as when we started, as when we were kids, Mom’s are the center of the family and more often than admitted, the real head of the household. Ladies, You are making most of the decisions now. At the dinner I am about to describe, I just made our reality very clear and formal. After our anniversary, My Mom’s visit, and a week of thinking, I knew I liked taking total control of k, My Mom and dad, and soon My Sister. I also knew I would train My Sister to be both a leader and subservient to Me.

Ladies, You are wiser than Your boyfriends or husband. If You really think about it, You are making most of the decisions and frequently controlling the money. Formalizing the Female Led Household it just affirming the current condition, and, subject to Your desire, extending Your control over Your partners’ body, mind, and behavior. I recommend You exercise and enjoy Your natural Superiority. Try, move at your own pace, but try.

Since our anniversary, I became very aware of the male truth meter. Putting k in panties allowed Me to verify immediately k’s level of agreement and excitement. Panties make it very easy to observe a males’ erection at its earliest development. It does not fail, if he is excited or pleased, he will be hard. Panties, garters and stockings, pantyhose (no panties) all show the truth. Boxes and briefs hide the early stages of excitement. If he is small, like k’s “funny little thing”, he may never show even when he is hard. Wearing panties, or nothing, solves that problem. The additional benefit is in him knowing You are the superior. Try it for a week and you will discover the value.

During dinner, k and I discussed our collective and individual enjoyment of our new found lifestyle. Throughout the last few months, k could not deny his enjoyment of our anniversary getaway. he could not deny the excitement, fear, and confusion experienced during Mom’s visit. Asked directly, he did not object to wearing panties, skirts, cleaning the house, nor sharing the cooking, even when Mom was around. While uncomfortable at first, he was willing to accept Mom’s control over him. I asked k about his greatest concern; he said “getting caught in panties or a skirt by his co-workers or the police” would be a disaster”. Being discovered wearing women’s clothing would certainly end his military career, but it could also make getting a civilian job difficult as well. Since this was 1970, I had to agree with him. However, as I told him, I really like him naked, wearing panties, his scrub top, and his skits. I like him exposed while Mom was around. Seeing k put on a skirt on a public street before he gets into our car, was a real thrill for me. I asked if he accepted that Mom was also his superior, and I made it clear I expected him to do anything She ordered him to do. k accepted Mom’s superiority. As a tease, I did warn him that one day Mom would likely spank the hell out of him for punishing Her as I directed. k’s sigh and facial expression was worth the tease.

At the conclusion of dinner, I directed k to kneel in front of Me. I told him I was pleased with his willingness to follow Me. I was excited he was ready, willing, and able to allow Me total control over our lives and his body. I told k; as long as we loved and respected each other we would have a great life together. I told him I expected both of us to work hard at everything we did. I expected we would both continue our educations. Whether we made a career of the Army or not, I expect us to be more successful in everything than our respective parents. I then told him at home I was learning and discovering for myself what I liked and did not like about our new lifestyle. I told him I was enjoying the stories we were reading, and although I was not sure I believed everything, the stories we were reading were giving Me many things to consider. As such, he should expect many experiments. he should expect to be told to do many different things. Some might be simple. Some might be very hard. However, as of this moment, I expected his complete commitment to do everything I say, when I say, and act without hesitation. After a moment and a deep breath, k did say, “i do”. For me it was time to close the deal of our lives. I said; k thank you for your agreement and commitment. You now need to understand that any failure to comply with My directives will result in some form of punishment, including Me using the strap on your bare ass. While I do not expect to spank you at all, if you step out of line, as Mom did, you should expect at least the same level of punishment. Do you willingly accept and submit to my total authority? After a slightly longer pause and the lowering of his head, k again said, “i do”. I then said, “k, thank you for your commitment. While we might experiment for several years, we will reach a point of steady excitement, love, respect, and I am sure there will never be a dull moment. I do expect to control the entire family. It is very likely everyone in the family will love and play with each other. As I know from treating the guys on the base, sexually transmitted diseases are relatively common among the guys that visit “The Wall” down in Nuremberg. With family, we can still have fun, with a lower risk. With Mom taking control of dad and following my directions, you will have a kindred spirit.”

Now, I have known all day that you would be willing to submit to me. your “funny little thing” there has been as hard as it could be all day. Throughout of conversation your little cock was bouncing up and down with excitement. Now, you need to lift my skirt over your head, and start licking My pretty and wet pussy. You need to stay under there until I am satisfied. It was a great way to seal our future.

When I was satisfied, it was time to clear the table and wash the dishes. With k back in his apron, showing off his little ass, he washed the dishes. I actually helped him by drying. I did enjoy drying, although My real purpose was to take the opportunity to tease k’s little ass with a few towel snaps.

I decided we should finish the night with a move on base, and a nighcap at the “O Club”. Wow, if all the Officers only knew what color panties k was wearing.

Ladies, put your man in panties, you do not know what you are missing. It is low risk. It is fun for both of you. You always have a secret You can share or not. Your boi will never know what You are or are not going to say to anyone. The fear will keep him in fear and excitement. You really need to give it a try. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Serious Training Sets the Foundation

For the week following Mom’s return home, I went easy on k. Other than him wearing his scrubs and panties around the house and doing his chores, nothing special took place.

I needed and used the time to make up my own mind about how our lives were to proceed. I jotted down some notes, thought about limits for myself, and considered whether we would make the Army a career or not. At the time, I did not think we could do all the things we were reading about and work up through the senior officer corp. Since we were far from a career decision, I decided not to worry about the long term Army life, and just deal with basic training for k and the family.

The following Friday, we picked up the makings of a great ham dinner at the PX. On the way home, I told k we could have a nice ham dinner Saturday evening and I would explain my new training program. As a hint, I told him he would be making the dinner.

Friday night we went to a movie on base. I made him wear his panties under his civilian cloths. After the movie, we stopped at the “O Club” for a drink. he was nervous, since it was his first, but not last, time wearing panties into the Club. I really enjoyed watching him move from anxiety to comfort back to anxiety. Since he drank more than I did, I drove home. Once we cleared the base, I told him to take off his pants. With a simple yes Mistress, he did as told. We had a fun night of sex.

Saturday morning I did help him clean up the house. I decided I really did like him wearing some element of clothing while cleaning the house. Soon he would learn how much experimenting we would engage in to find the right outfit or outfits. I had him start preparing dinner around 3 PM. I require he wear only an apron. I want him to think about what our dinner discussion would be. I did observe the entire process. I also helped. I would drop elements of the dinner on the floor to watch him pick them up. I did make him rearrange the pineapple slices on the ham about three times, just for fun. While the ham was backing, I had k prepare some crackers, cheese, and drinks. I had him remove his apron, put on his scrub top, and served me in the living room. I sat in a chair, while he sat on the floor. Each time he went to check on the progress of dinner, or start the potatoes and carrots, he had to remove his scrub top and put on his apron. Of course, when he returned, he had to remove his apron and put on his scrub top. He, as you, was beginning to understand where our dinner discussion would go. During dinner, I dressed rather nicely, not fancy, but I wore a long skirt and nice blouse. After serving our meal, I had k join me at the table. he had to sit and eat while naked.

This was the serious beginning of his training. While we had been experimenting for several months since our anniversary, the future was going to get far more intense.

In the posts that follow, I am going to try to recount the major elements of k’s training. How Lt. K moved to sissy maid k. Over the years, we have tried a lot. We did not progress quickly. Yes, I was always in charge. I was (am) sweet, loving, dominate, mean, harsh, pleasant, generous in affection and discipline, humiliating, aggressive, challenging, head of and in control of the entire family, but never disrespectful. Each of these terms and their related actions are the reason our female lead relationship has worked.

sissy maid k and I are editing many notes. I want to help everyone, but I do not want to overkill the details. Please stay with us. I trust you will gather some ideas and actions for your life. There is no need to copy us. We did what worked for us. In each case, your Mistress will know what is right. Sub’s, or sissies, follow your Mistress if you know what is good for you. If you are a wife or girl friend considering taking charge, but are uncertain, I hope we will give you the encouragement to try and aid in your success.

Thank you for following us.   

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Discovery to share

We traveled on an airplane this weekend. This is the first time we have been flying in a long time. We found the following items in the Sky Mall magazine, and I felt I needed to share these with everyone. Can You see Your pet as part of Your furniture?

The larger version of this would be a great addition to any home. Now You can have Your own “time out” location right out in the middle of the room. If You or Your sissy cannot build Your own, or do not want Your wire dog create in the living room/family room, here is a great solution. You will find this under pet bedding.

Below are two great under garments. Since Your sissy must sit to pee, why not make it really fun for her. Just imagine making her hold her pee until the very last minute. Can she get herself open and sitting in time? While such shape wear has been around for a while, these just caught my eye. 

If You are at the mall and they have a family bathroom, You can even watch the fun. May be she will pee on herself. The opportunities are just endless.

The Leomisa body shaper is not new, but it is available to everyone. If Your sissy is not into public purchases yet, You can still get her in shape!

I’ll be in bed for a couple of days after our trip, but I wanted sissy k to share this with You. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

mr k’s view of Mom’s vacation

k I’m thrilled by your acceptance of a subservient role and yes, we can commit to love each other. It is clear we like being with each other, we like talking about important issues and your “funny little thing” keeps telling me you like being naked or in panties. It is also clear you enjoyed Mom’s vacation. It was important to Me that you willingly accepted Mom’s participation in our evolving lifestyle and I was particularly please did not refuse to have sex with Her. She is my Mom and your Superior Mom; therefore, you will always do as She says. However, since I did not tell you I have been sharing your training with Her, tell me your reactions to the week. How did you feel about showing off your panties and trying on the new house clothes Mom brought you? Clearly, you liked Mom playing with your “silly little funny thing”. It is not much, but it is the only cock I own.

Ms. Barbara, i do not think i have been more embarrassed in all my life. i never thought You would tell anyone about our agreement, let alone tell Mom. However, when i looked at You, Your expectations were very clear to me and i could not disappoint You. Getting hard was humiliating by itself. Even i realized my little cock was exposing my inner excitement. Mom’s supportive and reassuring comments did help me adjust and deal with each situation. Your love, support, and directives when we went to bed made we realize i wanted to anything and everything for You. However, Mom peeing next to me while i was shaving the next morning was extremely shocking. i did not know what to do. When Mom just starting talking, as normally as can be, i realized there was a new normal to our lives. After a few minutes, i realized this was acceptable to You and You expected me to accept it as well. When i You told me to strip down to my panties on the street and before getting into the car, i thought i was going to cry in humiliation. i don’t know what would have happened if someone saw us. All kinds of bad things ran through my mind very quickly. Again, Your look told me I needed to comply and quickly. Again, You knew what You were doing and it was a safe location. The post realization of safety, did not, and still does not; reduce the fear, excitement, and humiliation of the moment. Even though most people cannot see much when they look into a moving car, sitting with your panties exposed is constantly humiliating. At a stop light, these is always a change someone will see you. Going to the little shop to purchase panties was another deep breath moment. I was not doing badly while You and Mom were buying for Yourselves. When You turned the attention to me, i thought for sure we would be caught and the Army would send us home and discharge me from the Army. Yes it was exciting, but fear was a very big element of the excitement and humiliation. Now, i bet i am not the first man to whom She sold panties, but i am glad You and Mom were with me.

The last couple of days of Mom’s vacation have changed our life forever. i cannot imagine what You have in mind for everyone, but You did dramatically take control of everyone in the family. Even though they do not know it yet, You are in charge of everyone. i cannot begin to think about how Your dad and Kate are going to react when Mom gets home. i expect i will be deeply embarrassed and humiliated the next time i see Mom, even before we enter Your house. What on earth will Your dad say or do? his Army Officer son-in-law helped his daughter put him in panties! i doubt i am going to be top on his list!

Ms. Barbara, i love you. It appears we are different from most people. We do have to work and advance our careers. We will have to figure out how to live a dual life. i am committed to You. Seeing You take control of Your Mom was amazing and exciting. i do not have a problem standing up to the Major and Colonel and offering an alternative idea or plan, but You command all of me and i love You. i would never have expected Mom’s visit to move the way it did. i would not have expected that i would take my pants off with other people in the house, or in a pubic place and expose my panties. i would not have expected having sex with Your Mother at Your direction. my head is swimming right now. It may swim for a couple of weeks. i hope You will be supportive and help me absorb all that has happened. i am willing to move forward with You in our life.

mr. k’s reactions were actually better than I expected. At the next rest stop, I had him pull off and remove his shorts. he drove the rest of the home in his panties. he was my love to do with as I pleased. The Female-Led-Marriage is great. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mom Goes Home

Mom and I sat up drinking tea and talking like a couple of girls for a couple of hours. I told Her She had my permission and expectation to put dad in panties. It was now Her responsibility to retrain dad to serve Her, Kate, and Me. If Kate comes to visit us in Germany, She should be ready to share control of mr. k. She must pick a new name for dad, something pretty, fun, and a name that we will always used at home and family events. Tomorrow we will all wear the same panties as a sign of our unity. Since Mom sucked Her first cock, I gave Her permission to suck mr. k while he shaved tomorrow morning. However, if She elected to do suck him, She must swallow every drop. Her reply; “Ms. Barbara, dear, You cannot be serious, swallow; I cannot imagine doing such a thing”. Mom, let Me explain; “Cum is protein, it does take some practice, but I really enjoy it. I expect You to learn to love it from dad, and mr. k. Tomorrow, the decision is Yours. You can start now, or when You get home. I will leave k full just for you”. “Ms. Barbara dear, this is an exhausting end to My vacation. I hope I can sleep. Can we call it a night?” “Mom, good night, k will clean this up in the morning”.

We each went to bed. I put on a baby doll nightie, climb up on k’s face and said, “eat”. I admit it was a rather abrupt awakening, but k did a good job. I was as hot and wet as I had even been. Now, I had k and Mom submissive to me. dad would be when we returned to the States. I starting thinking that either Kate would be submissive or an equal, but we would certainly have our own fun with the family.

When k and I woke up in the morning, I told him to go wash and shave. If Mom wants to suck your “funny little thing”, She has my permission. As of last night, you must do anything She tells you to do, and She can use you whenever she wants. Do you understand? “Yes”, was k’s only reply; I then added, “if Mom does suck you, you must cum in Her mouth, and only in Her mouth. Do you understand?” “Yes, Ms. Barbara, i understand”.

k was not in the bathroom very long when I heard Mom get up and join him. After I heard the toilet flush, I decided to get up and see what Mom decided to do. As expected, k was hard from thinking about what could happen with Mom. Mom was pulling him over in front of Her. She sucked his funny little thing like a pro. k was enjoying the attention. k did gently hold Mom’s head so She could not pull away as he exploded. I quietly entered the bathroom, I kissed k and whispered thank you. Mom was still locked on k’s cock and sucking. When I started to clap, Mom came out of Her temporary trans. Releasing and licking k’s now limp little thing, Mom smiled. I took Her hands, pull Her up off the toilet seat, smiled, and said; “time to share”. I kissed Her and pushed My tongue in Her mouth to get a taste. I could tell Mom was on overdrive with excitement. Following a big hug, it was time to get dressed, have some breakfast, and head to the airport. I said; “OK everyone, it is time we all put on our panties, have some breakfast, then finish dressing to go to the airport”. Everyone put on your panties and meet in the kitchen”. We finished breakfast. Mom put on a skirt for traveling. k put on his matching panties, shorts, and his scrub top. k then put Mom’s suitcase in the car.

When we got in the car, Mom pulled up Her skirt and we drove to the airport. Her departure was emotional for all of us. Mom hugged k and thanked him for sharing his “funny little thing”. Mom also made it clear that if he did not behave and serve everyone in the family, She would be spanking his ass so hard he wouldn’t be able to sit down. Do you understand? mr. k replied, “yes Mistress”. Mom then hugged and kissed me. She thanked me for a great vacation and opening a new life for Her. “I will do as You directed and retrain dad. I will introduce Kate to Her new role. Clearly, You are the new head of the family. We will all do as you direct. If anyone resists, You and I will spank the hell out of him or her. OK?” “I’m glad you understand. I am glad You had a good vacation. I am delighted You learned to suck cock. I hope dad tastes as good as k. I love you Mom. I am glad You are My Mom and now Mistress to everyone else. We’ll see You when our tour is over.” With another hug and kiss, Mom entered the restricted custom area and we left for home.

I used the trip home to debrief k. Yes, it was a debriefing because it was more important than just a talking. I put him through a lot in one week. It was important I understand how he honestly felt about the week. An erect cock speaks to the enjoyment of the stimulation and the excitement of the moment. However, if the mind, beliefs, and trust are not in place, the continuation of the dom/sub relationship requires different management. So for the two hour drive home, I focused on k. Sufficient to say, k was and is the subservient I always thought he was. he loved me deeply. he was ready, willing, and able to do anything I wanted him to do. he was ready to live a dual life. he understood he needed to be a leader at work. he understood he had to excel and be the best at everything related to work. he accepted with love, respect, and joy to be the subservient one at home. If I wanted him naked or in panties doing the laundry and housework, he would comply. If I wanted him to be a sex toy for Mom, or Kate, he would do whatever I told him to do. Honestly, at this time, I had not considered or even thought about teaching him to suck cock. I did ask him if he had any reservations, concerns, or limitations. “Ms. Barbara, we love and respect each other. We might be different than most, but we have to live and work outside our home. We cannot risk doing things that will disrupt our jobs, or our love for each other. i do not want to stop loving You, and i do not want You to stop loving me. Can we commit to love each other, and me being subservient to You?”

While I did not expect k to make such a declaration, it really set a solid foundation for forty-three years of a fem/dom, female-led-marriage, and evolution of a female-led-family. It has worked for us. We hope it works for others. It is not always easy, but our love, respect, sharing, and commitment have worked. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mom's Vacation Ends Differently

While I was thinking about taking control of the whole family, Mom’s behavior Friday morning caused me to step up my plans. I did not object to Her playing or toying with mr. k, I really objected to Her not asking Me first.

Having mr. k holding Her down on the kitchen table, while I trimmed Her pussy hair was very powerful for me. Then having mr. k shave Her pussy clean was humiliating for Her, and more thrilling for me. The infusion of power in Me was more exciting than I had expected. I had two people naked in front of Me, doing exactly as I directed, and the individuals were My husband and My Mother. Quickly establishing rules for Mom when She returned home was a spare of the moment thinking. However, it was consistent with what I had been thinking for a month or so. The important lesson, carpe diem; seize the day or seize the moment. Ladies, you should take control when opportunity presents itself and do not surrender it.

This was Mom’s last day of Her vacation. With this sudden change, I had to adjust our events for the day. I decided we would still go shopping and the stop for lunch. We would bring of purchases home and then go back out for dinner. I directed mr. k to put on his panties. Since it was warm, I directed him to wear shorts and a nice tee-shirt. I directed Mom to wear sandals, a short skirt and blouse. When she emerged from her room, I saw She put on a bra. With mr. k in the hallway, I told Mom to take off her blouse and remove Her bra. When She had tucked Her blouse into Her skirt, I then directed Her to pull up Her skirt, turn around, and bend over at Her waist. I then directed mr. k to kneel down and use his teeth to remove Mom’s panties. Honestly, it was fun watching mr. k, and see Mom’s humiliation. I than gave Mom’s butt a couple of good spanks as I told Her how disappointed I was in Her failure to follow my simple instructions – sandals, skirt, and blouse – I did not mention any other items. She was smart enough to say; “I am sorry Ms. Barbara”.

As we approached the car, I directed Mom to sit in the back seat behind mr. k. I gave mr. k the keys so he could drive. In the car, I told Mom to pull Her skirt up so I could see Her newly shaved pussy. We drove to Erlangen for some shopping. On a previous shopping trip, we saw a store that had some very sexy thongs. At the time, thongs were not popular and associated primarily with models and prostitutes, but I thought they would be a great celebration reminder of the day Mom surrender Herself and by default the entire family to My control. I bought Mom four thongs. As I handed the bag to Mom I said, “Mom, every Friday You are to wear one of these thongs. Around the house, this is all You will wear. Each Friday at breakfast, You will remind dad and yourself, and Kate if She is home, that I am in charge of the family. If You go out, in addition to Your thong, You will also wear stockings and a garter. Do you understand? Mom’s reply was “yes Ms. Barbara”. Given our saleswomen’s response in German, She understood what I was doing. She was surprised at the generational shift, but She congratulated Me. I was so please with Her reaction, I asked Her to find two pink large size thongs for mr. k and two blue medium thongs for me. She quickly found the proper size and color thongs, held them up for everyone to see and said, “very nice, they will look pretty on you”. Either She was very liberal for the time, or She simply liked sell four more thongs. In either case, She and I were happy, and Mom and mr. k were embarrassed.

Our next stop was the PX in Furth. As I had expected, Mom forgot to pull Her skirt up when the car started to move. I had to remind Her. Since we were going to be in and out of the car all day, I decided to provide some reinforcement She would not forget. My directive; “Mom, I do not want to tell You again, pull Your skirt up. Now, for the rest of the day in the car, You will play with Yourself. When I say suck, You put Your juicy finger in Your mouth and clean Your finger off. Then, go back to playing with Yourself. When I say share, reach over and put Your finger in mr. k’s mouth and let him clean Your finger. Then, return to playing with Yourself. Now, do You think You can remember all of that, or would You prefer I just spank You?” “I am again sorry Ms. Barbara, I will remember” was Mom’s reply. As spontaneous as My idea was, it turn out to be a lot of fun for everyone. We did our weekly shopping at the PX and returned home. Mom did remember to pull up Her skirt for the trip home.

Although we were home for only a short time, I did require both mr. k and Mom to remove their clothes as we put our groceries away. We then drove up to Dechsendorg for lunch. Mom pulled her skirt up for the drive. As directed, She and mr. k periodically cleaned Her finger. While She was confident walking to the café for lunch, when She realized there were many people there eating, She became embarrassed. “Ms. Barbara, I cannot do this. My nipples are hard, my pussy is running, there are people here, I am afraid.” “Well Mom, You did Your deed this morning, so now You will do as I tell You. If You think Your skirt is going to be stained, then You will have to wipe Your pussy with Your napkin, or walk out of the café with a wet spot. As for Your nipples, I think mr. k likes looking at Your hard nipples. May be I will let him suck them later this afternoon. Now, we are going to enjoy lunch, and later we are going out for dinner.”

Our table had a nice view of the lake. I asked Mom to tell mr. k how She took the leadership role in our family. Was it something She planned, or did it just evolve? She looked at mr. k and said; “my control position was actually rather simple. I was a college graduate and dad was not. He deferred to me so I just took more and more control. Additionally, as a school teacher I was in charge and control of little kids all day. To Me, dad was just another little kid. Besides, he was always happy doing exactly what I told him to do. While I did not allow You and Your Sister tell dad what to do, You realize he never refuses anything You or Your Sister asked him to do. he knew there would be a price to pay if I was upset because he upset You or Your Sister. Of course, now he will answer to the three of us. Ms. Barbara, I just realized we could have two naked or panty boys around the house”. Mom, I am glad You realize I will be in charge when we return home. I expect You will begin to train both dad and Kate when You get home. In fact, I will be sending You directions and tasks in my letters. The remainder of lunch fell into a conversation about the lake, the view, and the food.

The drive home was relatively uneventful. Mom remembered to pull Her skirt up. She played with Herself and shared He finger as directed. I really think this little activity empowered my head, attitude, and commitment to become more aggressive in leading the family, and controlling mr. k. In my head, I started to think about the future for mr. k and I.

At home, mr. k wore his panties and scrub top. he had housework he needed to complete. I told Mom She must take off Her cloths, remain naked, and review all tell us about Her favorite stories, and how She was going to put dad panties. I did help mr. k with the housework, but I actually spent more time asking him questions about the future and teasing him.

We left home around 4 PM and drove to Nuremburg for an early dinner. We needed to return home in time for Mom to pack for Her trip home. I did allow Mom to wear pantyhose, skirt, and blouse for the evening. Mom may have thought Her pantyhose altered the requirement to pull Her skirt up, but I reminded Her She would always pull Her skirt up when She was in a car. “Mom, You do not have to play with Yourself right now, but when ever You are in a family car, You will pull Your skirt up. Your shaved pussy, yes You will keep Your pussy shaved from now on, will always be on display. Do You hear and understand My order?” After taking a deep breath, and a hint of a tear in Her eye, Mom said; “oh dear, I am sorry for My mistake. I did not realize I would have to keep my pussy shaved. Will I ever be able to where panties?” “Good questions Mom, I am glad You are thinking about it and not crying. With pantyhose you do not have to wear panties. They are not always comfortable, but that will part of Your reminder. So when You are going out with family members You will not wear panties ever, under any conditions. When You go out by Yourself, You may elect to wear panties, but You will still pull Your skirt up. Every now and then a trucker might get a quick view. When You are with Your friends, and no family members are present, then You may dress as You wish. Now, do You understand? By now, She realized the only answer was “yes, Ms. Barbara”.

We had a great dinner. We were home in time for Mom to pack. I had Mom remove all Her cloths as She packed. mr. k wore only his scrub top. I decided Mom and I should talk about Her reading and the future without mr. k. I ordered mr. k to fix Mom and Me a snack and tea. When the tea was ready, he called us into the kitchen. With Mom naked and mr. k in only his scrub top, I decided to have one more shot at some fun. “Mom, You changed everything this morning when You took advantage of mr. k without My permission. Do You want to play with mr. k “little funny thing”?” Ms. Barbara the thought had occurred to Me, but I do not want another spanking.” “Well, do You and dad engage in oral sex?” “Oh no dear, Ms. Barbara, until I read some of those stories, I did not think people did such things.” “Well Mom, I love to suck cock. I love the feel of a soft cock growing in My mouth. So, as a going home present, You need to suck Your first cock. mr. k, come over here and let Mom suck your “funny little thing”.” I did see mr. k hesitate for a couple of seconds, which earned him a spanking he would find out about later. “Mom, think of that cock as a lollipop, hold it at the base, and wrap Your mouth around the candy. Suck a little, lick a little, move up and down the length of the little thing. Breathe through Your nose and enjoy the feel of it growing in Your mouth. Go ahead Mom, we are family, and this will be the first of many cocks You will love to suck. I know You are going to love it.” With the look of fear on Mom’s face, mr. k stepped forward, and Mom started to suck Her first cock. “Oh Mom, that funny little thing is in Your mouth, now open Your eyes so You and see what You are enjoying. Up and down, in and out, suck and kiss. Doesn’t it feel good growing in Your mouth? Can You feel Your power?” Mom was not talking, but I could tell She was beginning to enjoy Her first cock. Now, I had to make a decision. Do I allow a surprise climax in Her mouth, or do I pull mr. k out and let him climax on Her tits. I stood up next to mr. k and whispered to him to pull out in time to climax on Her tits. This was a first for mr. k as well, so he was advancing very quickly. When he squeezed my hand I knew he was ready. “Mom let him out of Your mouth and watch Your fits.” mr. k climaxed leaving his cum on Mom’s tits. Mom screamed with surprise and happiness. I quickly scooped some cum on my finger and sucked it in. I never want to waste good cum. I scooped up some more and now suck this Mom; this is Your real reward. I feed Mom more, and rubbed some into Her tits. Mom was sweating, breathing very hard, and crying. I was excited for everyone. I took Mom over a new cliff, I shared mr.k with another women and My Mom to boot, and mr. k demonstrated he would do exactly as he was told. I know I had control of My family. As Mom was recovering, I ordered mr. k to kneel down and thank Mom for sucking his funny little cock and kiss Her shaved pussy good night. he did exactly as he was told. It was another surprise for Mom, because She had spread Her legs so mr. k could step in close to Her mouth, so his kiss was directly on Her very wet shaved pussy. Just for fun, I pushed his head and tongue into Mom pussy and held it. It only took a minute for Mom to explode in Her own orgasm. I then sent mr. k to bed. I knelt down and hugged Mom as She recovered from a lot of first time sex events.

When Mom had recovered, I thanked Her for visiting us for a week, helping me with advancing mr. k submissive nature, accepting him in panties, and making it clear that his cock belongs to Me and I will control when, where, and how it will be used. “Oh, Ms. Barbara, this is to much, what am I doing, what have I done, where are we going, is this all real? I need to clean up, I am all dirty.” I hugged Mom again. “Mom, You and I have started a new family order, where all the men will do only what we want, yes this is real, and You just had the first of any cock You want in what ever hole You want it. Now, You will not clean up. You need to have some tea and enjoy the cum that is sticking to Your tits, and the pussy juice dripping from Your shaved pussy. Now, sit up to the table, have some tea, and let’s talk about the future. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Changing a family in an instant

Thursday night mr. k and I had a great love making night. mr. k made very good use of his tongue and his cock. As always, I get to enjoy his deposit going in, and the excitement of him cleaning his deposit out of Me.
We slept in a little longer than usual on Friday morning. We needed to do our shopping first thing, because we were taking Mom out for lunch and dinner. I sent mr. k to the bathroom to clean up and shave.

I went to the kitchen to make tea and coffee. I thought Mom was still asleep, so I was trying to be as quite as possible. Very shortly, I was certain I heard Mom in the bathroom with mr. k. While this had become a daily thing for Mom, I had a feeling this morning was somehow different. I quietly moved toward the bathroom door. Mom was clearly playing with mr. k’s cock and was so into stroking and teasing him She did not know I was at the door.

As I listened, Mom was saying; “ms. k, do you like feeling my naked tits on your back? I bet you do? It has been fun watching you shave all week, and looking at that little funny cock of yours. Do you think you can shave while an experienced Women plays with your little cock? I bet you are dying to have Mom make you excited and hard. I bet I can pull you off faster than Barb can. Oh yes, see your little funny cock can get bigger. Ah yes, this is fun. Do you have a big load in there, or are you going dribble like a little girl?

At that point, I stepped into the bathroom. mk. K had shaving cream on his face, and a big hard-on. Mom’s night gown was not in the bathroom. I quickly concluded She came into the bathroom with the intention of playing with mr. k. Unfortunately for Mom; She did not talk to me first. Had She asked Me, as an end of a great visit gift, I would have allowed Her to play with or even fuck or suck mr. k; but taking mr. k into her own hands was not acceptable. At that very moment, I decided to take full control of Mom and send Her home with a present She would never expect, and that She and dad would remember for months.

Moving into the room quickly, I slapped Mom’s hand and mr. k’s cock while yelling, “Mom, stop immediately”. I grabbed Her ear, told Her to get on Her knees, as I pulled Her ear down. mr.k you hold that cock of yours and finish shaving quickly. Mom, what the hell are You doing? mr. k belongs to me; You cannot touch him without My permission. We were having so much fun sharing, but now You have gone to far. If You want to play with mr. k You must ask for My permission. Your behavior is unacceptable. Taking such liberty on Your last full day hurts Me. While I thought we might go through life sharing with mr. k and dad, right now You need an attitude adjustment You will not soon forget.

mr. k, you finish your shaving quickly. Mom You kneel down and just kiss his ass, until he is down. When mr. k finished, I had my plan for the day reworked in My head. Mom, You crawl Your bare ass into the kitchen, get up on the table, and lay down on Your back. mr. k you bring your shave cream and razor into the kitchen. We’re going to send Mom home with a new hair cut. dad better appreciate it or I’ll give him a hair cut when we get a new duty station.

With Mom on the kitchen table, I took a pair of scissors and trimmed down Her bush. Then I had mr. k shave all Her pubic hair including Her ass. While all this was happening, I told Mom; I had planned on sharing mr. k with Her later in the day, and talk with Her about family options when we returned to the US. However, Her fondling mr. k without my permission solidified My idea to take control of the entire family, and to start taking that control right now. From now on She would have to do exactly as I instructed Her. For now on, She would be the number two leader of the family after Me. When She returned home, Her responsibilities would include keeping Her pussy shaved; keeping dad completely shaved from his neck down; putting him in panties all the time; and teaching him how to wear stockings, bars, skirts, blouses, and high heels around the house. When we come home, dad shall be Your sissy. When I am at the house, dad shall either be fully dressed as a sissy, or wearing only heels, stockings, and a bra. In fact, You and dad shall be wearing matching underwear. If it happens to we winter, then both of you shall wear matching provocative outfits. Do you understand? Mom said, “You’re kind of young to think You can just take control of the family”. In the mood I was in, that was the wrong thing to say. I did manage to calmly say; “mr.k pull Mom’s ankles up over Her head and hold Her on the table”. I reached over and took hold of the belt I had near-by. I then proceeded to spank Mom ass. I was not gentle. In just a couple of minutes Mom was crying, and babbling I was in charge. I stopped and ask, “Mom, do You now agree that I am in charge of the family, You are number two, You will keep Your pussy shaved, and You will make dad a sissy”? Yes Ms Barbara was her reply. Just to be sure She understood, I spanked Her five more times. I then said; “I am glad You agree. I also want You to make sure Kat (my Sister) understands I am in charge, and You and dad are to dress exactly as I just told You when She is around. You can be sure I will be checking up with Her to be sure You comply. I trust You Mom, but I will confirm Your behavior. Now, mr. k is going to release Your ankles. You will get up, make breakfast, and remain naked until we go out. Do you understand and agree with all of these changes”? “Yes, Ms. Barbara” was her only reply.

When Mom stood up and rubbed Her ass, I hugged Her. “Mom, thank you for Your agreement. Now, tell mr. k how please You are with this morning’s outcome, give him a big hug and a kiss, then kneel down and kiss his funny cock” was my first directive. Mom did exactly as told. She then proceeded to make breakfast.  mr. k cleaned up, while I outlined the new plans for the day.

Up to this point I had only thought or dreamed about taking control of the family. I was happy with the progress mr. k and I were making. I felt I was still learning how and what to do. Having read, with mr. k, many stories about domination, I was gathering ideas, but was not sure I could carry my ideas out in real life. When I saw Mom playing with mr. k’s “funny thing”, without speaking to me first, I flipped a switch in my mind. I told mr. k he had to comply with any directive from Mom, so I did not consider the situation his error. In an instant, I decided it was time to take control of Mom and the family. As I will continue to share, it was a life defining moment for our entire family.